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Town provides update on fluoride levels in wells

Since the introduction of the town's new diluter Managing naturally occurring fluoride levels has resulting in varying fluoride levels.
well, over the last four months, Edson has seen just been, and will continue to be, a long-term focus for The actual level will vary depending on which wells
one instance of fluoride levels slightly above the Edson's well water supply. Naturally occurring are being used at the time and where in the
maximum acceptable concentration set by Health fluoride can be found in all natural waters at varying community the measurement is being taken.
Canada of 1.5 mg/L (milligrams per litre). concentrations. According to AHS the highest measured level is
That result came back at 1.59 mg/L and only in one Some of the wells, including #18, contain naturally above the acceptable limit of 1.5mg/L. Measurements
sample area of eight throughout town. occurring fluoride at levels higher than Health Canada taken between March 2014 and March 2015 show the
The town's water supply comes from wells. standards. To mitigate the fluoride, the town mixes naturally occurring fluoride levels ranged from 0.47
Currently there are 11 wells, with some being high water produced from Well #18 with water from wells mg/L to 2 mg/L. Over the last four months there was
producers, and others being low production wells. with little or no fluoride. only one instance higher that the accepted limit.
The largest production comes from Well #18 which is As upgrades to wells continue, some of the diluter It is to be expected that the levels of naturally
located on the Ansel Tower Road. wells will need to be shut down from time to time, occurring fluoride will continue to fluctuate in the
town water supply and the health advice provided by
AHS in the attached will continue to remain in place,
AHS issues bulletin on elevated according to town officials.
The town states they are working hard to maintain
low levels of fluoride in drinking water and this is not
fluoride in Edson water supply a prolonged exposure to high fluoride levels. As more
diluter wells come online it will assist in managing
the levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the
community's water.
In a public health bulletin to Edson residents Alberta Children under 8 years of age who consume greater If you have any questions about the town's water
Health Services states that fluoride levels above 1.5 amounts of fluoride – such as drinking water with more supply please contact the Town of Edson Public
mg/L may cause dental fluorosis. than 1.5 mg/L of fluoride, have a higher risk of Works Department at 780-723-6461. If you have
The results of a recent water test in Edson, and only developing dental fluorosis. Fluorosis only happens health-related questions regarding fluoride in drinking
from one sample area out of eight in town, came back while the teeth are developing under the gum. water please call Health Link Alberta at 1-866-408-
slightly high at 1.59 mg/L. This means you won't see the problem until adult teeth 5465.
According to AHS, mild dental fluorosis looks like erupt into the mouth, up to five or six years after
white flecks on the teeth and may be difficult to notice. consuming the water with high fluoride level. Once
Blind View However, teeth with moderate or severe fluorosis have teeth have finished forming and have erupted into the Public Vendors Market
large white patches and may have rough enamel or
mouth, there is no more risk of dental fluorosis, so older
Window Fashions stains. children, and adults need not be concerned.
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Should my children amount of fluoride preventive fluoride Can I remove some of Saturday, May 16 2015
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember stop drinking tap water? toothpaste and brush therapies as advised by the fluoride from the 10am-4pm
780.542.0898 Use water with no their teeth for them. your dental office or by water in my home?
more than 1.5 mg/L Children from age 3 years the AHS school oral If you want to reduce Best Western High Road Inn Free entry and door prizes
blind view fluoride to mix baby to 6 years, use up to a pea- health program. Fluoride the level of fluoride in
therapies used properly
size amount of fluoride
your water, reverse-
formula or other
( g e l s , f o a m s , a n d
window children's drinks and for toothpaste; assist with v a r n i s h e s ) d o n o t osmosis, distillation or
brushing. Teach your
activated alumina are
drinking and cooking. If
contribute to the risk of
you choose bottled
children to spit out all the
methods of home-
fashions water, check the label to toothpaste and never to dental fluorosis. treatment. Consider
I'm breastfeeding my
eat it. Also, avoid giving
both installation and
make sure it contains no
baby, should I stop
fluoride mouth rinse to
more than 1.5 mg/L
maintenance costs.
April 27 option is to mix tap children younger than 6 drinking tap water? C o n s u l t t h e M & M Meats Franchise
fluoride. Another
I t i s s a f e f o r
years old (risk of
documentation included
every 3 weeks after that water with bottled swallowing). Most breastfeeding mothers to with any treatment Fantastic opportunity available with M & M Meats at
drink the water since only
children over 6 years of
water containing no
device to confirm that
age can be instructed not
fluoride, in equal parts
small amounts of fluoride
fluoride is removed and
May 18 t o r e d u c e t h e to swallow, but parental are transferred in breast t o d e t e r m i n e a fraction of the cost to build new. Minimum down
payment of $45,000+/-, with the potential to earn
concentration by 50%.
supervision is still
m a i n t e n a n c e
$82,000+/- in your first year. The lease extends to
Is it safe to use the water
M y c h i l d r e n ' s
June 8 toothpaste has fluoride recommended. to bathe or wash dishes? p r o c e d u r e s . Te s t 2027, and the rate is very reasonable. Call Team
Should I go visit my
following installation.
Hansen @ (403) 343-0824 or email
There is no evidence
NSF certified products
in it, should I stop using
June 29 it? For children less than dental hygienist of your that fluoride is absorbed are recommended. to see what
Inform your dentist and
the benefits of being part of the M & M Meats
through the skin, so hand
Pour-through or pitcher-
Franchise is all about.
washing, dishwashing
July 20 3 years old and at risk of drinking water fluoride and bathing are not type filters do not Visit our website at:
tooth decay, use only a
content. Maintain regular
remove fluoride.
grain-of-rice size
dental check-ups and
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