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Robinson subdivision

rezoning hearing

draws crowd

by Adrienne Tait property. trucks and equipment
The public hearing coming off of highway
A public hearing drew several supporters 16 align with the
regarding the rezoning for the development available amenities. Randy McGuire was just one of several residents to speak at a public
of rural district to rural i n c l u d i n g R a n d y Doris Sinclair spoke hearing during the regular county council meeting on May 12 regarding the
industrial for the McGuire who said, 'The against the development
Robinson subdivision Robinsons are trying to citing a number of possible rezoning of a portion of SW-31-53-12-W5 from rural district to rural
south of Niton Junction do everything right. concerns with the industrial. Photo Adrienne Tait
drew approximately a They are trying to current business as well
dozen people to the establish a business on as possible future BUSINESS
county council meeting one of the busiest implications to property present and addressed
on May 12. highways in Alberta.” values, traffic on the council. Robinson said OPPORTUNITY
The application for part McGuire added that the local range road, noise, that his business has
of SW 31-53-12-W5 is to location already sees and environmental grown and unless the
allow for the expansion heavy traffic and likely concerns related to water rezoning is approved he
of the general industrial will for years to come, drainage and pollution. will not be able to finish EARN
use which is already but did pose one question L a n d o w n e r J i m building. He also
o c c u r r i n g o n t h e for council asking if the Robinson was also addressed one of the
concerns related to yard BUY
cleanliness and said that
his employees did a yard
clean up once the snow
had melted but attributed SAVE
some of the mess to
garbage blowing in off
the highway. GOLD BULLION
O t h e r c o m m e n t s
r e g a r d i n g t h e
development ranged Saturday, May 30
from praise for Robinson in Edson at the
building a business in
Niton Junction rather High Mileage Inn
than Grande Prairie or
Parkland County, to 4805 4 Avenue
concerns regarding the 6 pm - 8 pm
Tyler Pratt, 13, from Pine Grove Middle School and Colton Welychka,14, type of development that
could occur should the
from Holy Redeemer High School compete in a game of chess during the parcel be rezoned. Pre-register
Edson and District Library`s Friday night movie/games night. Both boys Council will return
say they enjoy going to the library every Friday to hang out and do things with a decision at a
there. Photo Deanna Mitchener future date.

(Left to right) Charlene Parker, Shell Community Affairs,
Anne Auriat, Edson Community Garden

Shell Canada's Deep Basin Operations has
donated $10,000 to the Edson Community Garden.
This donation will go towards completing the
Community Garden and building concrete
pathways so it can be accessible to everyone in

Shell is proud to support local organizations like the
Edson Community Garden, which help make our
community a better place to live.

Shell Canada - Deep Basin Operations
Suite 1, 302-55 Street, Edson, AB
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