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Senior students

perform an

evening of

one act plays

by Mikaela Kuefler

Parkland Composite High School and Pine
Grove Middle School senior students put on "An
Evening of One Acts" dessert theatre on April 18
and 19.
PCHS and senior students from PG performed
"A Distracted Scholar's Guide to Literature and
Drama", "A Cold Day in Hell", and "Perfect Ivy (Callie Price) and James (Keaton Tabbert) talk about the pressures of getting into a good
Score". college during Parkland High School's play "The Perfect Score" at the Red Brick Theatre on
"A Distracted Scholar's Guide to Literature and April 19. The play was part of PG's and Parkland High School's Evening of One Acts Dessert
Drama" is performed by a big group of grade Theatre. photo Mikaela Kuefler
nines and is a multi role play with a lot of chaos.
"They managed to do very well. It was quite literature and drama across the world and it's The boys start feeling the pressure when they
hilarious," said teacher Kristin Basaraba. major influences. Starting with Dante with the haven't applied by the start of their Sophomore
The play was a brief overview of the history of Greeks and the Romans, the play moved on to year.
Shakespeare with "Pride and Prejudice" and then As all four find out how hard it is to get into the
focused on modern drama's, such as the Wizard college of their choice, they struggle with their
Edson Scrooge makes an appearance with the ghost of experiencing the repercussions of any past
college essay, getting good grades, and
of Oz.
"It's an interesting mash up of characters. Even
Christmas past, present, and future but they're
The students also find difficulty with their
parents and life pressures, including the fact that
not quite what you'd expect. It's an interesting
twist," said Basaraba.
"A Cold Day in Hell" is about five people who
Self doubt and anxieties run high as the end of
are already in Hell and who want to serve as they'll be apart from each other while they attend
Annual Food Drive chancellor's. Little do they know that Satan has high school approaches and it appears that not all
of the friends will get what they expect for a
already appointed newly deceased Steven to get
his brother's (David) Soul.
The play ends with all of the friends finding
Part of the group plans how to sabotage David's
HAS NOW BEEN CHANGEDHAS NOW BEEN CHANGED life with the exception of Steven and success one way or another and realize that "It's
from September tofrom September to Hammurabi. A fight breaks out until they are not about the perfect score."
Wednesday, May 17, 2017Wednesday, May 17, 2017 interrupted by Satan herself. "I'm glad it turned out really well. They've been
Steven decides to make a wager with Satan that doing phenomenal and quite literally came fresh
she can't bring one soul back before nightfall. If out of their musical in February to go right into
she fails, David is off limits. auditions for the one acts a week later. The
Satan goes off in search but both Steven and
NEEDED Hammurabi foil her plans. Satan returns to Hell directors have been tirelessly organizing and

planning. Obviously it has shown in their work,"
to go door to door to go door to door having lost the wager. said Basaraba.
The students from the Pine Grove senior play
The Grim Reaper appears and both go to
and collect donations.and collect donations. heaven as Satan protests to no avail. and the grade nine group from PCHS will be

performing in Edson to compete in the Zone 2
"Perfect Score" is about a group of four friends
in high school trying to get into post secondary. West Junior One Act Festival on April 27 and 28.
If interested please call Hannah is anxious about college and is working This year, the festival will have a total of ten
780-723-1350. very hard. Ivy is artistic and wants to fight the plays from schools across the region. Please note
that due to lack of space, no tickets will be
system. Alex is into soccer and is hoping for a
scholarship. James just wants to have fun. available to the public for this event.
The two senior high plays from PCHS travelled
EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY UPCOMING to Spruce Grove on April 20 to compete in the
Zone 2 West Senior One Act Festival.
EVENT "A lot of these kids went to zones last year and
ACCEPTING REMINDER they were quite successful. Building off all of
that, there's a good core group of grade twelves
NEW May 5 - 7 who are mentoring the younger students. I think
The Edson Craft
it is really promising for their future years, which
PATIENTS Centre and Edson is fantastic to see," said Basaraba.
Creative Art Society
in our new will hold its Spring
Palette and Pottery
Exhibition & Sale at
location the Edson Public
Library Foyer on
5020 6th Ave. Friday, May 5 from
7:00-9:00 p.m., on
780-723-5221 Saturday, May 6 from
10:00 a.m. to
5:00p.m. & Sunday,
For an appointment please call May 7 from noon to
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm 4:00 p.m.
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