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Town reviews internship Blind View

program with eye to the future Window Fashions

by Adrienne Tait with degree in Geography and a concentration in
GIS. He has worked in Waterton National Park and Custom Window Treatments
As the first year of the municipal internship volunteered as ski patrol. Lamb told council he, since 1988
program passes and the next one begins Town “Hopes to learn and see what opportunities exist to
administration provided a review of the year, its make difference in municipal government and learn
benefits, and its learning moments to town council at about this field.”
the Committee of the Whole meeting on May 23. Assistant CAO Brigitte Lemieux presented the 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
Daniel Lukac was the first municipal intern to be administration's point of view on the program. 780.542.0898
accepted at the town office as part of the provincial “There are a number of administrators in municipal
program whose mandate is to excite young government who are ready for retirement and we as
professionals about local government. a province need individuals with a strong municipal
Lukac described his year with the Town as, background. We also need a new, fresh perspective.
“Incredibly positive.” Daniel moved in all the departments and he asked
Over the past year Lukac has served in a number questions. The number of questions he asked was
of different departments and gained a better sometimes daunting. He would ask 'why?' and we'd
understanding of how municipal government fits have to answer,” said Lemieix who noted that if the
into the larger structures of provincial and federal answer was along the lines of “because that's the
government, as well as experience in writing, way it has always been done” it prompted the town
external communications, and social dynamics. to reexamine the policy and see if it was still
blind view effect has been “fascinating to see. It has been nice learned nothing than we have failed,” said Lemieux,
Lukac said the change in administration and its
“If at the end of the [intern's] year they have
to witness such a dynamic organization and how
administration changes that dynamic.” “They haven't failed we have.”
window fashions despite my degree” but feels he is finishing year he will be able to see through to completion a
Lemieux said with Lukac staying on for a second
Lukac said when he started he “knew very little
couple of the projects on which he has spent much
“knowing quite a bit.”
Councillor Trevor Bevan said he had been in the time including the waste management strategy.
2017 Ads office a number of times and witnessed Lukac Lemieux said Lamb's strong computer's
asking questions about why a policy was worded the background is already being put to use.
way it was or why a practice was in place and was
CAO Mike Derricott said as an alumni of the
quite impressed with the initiative shown. program he is “an unabashed supporter” and
The town councillors all praised Lukac for “setting believes it is a compliment to the province as well to
the bar high” for new intern Scott Lamb and have identified the need for strong municipal
congratulated him on a successful year. The year leadership and put a well-designed program in place
to help facilitate leadership in a field that is often not
was so successful he has agreed to stay for a second
January 23 year and plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Urban high profile.
As for Lukac's future? Derricott said, “He is an
Lamb is the second intern to serve the town
exceptional young man who is kind, passionate,
February 13 through the internship program and arrived just two thoughtful, and I believe destined for significance in
his career.”
weeks ago. Lamb is an active outdoor enthusiast


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