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Letter to the Editor:

“How can I help them make a difference?”

As a minister in the largest protestant church in From helping abused people leave a situation to donor clinics, and food drives? Who will talk with
Canada, you can imagine the volume of questions I walking a child to school. Many folks have no idea your teen about who they want to be in the world or
get asked in any given year. the full scope of what ours and many other faith their importance to the community without
The most profound questions I have been asked so traditions do in the world. judgement?
far this past year is, "What's the point?" Anyone who The point is, no church I know gets government We can easily brush it off and say the secular world
is following the life and work of Edson United funding for operations, some churches get funding will pick up the slack...and it might....but being the
Church knows we have a major roof problem and from other structures within their denomination, most hands and feet of Christ in the world promoting
need to raise over $75,000.00 to fix it (thanks to the do not know that Edson United Church is fully self kindness, compassion, inclusivity and loving your
generosity of so many, we have raised $40,000.00) funded. Someone ask me how much funding do you neighbour as yourself will not come from the secular
and with that comes fear and sometimes frustration. get from the national church body. We get no help world.
However, the interesting thing about this question is, from other church structures and only survive on the People have free will to support what they value
it is coming from people who grew up in the church, generosity of parishioners and those who deem our and help where they see need. We are people on over
people who have never been a part of the life and work to be valuable and a necessity to life in Edson. load and often do not take time to sit and think
work of any church and everyone in-between. The United Church of Canada turn 90 years old in intentionally about where can we help or to wonder
So what is the point of church? This is my just a couple weeks. In 1925 most Union, who is caring for the oppressed, lonely, sick, or
perspective as a clergy at Edson United Church. Presbyterian, and Congregationalist churches join widowed?
The point is, a caring community and truly together to create one big United Church of Canada. I invite everyone this week to take a few moments
authentic relationships. For me at Edson United The world is different than it was in 1925 and will of pause and wonder about what agencies, faith
Church, it is not about how good or bad you are, continue to evolve. As "church in the world" changes, communities, or groups who are making a difference
believing in the same theology or ethos, it is about I am confident we will see changes in Edson as we in the world....then reach out asking, "How can I help
caring for one another, caring for the world, and value life differently than we did in the past. them make a difference?".
striving to be a part of the difference you want to see. Folks, I invite you to consider a world void of faith The point is, faith communities and groups who
The point is, genuinely being there for people in communities..... how might that look? How might serve our communities and who do not receive
their time of need. Edson United Church is a growing that feel? Where will you go when a loved one dies government funding for operations cannot live by
"community" church. We share our space with many for peace or compassion? Where will you go for bread alone. Our communities decide what is needed
community groups, more than half our weddings, support when mental health has a long waiting list? and important by their actions and the donations they
funerals, youth group participants, and events are Where will your children go where questioning and give. Don't leave it to chance.... make an intentional
comprised of non United Church folks. We strive to doubt is encouraged as we experience our own informed decision to make a difference."
serve the Edson community filling needs wherever faith/life journeys? Where will your loved ones get We make a living by what we get. We make a life
possible. married and receive solid faithful non-judgemental by what we give."
The point is, outreach... doing what we can even premarital counsel? Who will sit at the bedside of ― Winston S. Churchill
when it's not a good time. I am blessed to have a your loved one as they take their final breaths of life?
congregation who support outreach and pastoral care Who will wait in the waiting room with you as you Respectfully submitted
throughout the Edson and area community. We get wait for news after a loved one's appointment or The Reverend Kimberly Roy
dozens of calls every year asking for our assistance in surgery? Who will volunteer at thrift shops, blood Edson United Church
the community by folks from every walk of life.

Wildfire near Niton destroys cabin

continued from front
the fire at Niton was a and expected to be campfire is completely Yellowhead County With camping and reminded to call 310-
“perfect example of how extinguished. extinguished before you c o m m u n i c a t i o n s quadding season now in FIRE (3473) to report
t h e m u t u a l a i d The cause of the fire is leave your site and do coordinator Stefan s w i n g p e o p l e a r e smoke or a wildfire.
agreement works.” under investigation. not leave it unattended at Felsing.
ESRD firefighters are Simonton said, “When any time.”
not trained to combat the conditions are as dry Due to the current dry
structure fires, and while and warm as the Edson weather conditions and
the county firefighters Wildfire Management expected strong winds,
have some equipment A r e a ( E W M A ) i s Yellowhead County Fire
and training for wild experiencing, a wildfire Department is restricting
land fires the ESRD has will spread quickly and fire permits, with the
t h e t r a i n i n g a n d burn very hot. Whenever exception of burn
equipment needed to you can, use an existing barrels.
fight those. campfire ring or pit for “Everyone is reminded
T h e m u t u a l a i d your campfire. If not to use caution when
agreement presents and available then ensure doing any work or
plan and clearly defines your campfire is built on recreational activities
the roles and how the level ground near water, that could potentially
two entities assist each sheltered from the wind lead to a fire. Due to the
other. and keep it small. Wind c u r r e n t w e a t h e r
As of press time, the can blow sparks or conditions, any fire
fire was being held and e m b e r s f r o m t h e could quickly get out of
control and cause
campfire and quickly
anticipated to be listed as
Jim Eglinski under control which start a wildfire. Please significant damage and
e n s u r e t h a t y o u r
r e d u c e a v a i l a b l e
would mean the fire is
MP Yellowhead completely contained r e s o u r c e s , ” s a i d
County fire permit restrictions

reintroduced due to dry conditions

Effective immediately place until significant changes in
Yellowhead County will restrict weather occur.
Fire Permits to burn barrels The public is asked to use
only. No heavy fuels or grass caution when working or
burning permits shall be issued. recreating as these conditions
These restrictions are due to can allow rapid fire spread. Any
high temperatures and low activities that produce sparks or
humidity within the permit area. heat should be monitored An aerial photograph of the wildfire near Niton Junction Wednesday
These restrictions will remain in carefully. afternoon.~ Courtesy of Joan Simonton.
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