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Benevolent fund available for special needs

submitted children, who have specific emotional, cognitive and For example many exciting new items are being
physical challenges in their daily life.” developed to help children overcome vestibular
The worries that haunt the parent of a child with This means that businesses or individuals in the system difficulties. this is the system which allows a
disabilities are hard to imagine. In addition to the community who are interested in supporting children person to control balance and spatial awareness but it
concerns that all parents deal with, these parents have with challenges can make a donation to the benevolent also affects a person's ability to track objects with the
many additional fears and financial burdens. There fund, knowing it will be distributed to those in need, eyes and focus on words on a page so it is vital to
may be equipment or training that the parent cannot and that the donor can receive a tax receipt for their school success. There are also many seminars and
afford even though they believe it would greatly gift. information sessions offered regarding recent research
benefit the child and the family. Any families with a child experiencing challenges on helping children with challenges.
The Day Care Society of Edson was incorporated as can apply by letter to the Board of the Day Care Parents may apply for assistance with registration
a non-profit society in 1983. It's objectives were Society explaining their specific need. This is a fees and other specific costs related to attending these
developed at that time and remain the same 31 years community fund not restricted to those families using sessions if they believe the information will benefit the
later. In addition to objectives related to supporting the daycare. The benevolent fund cannot be used to child and their family.
and developing quality child care in the community give money directly to an individual family, of course, For more information call the Daycare Society of
the society intends to “establish a benevolent fund to but service providers may be paid for a variety of Edson at 780-723-6444 or email .
financially support children, and the families of things that will enhance the child's life.
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