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The solar electricity hype
June 15 declared Elder Abuse

Awareness Day in Edson

by Callie Hermanson connect seniors to The vast majority of
local services and elder abuse comes
blind view declaring June 15 as supports. The elderly from family units and
A motion was carried
can remain safer, free
settings that don't have
E l d e r A b u s e from abuse, and have
outside supports.
window Awareness Day in more secure age- Because we are seeing
Edson during a town
friendly communities,
an increasing number
council meeting May
she explained.
of elders in our
fashions Conservative 17 in town office the grant funding they community, Sitar Students at A.H. Dakin School held an art and book sale May 17 to raise money for
Sitar described how
families that were evacuated from Fort McMurray. They raised $1,001.85 selling
council chambers.
explained. This makes
books and art that classes had made. Pictured are Mavy Bagsic, Nash Walukiewicz,
iews Evansburg, Edson, are currently working the numbers seem and Preston Kuzmic.
12 agencies from the
under is for one year,
higher because people
Town Council Notes May 17
and Hinton areas have
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
banned together to but hopes to secure are noticing it more. 2-1-1 partnership approved
part-time funding
When there are
create the Yellowhead
January 4, January 25 Elder Abuse Network. under the same grant, economic downturns 2-1-1 new agreement with the Street Intersection
for an additional two
there are increases in
Edson Animal Rescue
I m p r o v e m e n t a n d
Council has approved a
This network will aim
abuse of all kinds, not
Society (EARS) for care
Councillor Gean
February 15 to better respond to Chouinard asked, “Is just elders. So those partnership between the of the animals in the Related Works Project to
Knelsen Sand & Gravel
Town of Edson and
cases of elder abuse
kinds of stresses in life
pound during weekends
Ltd. of Grande Prairie in
Yellowhead County to
through education,
there more abuse
will also add to those
and holidays in exchange
bring 2-1-1 phone service
t h e a m o u n t o f
March 7, 28 iews p r e v e n t i o n , a n d going on now or are forms of abuse, said to the area. Edson's first for a $3,000.00 yearly $1,051,009.94 + GST,
people more aware of
donation. Prior to this
along with FORTIS
year funding for the
In a presentation by
agreement staff would be
Alberta in the amount of
T h e n u m b e r s
project will be $5,000.00.
paid to come in for these
“This is my personal
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser Charlene Sitar, she opinion based on fluctuate towards Yellowhead County has duties. $75,988.51 + GST for
lighting. This was the
already agreed to support
explained the area's
different cultural
lowest of five bids for the
the cause and committed
aging population and
research that I have
stresses; there is an
the increasing demand done and interviews I e v e r - i n c r e a s i n g $15,000.00 in funding to Council awarded the project.
2016 Street Paving
Line Painting
initiate the project. It's
May 9, 30 for services to address have done with people population of elderly also hoped the Town of Program and Related The 2015 Line Painting
seniors' issues.
locally, provincially,
people and not all of
Works project to Border
services contract has been
Hinton will partner to
Communities should and federally, that with them are in facilities make it a true regional Paving Ltd. of Red Deer extended to 2016 for Line
June 20 enhance their capacity elder abuse we are that will help and care project. 2-1-1 is a one stop for the amount of West Ltd. In 2015 the
$379,846.50 + GST. This
project was tendered
and coordination of
shop to get connected to
finding a shift in
for elders, Sitar said.
services to better cultural attitudes June 15 is recognized appropriate support was the lowest of four twice with Line West
bids for the project.
services in the area.
being the only company
July 11 Blind View address elder abuse, t o w a r d s e l d e r l y worldwide as Elder Edson Pound Council has also awarded to place a bid.
and more easily
people,” said Sitar.
Abuse Awareness Day.
the Highway 748/40
Council has approved a
August 1, 22 Window Fashions Edson Family Dentistry
Sept. 12 Custom Window Treatments is pleased and excited to
since 1988
October 3, 24 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember WELCOME
Dr. David Gunderson, DDS
Is now accepting applications
November 14 to our new office location at for 2016 Natural Gas Installations
December 5, 26? 5020 - 6 Avenue
Dr. David Gunderson was born in Southern RURAL
Alberta and lived in Grande Cache for $6,100.00 + GST
Elementary School before finishing grade
school in Fort Macleod.
Following High School he pursued a URBAN
Asphalt Parking
Bachelors of Science at the University of &
Lethbridge and was employed as a $3,000.00 + GST
framing carpenter off and on for 6 years. Lots & Patching
(Construction must be completed in the Current Season)
In 2008 he was admitted to the University
Asphalt Driveways
of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and INFILL FINANCING AVAILABLE &
Dentistry and completed his Doctor of
Dental Surgery in 2012. 5296 – 48th Avenue Call Doug at
In 2010 he enrolled as an officer in the
Canadian Forces and, upon graduation, worked as a dentist at the P.O. Box 1770 780-723-4182 or Cell 780-712-6921
Stadacona Naval base in Halifax for 3 years. For the past year, Dr. Whitecourt, Alberta, T7S 1P5
Gunderson has been working on the Air Force base in Cold Lake. Visit our website
As his obligatory service to the Canadian Forces was coming to an end, or email us at
David and his wife looked for a smaller community such as Edson in Phone: 780-779-9990
which to settle with their 3 children.
The Gundersons look forward to meeting the people in Edson and Toll Free: 1-800-727-5259
getting involved in the community. Monday - Friday 8:00 – 4:30
For an appointment please call 780-723-5221 No contracts Accepted After September 1, 2016
Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-4:30 pm
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