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Yellowhead County digs

in with trail building

by Deanna Mitchener Mike Stoner-Walker president of
the Cycling Association said, "The
Yellowhead County Parks and crew came out to work on crown
Recreation gathered up a crew to help land, the trail Root 66, and they
build trails at Willmore Park, with the completed 800 meters of tread. This
Edson Cycling Association on May was way beyond our expectations;
23. they worked very hard. Our Cycling
The crew of nine individuals put in Association feel very grateful for
a full day of work from 7:30 a.m. their awesome effort especially in the
until 3 p.m. heat that day."
A crew of nine Yellowhead County Parks and Recreation individuals went out
to help build on tails at Willmore Park on May 23. photo submitted
County sends letter of support for softwood lumber

by Mikaela Kuefler from the U.S. system, who are basing their come back through litigation with the same
protest solely on their comparison of log costs. evidence repeatedly,” said Councillor Russell
During the Yellowhead County Council Alberta's forest sector is highly interconnected, during a recent COW meeting.
meeting on May 23, Council voted to send a events which harm lumber producers also impact The AFPA states that Alberta's industry needs
letter supporting Canadian softwood lumber other facets of the industry. One example is if a support for our system of forest tenure since it
producers to MP Jim Eglinski. sawmill were to have reduced production, the has repeatedly been under attack from American
“This shows goodwill towards the forestry ability of the local pulp mill to obtain a producers, who assert that Canadians must
industry,” said Mayor Soroka. predictable supply of chips is also imperiled. change to an American style system. This
From the Committee of the Whole meeting that Past disputes have harmed the Canadian involves market pricing and mostly using private
took place on May 16, the Alberta Forest industry by causing hundreds of millions of land.
Products Association (AFPA) requested that dollars in litigation costs, billions of dollars in Albertans system gives forest companies access
council send a letter to their MLA or MP to unfair duties, reduced access to our largest to guaranteed and predictable levels of timber
support Canadian producers after the claim from market for softwood lumber, mill closures, and harvest. This system ensures sustainability and
the United States Department of Commerce to job losses, with smaller producers particularly creates the right conditions for stable jobs and
increase duties to 19%-24%. affected, says the AFPA. community investment.
According to the AFPA, in Alberta, and most of “The domestic consumer is the real person who While Canada's industry believes that free trade
Canada, the Crown ownsmost forested land. will be affected since five of the larger of softwood lumber products should occur, a new
Forest companies enter into agreements to companies that run in Canada, also run in the agreement is the next best option. It creates
manage the land base and pay timber dues in U.S.,” said Councilor Giezen. stability that allows for investment and creation
exchange for the right to harvest certain amounts A second decision in a second case is expected of jobs in forest communities. However, it is
of timber. This means that Canadian companies in the next several months brought by the imprudent to rush into an agreement that is bad
must pay a variety of costs to ensure forest Coalition. This decision will likely lead to even for American producers. Gaining leverage
sustainability and a fair return for Albertans on more duties for Alberta producers. through legal victories may be necessary before
the resource. This system is entirely different “I'm frustrated with the whole process. They negotiating an agreement, says the AFPA.

Dallas Cartwright with the Community Gardens said, "Today we have grade twos and grades fours from A.H. Dakin School. The grade twos are
pairing up with the grade fours to get some help. They will be making some Chia Pet heads then teaming up to make a bee and ladybug house,
as well as the garden tours." photo Deanna Mitchener
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