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County assessments decrease but growth expected

by Mikaela Kuefler $10,000but residential inflation has gone up from - the new Provincial Assessor within Municipal
$9,864,630 to $16,278,470 in the last year. Affairs.
The Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. (AAG) As for industrial assessment, AAG found that The transition will be implemented in a three year
presented to Yellowhead County Council on April there has also been a one percent industrial phased approach but an implementation plan has yet
25 noting that the assessment classes for linear and assessment loss since 2015 due to commodity to be developed identifying the transition phases,
industrial have decreased by $548,783,010 (94%) prices. actions, and the internal and external resources
over the 2016 year when compared to 2015. "There isn't a lot of capital," said Daudelin. required.
Mayor Gerald Soroka inquired if depreciation was New industrial roll numbers and the number of Some examples of potential models and structures
the reason for the decline. wells drilled in the municipality has also decreased. to centralization being discussed are that all
"It's not due to growth or decline. There is an New industrial roll numbers have decreased from resources will be internally provided within
annual review of construction costs and the trend of 391 in 2015 compared to 270 in 2016. The number Municipal Affairs.
construction costs affects the reduced assessments," of wells being drilled has decreased from 391 in Options being discussed by industry
said assessment specialist Bob Daudelin. 2015 to 243 in 2016. representatives or municipal organizations include
New roll numbers and permits in residential areas "A lot of municipalities have zero wells being the creation of an Arm's Length Agency, which is an
have also decreased. New roll numbers decreased drilled," said Daudelin. entity independent of Municipal Affairs. An Arm's
from 452 in 2015 to 344 in 2016. Development With the recent passing of the Modernized Length not for profit corporation ran by
permits decreased from 298 in 2015 to 203 in 2016. Municipal Government Act (MMGA) and the Municipalities, or a status quo, which currently
AAG stated that they expect growth and market implementation of Bill 21 for the centralization of exists within the municipalities autonomy.
changes and to begin to see some recovery with industrial assessment, the change will see the In order to protect municipalities, Yellowhead
increased confidence and growth in the oil and gas responsibility for the assessment of Designated County proposed access to DIP assessment
sector. Industrial Property (DIP) transfer from the information be established and for an independent
"There aren't as many single family dwellings. municipalities where they are physically located, to audit function to audit the DIP assessment on behalf
We've begun to see more modular/mobile homes. of municipalities.
It's been a slower year but there has been more
building in rural areas. I hope to see the recovery
and growth in the next year," said Senior Assessor
Alison Reid.
As for residential land and buildings, there has
been combined three percent increase in values.
That said, new construction has gone down nearly

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