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Wildfires strike Wolf Lake and Lodgepole areas

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Another small wildfire near Nojack was also burning main cause of wildfires at this time of year is human ensure healthy and sustainable forests. As such forests
on May 13 but was under control. activity as we see very little lightning in the spring,” that prove no threat to communities or people are often
The Edson Wildfire Management Area has two said Simonton. left to burn naturally but are carefully monitored. FRONT PAGE STORY CONTINUED
primary firebases one at Cold Creek and the other at Although the fire season typically begins in March While naturally occurring fires can be healthy, nearly
Entrance that serve as home base for most of the recent trends indicate earlier starts. 60% of wildfires in Alberta are caused by human
seasonal firefighters. A large 20 member unit crew is With the early start and early training it has become activity. Abandoned campfires, unsafe burning, and
based at the Hinton Training Centre. The fire base increasingly important for people to obtain the superheated debris from off highway vehicles are all
camps are fully equipped with rooms, dining and rec necessarily fire permits. “This way if we see smoke preventable by ensuring you are following ire safe
facilities for the crews. but know that someone is burning with a permit we practices.
Alberta's wildfire season typically runs from March avoid false alarms and make sure firefighters are The county will not be issuing fire permits for heavy
1 to October 31 with spring as the busiest time. “The where they are needed, not in your backyard!” said fuels or grass burning due to the dry and windy
snow melts leaving very dead, dry grass, twigs and Simonton. conditions in the area. This means there are to be no
leaves that can be fuel for fast moving wildfire. The Wildfire is a necessary part of nature in order to brush or windrow burns although burning barrels and
camp fires were still permitted as of Wednesday.

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A 700 hectare fire was burning out of control about 8.5 km northwest of Lodgepole fuelled by high winds
blind view from the southeast. Visit our website at:

window Extreme weather suspends fire permits

fashions Effective immediately have questions or will be issued as Yellowhead County for
further details.
conditions are updated.
until further notice,
April 27 Yellowhead County will Additional information P l e a s e c o n t a c t
not be issuing fire
every 3 weeks after that permits for heavy fuels Blind View
or grass burning due to
extremely windy and dry
May 18 conditions in the area. Window Fashions
No brush pile or
June 8 windrow burns will be Custom Window Treatments Audit Committee Public Members
permitted. Permits for
June 29 burn barrels are still since 1988 The Board of Trustees of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77 is
permitted. Campfires are
requesting applications from members of the public to fill two (2) positions on
July 20 currently still allowed 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember the school division’s Audit committee as public members.
b u t r e s i d e n t s a r e
The Division’s Audit Committee is comprised of two elected school trustees, two
reminded to keep them
August 10 controlled and to public members, the Assistant Superintendent - Business Services, and the
Superintendent of Schools (ex-officio). Under the new Education Act
properly extinguish
August 31 them when not in use. Our beautiful Milaya (unproclaimed), the Board is responsible to have at least one member of the
business community and one member of the adult learning community.
Yellowhead County will
is 7 years young,
September 21 be monitoring weather very affectionate Duties under the new Education Act are:
i. Recommend external auditors to the board,
and consulting with
and loves to talk.
ii. Review the annual financial statements and report to the board, and
October 12 ESRD over the next few Milaya is good with iii. Attend to other matters as the board may determine in the establishment of
days to determine the
the audit committee.
November 2 course of action for the both cats and dogs. This opportunity will allow our public members to share their valuable
long weekend. As usual
experience in the financial oversight of an organization with over 800 employees
She’s hoping for a
please let me know if you
November 23 home willing to give at 19 schools and 8 non-school sites; and an annual budget of over $60 Million.
Public Members will be appointed for 4 year term, and be compensated for their
her some love and a
time and reasonable expenses to their duties as members of the committee.
December 14 Upcoming bit of a chat. The Board of Trustees ask that applicants meet the eligibility for candidacy for
Reminders: UPCOMING EVENTS Trustee for Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77, in addition to
being a representative of the business community or the adult learning
Until May 20
Edson Arts Alive – Saturday, May 30 Adoption Event at the If you are interested in serving on the Audit Committee please submit a letter of
Youth Festival. Visual Edson Library from 12-3 pm interest, which includes a brief summary of your work and volunteer experience,
Art is on display in June 20 Adoption Event at and qualifications to:
the Gallery at the Red Mr. Edward Latka
Brick Arts Centre and Diana’s Pets and Trophy’s from 12-3 pm Assistant Superintendent - Business Services
Museum, 4818 – 7 Visit Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No. 77
Ave from 9am – 4:30 3656 1st Avenue
pm. for more information. Edson, AB T7E 1S8
Telephone: 780-723-4471 or 800-723-2564
Sponsored by:
May 16 -18 Facsimile: 780-712-5586
the Rodeo grounds, Satellite TV sales, installs, service
901 Rodeo Road John’s cell 780-723-0147 Deadline for letters of interest to be received is before or on June 11, 2015.
(RR180). Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm For further information please contact Mr. Latka
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