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Armed robbery in Peers

by Adrienne Tait caution.
Peers resident Kelly Lovdahl said, “This is kind of
On April 27 Edson RCMP responded to a call to unsettling for the people around here. This is a quiet,
Peers where a financial institution had been the victim sleepy little community. Many of the people who live
of an armed robbery. Unconfirmed local reports here are generational. For a little bitty town there has
identify it as the ATB Financial in Peers. been a lot of police presence here in the last year or
In a press release RCMP stated, “Edson RCMP are so.”
advising the public of increased police activity in the Lovdahl said the safe from the Alberta Treasury Police and dog on the scene of the Peers robbery.
Community of Peers. Police are seeking assistance Branch was just robbed last year and in recent memory
with identifying two men, one believed to be armed, there have been three ATMs stolen, a triple homicide, a
who fled on foot after robbing a financial institution.” body found, a house raid, and increased thefts; all of
The suspects are considered armed and dangerous which are concerning for local residents. “There has
and as such should not be approached. been a lot of police presence here,” said Lovdahl.
The two male suspects are both Caucasian. The first Edson RCMP are seeking any information relating to
is described as six feet tall, approximately 200lbs, with these men and the robbery which occurred on April 27.
brown eyes and wearing a black hoody. The second If you have any information, please contact Edson
male is described as 5'7” with a thin build and wearing RCMP at 780-723-8822. Alternatively you can contact
a blue hoody. Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS),
Police briefly blocked off access to the community by internet at, or by SMS (check
but it reopened by mid-afternoon. RCMP advised that your local Crime Stoppers []
there will be an increased police presence on the main for instructions) should you wish to remain
roadways and are asking motorists to proceed with anonymous. RCMP gathered at the scene of a bank robbery in
Peers. photos: Audrey Abramson
Millers Lake fish losses anticipated;s Lake fish losses anticipated;

concerns raised last fall about changesns raised last fall about changes

by Adrienne Tait

When news hit of the devastation to the fish
population due to lack of aeration causing “winter kill”
resident Colin Truman, said, “I thought it can't be that
bad and then I walked around the lake and it was.”
Truman's family has lived at Millers Lake for
generations and he said he expects recreational use of
the lake will pretty much stop this summer.
Concerns were raised throughout the fish and game
community last fall when it was announced the
government would implement a new sub surface
diffuser aeration system said Truman. Those concerns
were shared and a plea made to proceed slowly.
Truman shared a letter from Todd Zimmerling,
President and CEO of the Alberta Conservation
Association. In the letter Zimmerling expresses a
number of concerns on behalf of the ACA and a
proposed plan.
According to the letter, “We are looking at a couple
of other options for subsurface aeration that does not
create a hole in the ice. The techniques we are looking
at are much more expensive than the surface aeration,
and have not been tried in our lake systems before (to
the best of our knowledge).”
“We are working towards having a concrete plan to
bring to the Fisheries Round Table meeting on October Vincent Walker and his family came in from Robb to fish at Millers Lake when they discovered the fish
17. I believe the plan will include three key points: 1) had died. “It’s very disappointing. We were hoping to catch a big one.” photo Dana McArthur

Attempt to super saturate all locations using surface “More than likely they would be charged for Criminal
aeration prior to ice-up. 2) Use subsurface aeration Negligence causing death.”
techniques on select lakes during the winter of When asked if ice fishing would fall into the same
2015/16. 3) Stock larger trout in the spring in those category as outlined in Section 263 Poitras said, “The
lakes that do not get aerated and may suffer winter kill. hole would have to be big enough to fall into so ice
None of this is confirmed, but this is the direction we fishing would not be an issue. Aerated lakes would
are looking.” only apply if someone knew the aerator caused the hole
Plans were also in place to ask for help from federal and did nothing about it. This section deals with
stakeholders to make changes to Section 263 that anyone making or causing a hole to be made in the ice
would allow for aeration. and not guarding the hole where the public would
“Shutting down aeration is not something we wanted normally be and allowing someone to accidentally fall
to do, in fact we had plans to start expanding the in the hole.”
aeration program, but this obscure law has created a
significant liability that we can't ignore. We will figure MATS & COVERALL
something out, but there could be a couple years when
the fishing in your favorite lake is not as good as it RENTALS AND SERVICES
once was. I am hoping this can be minimized,” warned
Zimmerling in his letter. SPACE FOR RENT
Sgt. Jack Poitras of the RCMP said, “Section 263 (1)
of the Criminal Code deals with Duty to Safeguard OR LEASE
opening in Ice and Section 263(b) deals with (108 50 Street)
Excavation on land. Both apply to a person causing a
hole having to guard it from anyone accidentally
falling into it and having signage advising there is a
hole. One would have to know there is a hole in the ice Approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
so it's not sure how the aerated part would come into
play. In my eyes if you put a fence around the area with $1,200/month
signs advising there is a hole you have safeguarded the
Sgt. Poitras said to the best of his knowledge there or call DAVID at 780-517-2727
have been no charges in Alberta of manslaughter
relating to aerated lakes and if a death had occurred, 108 50 Street, Edson
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