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Powerful experience at Poverty Simulation event

by Deanna Mitchener

The Lobstick Literacy and Learning Society and
Yellowhead County FCSS partnered to offer a
Poverty Simulation at the Wildwood Community
Hall on May 10 with over 70 people in attendance.
The event was facilitated by Sheilah Pitmann,
Judy Baty, and Katrina Hurtado from the United
Pitmann posed the question, “How would you
deal with a life in poverty?” She went on to say
that we live in one of the most prosperous regions
in North America. However, more than 123,000
people in the Alberta Capital Region live in 70 participants took part in the Poverty Simulation event at the Wildwood Community Hall on May
poverty and 41,000 of them are children. 10. photo submitted
Nancy Dinsdale, from the Lobstick Literacy government employees. "In addition, 91% of those who completed the
and Learning Society, said, "It was a unique and "Their circumstances were varied but their survey stated that either they, or their organization,
powerful experience which challenged ultimate mission was to provide food, shelter, and are better able to serve the people in their
perceptions, changed perspectives, and other basic needs on a very limited income," said community because of participation in this
strengthened understanding and empathy." Dinsdale. simulation event," said Dinsdale.
The simulation replicated a month in the lives of A post event survey was conducted and some "All of the participants stated they are now more
families living in poverty. Participants experienced comments from the participants included: It was a aware of how living with poverty can affect
a full range of encounters, obstacles, and very eye-opening experience; It really made you people in their community and would recommend
challenges while the trained volunteers populated recognize barriers people face on a daily basis; the simulation be hosted again in the future. So
the simulation as business owners, teachers, police This was very stressful as it reflects many that is something we will look at," said Dinsdale.
officers, agency workers, service providers and struggles I see and feel with the recent cutbacks.

'Classroom on Wheels' and free activities planned

by Deanna Mitchener make literacy a part of their everyday lives," said On June 7 they will have 'Bookmaking 101' at
Diana Chomiak, Special Projects Assistant with the FCSS Family Parent Link Centre from 9:30
The Edson Family Literacy has two days of free the Edson and District Community Learning a.m. to 11 a.m. along with childcare that will be
events planned including stories, rhymes, and Society. Edson Family Literacy is a program of provided. Then head on over to the Edson and
activities. the Edson and District Community Learning District Public Library for their 'Classroom on
The events are planned around a visit from the Society. Wheels' and more from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Centre for Family Literacy's 'Classroom on On June 6 a 'Parents Intro to Family Literacy' If you would like more information on
Wheels' program which supports parents of will take place at the Marlboro Community Hall Yellowhead County FCSS call 780-325-3782.
children 0-6 years of age in their role as first and from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with lunch provided And for or more information on Edson Family
most important teacher. from 12:30 -1:30 p.m. Then from 1:30 until 3:30 Literacy call 780-723-6247.
"Facilitators from the Centre will be running free p.m. there will be the 'Classroom on Wheels' ...and
workshops and sharing ways that parents can more.

Seniors Tea at Tipple

Park Museum

by Shayna Powell with your fingers. Avoid spreading
both sides of your scone then
The British are well known for sandwiching it together, it is
their tea and their cultural habits considered crass. Never slurp or
rules concerning tea. blow on your tea, delicately sip your
Typically, a mid-afternoon break is tea holding it by the handle with
accompanied with tea, cakes and/or your pinky finger down. Your milk
scones. The British have tea in the goes in first, followed by the sugar-
afternoon as they usually do not eat never put your sugar in first. Do not ROYAL CANADIAN LE
their dinner until around 8:00 at stir your tea, gently dip your spoon
night, so tea becomes a welcome up and down in your tea. You may JOE WYNNE BRANCH #51 #51
afternoon break. enjoy a mug of coffee, but tea is
I often enjoy an afternoon brew to always properly served in a teacup.
give myself a boost. For some The process of enjoying your tea is
people in Canada the habit of having suppose to be as enjoyable as the tea RAISE THE ROOF
tea is a tradition and the etiquette itself. Perhaps that is why our
concerning tea is well known. country has so many coffee drinkers,
However, for those of you who enjoy we are too burdened with multi- FUNDRAISER
your coffee, maybe you have been tasking and getting things done.
missing out on this wonderful In the spirit of the British and their
tradition. penchant for tea, Tipple Park
There are certain etiquette rules Museum is holding a tea for our $20/ LET’S ROCK IT
that one must follow if you are to be Seniors on May 31st at 2:00 p.m. person
considered a gentleman or a lady. It Any seniors wishing to attend this
is considered bad form to drink more event are encouraged to sign up at OLD SCHOOL
than three cups of tea, but one cup is the Lodge, Manor or at the museum.
not enough. Therefore, two cups of This is free to attend and you will be June 3, 2017
tea are the ideal amount to enjoy served tea or coffee (for the hold-
when in the presence of royalty or outs!) sandwiches and snacks. Featuring “Wolf”
someone whose opinion you care Come visit with our staff and each Doors open at 6;30 pm
about! other and enjoy the afternoon. We
Always take your napkin and place want all of our neighbours to know Show at 8:30 pm
it on your lap, never under your chin we don't care if you don't place your Legion Canteen for best
or left on the table. When you are napkin or pinky finger correctly, we costume!
done with your napkin, place it just want you to come out and visit Menu Available
casually to the left of your plate. with us! Call Shayna Powell/
Never slice your cake or scone in Museum Manager of Tipple Park Telephone: 723-3455 5016 5 Avenue P.O. Box 5162
half with your knife, always break it Museum @ 780-727-2240 for details Fax: 723-7905 Edson, Alberta T7E 1T4
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