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Vickie Havlin's group of four
volunteers helped organize a
trailer of supplies to Fort
McMurray after the fire disaster.
T h e r e w e r e m a n y l o c a l
companies and individuals who
sent aid to the struggling
On May 9 Vickie was handing
out donuts donated by Tim
Hortons to grateful firefighters in
Fort McMurray who battled the
While Havlin was down in Fort
McMurray, she was astounded at
the lack of life around town. "It
was surreal to be in a city that size
and not see one person walking
around, not see one animal
moving, and not see one bird
flying.” Heartbreak set in when
she saw the devastation the fire
caused, "It looks like they've done
a good job containing it but I can't
imagine what the people of Fort
McMurray will feel when they go
back”. - Mikaela Kuefler
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Blanche Edwards
Blanche Edwards
is turning 80!!
is turning 80!!
An Alberta Barn-Raising

Conservative recognition or reward, businesses offering what they
iews spontaneously opening their doors and hearts, and
had without thought of payment. Communities
everyone watching the flames to celebrate together
when the wind began blowing them away.
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
These things are so refreshing because they have
become so rare in our increasingly liberal world where
more and more we expect our governments to solve We would like to invite all of
We would like to invite all of
“Why don't we have barn-raisings anymore?” -- our problems for us, and change becomes an end in Blanche’s friends and
Blanche’s friends and
Query by an elderly conservative recently. itself. To be sure, our governments played a key role,
acquaintances to join us for coffee,
“Conservatives hate change and progress; Liberals and must play a role in any crisis of this magnitude. acquaintances to join us for coffee,
tea and snacks in celebrating this
embrace change and progress.” --Overheard during a Premier Notley, albeit after a shaky start dismissing tea and snacks in celebrating this
huge milestone at:
conversation on politics, and passed on to me. Brian Jean's concerns for his home and constituency as huge milestone at:
“political grand-standing and fearmongering”,
Fort McMurray embodies many of the solid afterwards did her job admirably and competently and
The Galloway Station
conservative values and traditions that built Alberta has properly earned Albertans' approval and Fort The Galloway Station
and our nation. In the city and its environs hard work McMurray's gratitude. Even more noteworthy is Prime
and entrepreneurial spirit thrive, benefitting indigenous Minister Trudeau's compassionate and generous Museum
Saturday, May 21, 2016
and other Canadians alike. It is a powerhouse uniquely support for a city and province not well-known for Saturday, May 21, 2016
energizing Canada's economy from the boreal forest to supporting him, and I applaud him without reservation.
from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
our borders and beyond. Innovation, imagination, Which faces from the Fort McMurray inferno will we from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
creativity, challenge and opportunity grow and produce warmly remember after the flames are extinguished?
fruit here. Conservatives call these things 'progress', After the community rebuilds and as black slowly
and embrace them. becomes green in the years ahead, we will not recall
Perhaps it is because conservatives love these values the famous politicians visiting our 'ground zero'. I Sherbert is an 8
and the communities that embody them, that liberal believe rather, that we will remember the cavalry year old male
extremists (no doubt represented by the author of the packing their pick-ups with food, water and gasoline to Bichon/Schitzu.
second comment above) hate the Fort McMurrays of deliver to stranded motorists along Highway 63. We'll
the world so much. Certainly the mighty liberal eco- recall the tired face of Fire Chief Darby Allen This little guy is a
warriors of the blogosphere who gloated over the marshalling his troops. Or Mayor Melissa Blake and very mellow, loving
'kharma' of the inferno see progress differently –more MLA Brian Jean consoling and counselling their boy who loves
apps for their cell phones perhaps, more publicly constituents in the face of their own loss. The lawless
funded eco-socio-urban causes to champion. cell phone wielding knights charging into peoples' spending time
The memory of my conservative acquaintance homes, not to confiscate rifles but to rescue stranded outdoors with his
wistfully recalling an earlier time when conservative pets. The municipalities and businesses opening their people!
values freely flourished came to mind while Fort arms and facilities to the refugees while sending their
McMurray burned. She fondly remembered a time best to the front. The myriads of unseen and unsung He is great with kids and good with
when people depended far less on distant governments heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes. The dogs and cats.
when tragedy struck. A time when we depended far countless Albertans, Canadians and others from around
more on each other, our families, neighbors, the world who dug deeply into their wallets for the Sherbert is also fully house trained
communities and even on sympathetic strangers to refugees. Russell Thomas's iconic painting really did and crate trained. He is ready for his
battle the blazes of life and to rebuild afterwards. I catch the spirit of the embattled city. We really did
suddenly realized: Alberta has just had a barn- have a traditional, conservative barn-raising, and all of loving home.
raising!!! us are better people for it!
I don't mean to suggest the tremendous outpouring of “In a revolutionary epoch, sometimes men taste every
help, support and goodwill to Fort McMurray's novelty, sicken of them all, and return to ancient Visit
refugees was provided only by those on the political principles so long disused that they seem refreshingly for more information or 780-712-6788.
right, for obviously it was not. How could such a hearty when they are rediscovered.” (Russell Kirk, The Sponsored by:
torrent possibly pour from any single fountain on the Conservative Mind) JASON HIRD TRUCKING JASON HIRD TRUCKING
political spectrum?
No, it was the sense of community, the pitching in to Please feel free to email me your thoughts on this 780-712-9493
help the survivors – watching the dashcam coverage, column and/or other conservative topics to: Fax: 780-723-2213
isn't it a miracle that no-one succumbed to the flames?
Individuals helping one another without thought of Call 780-723-9493 for information
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