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s UMMER s CHOOL “Parkland

Fun Times Perspective”

A Student View
for Kids

s UMMER Parkland School alumnus receives
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

Fun ONLY RUNS IF alumnus and University International Learning.
by Mikaela Kuefler
" I p i c k e d C i v i l
P a r k l a n d S c h o o l
Engineering because I'm
for Kids
interested in sustainable
Of Alberta student,
Justin Olsvik, received
environmental issues
the 'Queen Elizabeth II d e v e l o p m e n t a n d
and I wanted to pursue
AN ARTICLE D i a m o n d J u b i l e e something that could be
related to those topics.
This scholarship will
I'm also very interested
Submitted photo provide Olsvik with the in foreign cultures and
opportunity to travel to Justin 'Andrew' Olsvik places, so I chose to
Auckland, New Zealand received the 'Queen integrate the certificate
where he'll work on a Elizabeth II Diamond into my degree as well," May 2 - 6
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS research opportunity at Jubilee Scholarship', states Olsvik.
during his studies in
Auckland University as
O l s v i k l e f t f o r
CLUB NEWS a Queen Elizabeth Civil Engineering at Auckland April 27 and Education Week at
the University of
Scholar. The award,
stated, "I'm just really
presented in February, Alberta. excited about the
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada w i l l c o v e r t r a v e l opportunity this gives
ADVENTURE AWAITS Summer Camp 2016 e x p e n s e s , university. Olsvik was me to do research in a Holy Redeemer
accommodation, food
field I'm interested in.
and tuition costs, then nominated for the Research internships for
A variety of activities fill the camp day to providing Olsvik with award and had to apply undergrads are hard to
keep your child interested and entertained university credits. for a specific research get, so I'm really excited
all summer long. Before Olsvik was o p p o r t u n i t y i n I get to work with some High
Call the club for more information ! accepted into the Auckland. very talented professors
Registration Opens May 1,2016 program, he submitted Olsvik graduated from over in New Zealand".
the application to the U Parkland Composite Olsvik is also hoping to
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT Friday nights from of A. His application High School in 2012 and use this opportunity to Check out our website at for a
6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to was then reviewed and is currently studying a aid in his decision on schedule of events, or drop into the school
12-16 year olds that want to be part of the he was called for an B S c . i n C i v i l what program to pursue
Club's programming one night a week. The i n t e r v i e w w i t h Engineering at the U of for graduate studies.
program will offer a safe, fun and representatives from the A, with a Certificate in
comfortable place for youth to get together. We are excited to showcase our outstanding

MENTORING PROGRAM Mentoring matches fine arts department, strong athletic
have proven to enhance the child's self- program, and our quality academic timetable.
esteem, increase social skills and self-
confidence and improve school performance Be sure to drop in to our new Industrial Arts
and attendance. The Club provides youth workshop, and say hello to our chickens now
with the opportunity to be matched with an
adult volunteer who will meet for one hour a located in the urban agricultural area beside
week . the west parking lot.

Call the club to find out more information.
Ask for Sarah, Mentoring Coordinator
Holy Redeemer Junior Senior High School
An upcoming babysitting course is booked welcomes new registrations for students in
for 14-15 May . From 10 -2 , please call the grades 7 - 12.
club to register. Cost 30$ , 780-723-7240

A good place to be


Madi Nelson is eight years old. Madi is in Lexa Neighbours is five years old. Lexa says
Proud Sponsor of the grade two at the Evergreen School. “I like “I like dark green, my favorite food to eat is
all colors. I don’t really have just one that
spaghetti with meatballs. I like to play with
Edson Boys & Girls Club I like better than the rest. Ice cream is mom and do puzzles, because I don’t have any
my favorite food to eat, I want to do hair
brothers or sisters. I like coming to Kinder
and be a hairdresser when I grow up. I Club, we get to play, do crafts and eat
have one dog and three cats and one older snacks.”
sister. I like going to the Boys and Girls
Club because we do crafts and games,”
says Madi.

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