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The solar electricity hype Letter to the Editor

Anti-coal initiative will bear horrendous cost

Dear Editor: coal plants emit as much as 90% fewer pollutants key manufacturers (heavy electrical users) to move
than plants from the 1970s. elsewhere, costing jobs and investment.
The Notley government never spoke to anyone In terms of Alberta's new electrical policy, we are Alberta's Notley government doesn't yet know how
about it. The communities that the new policy will now headed down a path that Ontario blazed. In much its electrical policy is going to cost us. No one
blind view most affect weren't consulted. The individuals and Ontario, every coal plant has been closed, including knows. We do know it won't be cheap.
These past few years, many of us have watched as
facilities that had recently been equipped with
businesses that will pay for it all were never asked if
the transmission charges on our electrical bills have
advanced anti-pollution technology.
they had an opinion.
To facilitate its initiative, Ontario signed contracts
Not long ago, the government announced that it's
window going to close the province's coal-fired electrical with renewable energy companies to generate climbed at an alarming rate. Some of us fidget over
these charges. Now that the new Notley electrical
policy has been announced, rather than be alarmed
electricity from sources like wind and solar at rates
plants, even the Keephills facility at Wabamun.
fashions Conservative Opened in 2011, Keephills was quickly tagged as that were far above actual market prices. At the same about these increases maybe we should instead see
them as installments, giving us a mere taste of the
time, a tax called a global adjustment was tacked
one of Canada's cleanest coal-fired electrical plants.
massive increases that are yet to come.
iews most advanced of its kind in the world. (The facility extra costs. driven by good intentions. Yet, even if that's true in
When it opened, it was even said to be one of the
onto electrical bills so consumers could pay for the
Bad policy and poorly planned policy can be
Ontario's Auditor General says over an eight year
is equipped with advanced air quality control that
ensures carbon dioxide and other emissions are
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
desirable or noble about hastily announced and
greatly reduced.) period electrical consumers in that province overpaid this case, it won't alter the fact that there is nothing
for electricity by $37 billion. The same report says
badly executed policies that impose massive,
The irony is that even as Alberta was announcing
they'll overpay by an additional $130 billion over the
January 4, January 25 the premature closure of our coal plants, more than next sixteen years. unnecessary costs upon individuals, families, and
The result is that Ontario now has the highest
2,400 new coal-fired facilities were being built or
planned worldwide. According to the National industrial electrical rates in North America. The
February 15 Energy Technology Lab, because of new clean coal policy is expected to put at least one in twenty Stuart Taylor, Hinton
Ontario businesses, out of business. It's also forcing
technologies the advanced versions of these new
March 7, 28 iews Letter to the Editor
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser “Climate change isn't coming – it's here”
May 9, 30 Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingater Well Drilling Dear Editor, eat and water we drink are full of it. expansion with this initial know. Trust the experts; the
You don't know what you don't
When weeds and pests become
infrastructure in place.
Where will those who lose jobs find
resistant we make it stronger.
government that we have
We live in one of the most beautiful
Summers Drilling W
What is the result of these man-made
June 20 Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water landscapes in the world. We all want chemicals? Multiple Sclerosis, cancer new jobs? Federal money is being put overwhelmingly voted into office with
into infrastructure (construction),
the capacity to do what is necessary to
to keep it this way for our children and
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
health care and education with many
and Alzheimer's are more and more
benefit us all.
grandchildren, but we need to look
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
July 11 well repairs. outside our community to see what's common. Whose family has not been supporting positions also created. Mary Thiessen, Wildwood
well repairs.
touched by one or more of these?
Transitional job training being offered
happening in the world.
China isn't buying our coal and the
by the government, take advantage.
-China's population wear masks
federal government has mandated
outside – due to smog not the avian flu
August 1, 22 of our coal closures. Retrofits of existing coal fire
-China is steadily reducing imports
plants are possible, have been done
successfully on a commercial scale,
-A Canadian sold jars of fresh air to
Sept. 12 China and plants continue to employ their Sid's Safety
workers. Coal mine closure plans are
-Holes in the Ozone have been self-
coupled with transitional job training
correcting because governments
4405 50 streeteet
October 3, 24 4405 50 str www 780-963-1282 listened to experts and removed lead climate change, a global plan was put & Janitor al
At the Paris world conference on
from fuel
Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB
-UV index now on global weather
in place to make sure developing
November 14 what to do when there is an air quality countries will be included and Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
-California reports on smog daily
5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
developed countries will ensure this
-Red Deer utility bills tell residents
happens. We import a wide range of
December 5, 26? alert products used in the production of Email:
goods. In this supply chain, we can
-Extreme weather is increasing at an
choose to purchase sustainably and
alarming rate – globally
-If temperatures change 4 degrees environmentally produced products.
lower we are entering the next ice age The Rainforest Alliance is a global
-If temperatures change 2 degrees non-profit organization that certifies
higher entire communities will be Third World and developing countries
under water products for export.
Climate change isn't coming – it's We import solar panels from China.
here. A main component of solar panels is
A household producing 1 pound of sand, and we have potential sand from In Store Hydraulic Hose and Repair Shop
garbage per person per week means oil sand extraction so we could
Alberta produces 3,645,257 pounds; manufacture our own solar panels. Our
Canada 47,388,341 pounds; and government subsidizes oil and gas
Globally 9,288,114,836 pounds. That's production. Support their efforts to
roughly how much garbage is transition those funds toward
generated – in one week. alternative energy production.
Garbage leaches chemicals not found Germany leads solar generation on
in nature into the ground that never the planet, yet Alberta has more annual
completely degrade. hours of sun than Germany. Edson has
Where does it all go? 2,067 annual hours of sun compared to
We bury it in the ground - the same Berlin's 1,625. In 1975 a 150 watt
dirt that we plant our crops in, get our system cost $20,000 and in 2015 a 250
drinking water from and eventually watt system costs $300. There are
build communities on top of. grants in Alberta for farmers to install
We put it on barges and send it out solar. With severe weather
into the oceans of the world. If it phenomenon increasing, food
makes it to land, the Third World dig production is increasingly important. For After Hours Service call
through it for salvage. Solar grants for micro-generation
Insecticides and herbicides don't require connecting into the existing
degrade so the air we breathe, food we grid with unlimited potential for 780-517-6575
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