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The Scene


Upcoming Cycling Skills Clinic taught at Willmore Park

Events by Deanna Mitchener their bikes, weight transfer, wheel lifts, and to bring some ID, cell phone, food,
bunny hops and drops.
water, a multi tool, pump, and extra tube
The Edson and Area Cycling
Mike pointed out it's always a good idea
May 1-31 Association held a Cycling Skills Clinic Then it was time to hit the trails again. when going on longer rides.
The Red Brick Arts out at Willmore Park on May 10 and May
Centre and Museum 11.
is looking for Mike Stoner-Walker gave the two day
donations for their clinic. On the first day they covered basic
Strawberry Tea and bike handling and mechanics. This
Garage Sale. Drop included things to check for before
off your gently used heading out on a ride like ensuring tire
garage sale items at pressure is proper.
the Red Brick, 4818 Then everyone got on their bikes and
7 Ave weekdays from did some safety checks, turning corners,
9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. braking, and shifting gears. They had a
Call 780-723-3582 short relay race and went for a bike ride
for more information.
Strawberry Tea and on the trails.
Garage Sale is Day two included more bike mechanics
Saturday June 3 at 10 on suspension, setting sag, and rebound Mike Stoner-Walker with the Edson Cycling association held a two day Cycling
a.m. – 3 p.m. dampening. Mike also gave a demo on Skills Clinic at Willmore Park recently. Seen here Mike is giving a demonstration
changing a bike tire tube. The group on how to change a bike tube. photo Deanna Mitchener
May 3-June 3 practiced track standing, bailing from
The Red Brick Arts
Centre and Museum Laughs and more at Mother's Day Tea and a Fashion Show
presents: Hilary's
Happy Place – A by Deanna Mitchener be missed. The models worked very hard the commentator, Doreen Hale.
Mixed Media Art on the wardrobes for the event and This mother of the bride arrived in
Exhibit by Hilary The Pioneer Cabin held their annual spectators were thrilled with the new humorous high style with many different
Fosshiem May 3 to Mother's Day Tea and a Fashion Show on summer designs. items put together to make her attire
June 3 Monday to May 12. A few of the fashionable outfits nothing short of amazing. She was wearing
Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 With high anticipation the cabin was included one with golf tees attached worn a Tierra, a necklace borrowed from
p.m. Extended hours packed as those attending each year know by model Claudette and a double breasted grandma, and sporting a two piece
Saturday May 27 1-3 they are in for a treat. They even ran out jacket worn by Adele. And notably a print polyester afternoon frock. Her shoes were a
p.m. with a live of seating and had to set up a couple more dress worn by Flo that had newspaper lovely choice of gum-boot, adding to her
Alcohol Ink tables to accommodate everyone. clipping pinned to the dress. very 'elegant' ensemble.
Demonstration. For The lunch and tea was delicious as "Not to forget the mother of the bride is The fashion show was an afternoon filled
more info contact the always and the Fashion Show was not to always a figure people want to see," said with laughs, good times, good food, and
Red Brick at 780- good fellowship.
723-3582 or visit us
at 4818 7 Ave. D o r e e n H a l e
May 20 C l a u d e t t e
The Edson Rank Romanuik, Sandi
Mini Pony Maurice, Adele
Invitational from 11 Hamilton, Doreen
a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Ta n g h e , A n n e
Edson Rodeo Goldie (back row),
Grounds. Watch kids Mary Howland, Flo
during the qualifier Va n K o u g h n e t t ,
for the Edson Alberta Williamson
Bullarama and the (back row), and
qualifier for future Marg Byrt during
Rank Mini Pony t h e P i o n e e r
events at Repsol C a b i n ' s h e l d
Place on May 21. annual Mother's
D a y Te a a n d
May 26-28 Fashion Show on
The Scott Firefit May 12. photo
Championship events Deanna MItchener
take place as various
members from
various fire
departments compete Hillary Fossheim's
in the “toughest two
minutes of sports. mixed media exhibit on
The Central Prairie
Regional event starts display at Red Brick
at 1 p.m. on May 26
and runs until 4 p.m by Deanna Mitchener in the fun from 1 p.m.
on May 28 at until 3 p.m. for a live
Griffiths Park (Boys Hillary Fossheim has a a l c o h o l i n k
and Girls Club mixed media art exhibit demonstration during
parking lot). There on display in the galley the Opening Gala. "I
will be food on site, a of the Red Brick Art have always enjoyed
bounce house, Centre and Museum. water base painting. I
Alberta Ag and The display is there only just started with
Forestry information, from May 3 until June 3 alcohol ink painting in
merchandiser sales,
and much more. so there is time to stop in March of this year."
and have a look at the There will be some
many different items r e f r e s h m e n t s a n d
See Classified Page for
monthly meetings there. The hours are goodies available during
and activities from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. the gala. Hillary Fossheim stands beside some of her art that is currently on display at
Then, on May 27 join the Red Brick until June 3. photo Deanna Mitchener
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