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Westhaven field trip

to Community


Clayton Brinker shows students from Westhaven School around our local community gardens
by Deanna Mitchener on May 16. photo Deanna Mitchener

Westhaven grade four students had a field trip Students also made seed balls which are marble Along with Redman, Clayton Brinker was also Food Drive and sweet treats at Evergreen School
to the local Community Garden on May 16. sized and made with a little clay, dirt, and some helping out. " Clayton is here for the summer to
Janai Redman with the Community Gardens seeds. They are fun to make, fun to toss, and a help out around the community garden and the by Miranda L'Hirondelle
said, "First thing students are doing is going for a great way to grow native wildflowers. recycle depot. He has gone to school for forestry
nice nature walk around the gardens to see the "When you toss the seed ball it will brake apart so he is great to have on board as he knows a lot
variety of different plants we have. Learning spreading the seeds all around and then when it about the different trees and shrubs. He is the Members of the Evergreen School Council
different facts about the plants and animals, and rains or you water them, beautiful flowers will best person to be touring the students around and Ashley Watson, Rachel Scott, Susan Allen, and
what we do here at the community garden." soon rise up from the ground," said Redman. answering any of their questions," said Janai. Candace Rupert organized a food drive for the
"Students will each build their own Lady Bug Edson Food Bank on May 8 to 12th.
House and paint it to take home. Lady Bug The Food Bank has been running low on
Houses can be used for lady bugs or other supplies recently which led the school to help out
general insects," said Redman. by organizing a drive. “Every little bit counts and
After building the houses a lunch for the kids that is a lot of items. They did a very good job,”
was planned. said Gary Kearse with the Edson Food Bank.
The classroom with the highest amount of
donations received a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar
Pine Grove School party to celebrate. The school and council were
so impressed with the turnout that the rest of the
breakfast program school received freezies. “We are so proud of the
effort the kids put in. The amount of food they
brought in is amazing,” said Rachel Scott.
gets a boost donations for their classrooms. It was also a
All thirteen classes participated to get

chance for the students to have a friendly
competition amongst each other.
A grand total of 1,600 items were donated to
Evergreen School Council stands with Miss. Reierson's grade 1 class who took first place for the school's food drive and Miss. Reierson's
donations to the school's food drive. photo Miranda L'Hirondelle grade 1 class won the drive with a total of 251

Bob Carter, Brian Poltorak, and Don
Patterson from the Edson Masonic Chapter
#30 presents James Randall the Principal of
Ecole Pine Grove Middle School with a
donation of $4,000 for their breakfast program
on May 16. photo Deanna Mitchener

by Deanna Mitchener

The Edson Masonic Chapter #30 presented a
$4000 cheque to Ecole Pine Grove Middle
School. The donation is to go towards the
school's breakfast program.
$2,000 of the money was raised during their
annual Robbie Burns night where a live auction
was held.
The Masonic Foundation matched the amount
raised, making their donation $4,000. Member
Bob Carter, said, "The school principal and some
teachers assisted in the preparation of the Robbie
Burns night, which was very helpful to us. We
have done this for other schools as well over the
years and this is the second year we have helped
Pine Grove School."
Robbie Burns was a Scottish poet and lyricist,
who is widely regarded as the national poet of
Scotland and is celebrated worldwide.
The event has evolved to include a fundraising
auction where proceeds go to help support local
school breakfast programs.
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