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Virtual classroom discusses dangers

SPORTS by Mikaela Kuefler football helmet, which is five times heavier. Another
The Weekly ANCHOR of concussions in youth sports

difference is the type of contact used.
The webcast discussed the signs and symptoms of a
On May 17, the Holy Redeemer High School football
team participated in a virtual classroom webcast titled concussion, such as sensitivity to light, difficulty
'Concussion in Youth Sport' by the National Film remembering or unable to answer simple questions,
Board. dilated pupils, etc. The webcast also stressed that
HRH head football coach, Michael Bachinsky, concussions are common occurrences and that athletes
wanted students to hear about first hand experiences can limit the chances and effects through knowledge
because of the message it can hold. and proper training.
“Contact sports can have a high incident of neck, After the webcast Bachinsky lead a discussion, along
spinal cord and head injuries. It's important to be with the school counselor, about some of the truths and
knowledgeable and to understand what can be done to myths about concussions. Bachinsky discussed the
point made from the webcast, about the possibility that
prevent it. Player safety and proper technique are at the
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR “Parkland core of our program and this is an opportunity to brain damage can result from small concussions, and Football Player, Justin Breault, watches the
photo Mikaela Kuefler
multiple concussions may lead to multiple brain
incorporate technology so that students can understand.
Custom T-Shirts! Perspective” It is also in line with our teaching and coaching injuries. He also addressed the recent studies that 'Concussion in Youth Sport' webcast by the National
showed a possible increase of mental illness, suicide,
Film Board at Holy Redeemer High School, on May 17.
A Student View
philosophies,” states Bachinsky.
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say... The webcast focused on the dangers and symptoms of and loss of memory for people who receive multiple
discounts available concussions and featured guest speaker, Hayley and serious concussions. The team then discussed their concussion is not like a broken arm. It is not visible,
and in the past, was not addressed as seriously as it
preventative measures and their concussion protocol.
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? Wickenheiser. She discussed her experiences with HRH football player, Shawn Rogers, talked about his should have been. However, times have changed and
concession in sport and answered questions from
student all across the country. Her main focus was on experiences with concussions and agreed with a players and coaches are addressing concussion in sport
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! the importance of recognizing a concussion and statement made by Hayley Wickenheiser during the properly and seriously.
No additional cost alerting others. webcast. “Sometimes when players have to sit out, they Bachinsky advised that a concussion could happen at
The webcast was orientated around hockey and even tend to feel a lot of pressure to get out there and play any time, whether it is violent or innocent. He
discussed Eric Lindros's short career because of injured as if they are letting their team down. This is emphasized that prevention starts by going to practice
BORN reoccurring and undiagnosed concussions. Bachinsky probably one of the tougher things to do as an athlete. regularly and by being mentally and physically fit. The
football program at HRH has recently purchased a set
To sit out and accept that you have to get better before
GOLF the webcast's message because “a contact sport is still a you can help your teammates,” stated Rogers. He of Riddell Speed Flex helmets that are among the YOUR
was confident students would still be able to relate to
highest in safety rating available on the market. "A
pointed out, it is better to “speak up about it. Don't
contact sport whether it's hockey, rugby or football.
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE There are a lot of students who play hockey and can keep it in the dark, because it can affect you for the rest proper fitting helmet and mouth guard can limit a C
concussions effect," says Bachinsky.
of your life,” advised Rogers.
correlate between the two sports”. A big difference
between the two sports is the size and the weight of a Wickenheiser pointed out that an injury such as a SPECIALISTS!
G a r d eners
CEREAL Holy Redeemer wins Track and Field Zones
KILLER!! The Weekly Anchorhe Weekly Anchor
Spread the Best Dirt Come to us to help
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 As the athletics season at Holy Redeemer comes to publicize your event and get!
close in a few weeks, the program still managed to
snag another banner for their gym wall as they won 1. Print media with over 5898 circulation!
the 2A Track & Field Zone Championships. Print puts your event directly into the hands of potential attendees and volunteers like nothing else can!
“Everyone works extremely hard on all of their
sports,” says Teacher Laura Webb. “Track and Field is 2. Editorial pre and post support for your event!
so different than any other team sport as they force Editorial support draws people into your event’s story and the people involved that make it happen!
the athlete to practice a lot on their own.” Webb 3. Full colour posters to place around town!
remarked how motivated this group was right from Posters help get the word out in a bright and attractive manner!
ESCAPED the start. “We had a great turnout from day one and
MOM everyone kept coming week in and week out. And all 4. Facebook boosted on our popular page!
of their hard work really paid off.” The team Proper utilization of social media is an important factor in spreading the word of your event!
competed in the Zone Championships in Edmonton 5. Support on our Website! As little
on May 19. 24/7 anywhere, anytime access to your event’s details is important to event success! $179
In the end, the entire team won a total of eleven gold
medals, four silver and three bronze. 6. Use our office as a ticket sales outlet!
The gold medalists were Katelyn Grant – Junior We’ll have all your details and information available for ticket buyers and an experienced staff!
Women's High Jump; Zane Hartman – Intermediate quarter page - half page - full page
Men 3000m; Tomas Mark – Senior Men 1500m and
3000m; Shawn Rogers – Junior Men 800m; Spencer The Holy Redeemer Rebels Track & Field team celebrates winning the 2A Zone Banner on May 19. The team call Sue Ann at 780-723-5787 for details
Smith – Junior Men 100m and 200m; Anna Stang – collected 11 gold medals, 4 silver, and 3 bronze. email
Junior Women 100mand 400m; and Shawn Rogers,
Austin Canning, Spencer Smith, and Brian Bailer – The bronze medal winners were Sarah Beckman – received 197.5 points in total,” says Webb.
Junior Men 4x400m Relay. Senior Women 100m; Brandy Stewart – Senior And as you can see, although the athletes compete YOUR
The silver medalists included Sarah Beckman – Women 800m; and Carolyn Webb – Senior Women in individual events, they all represent the same team
Senior Women's High Jump and 80m Hurdles; Javelin. – the Rebels. COMMUNITY OMMUNITY
Brandy Stewart – Senior Women 400m; and Shawn There were also numerous other Rebels athletes If you would like more information on this article
Rogers, Austin Canning, Spencer Smith, and Brian who made it into the top eight in their events and help please feel free to contact the school at 780-723-7437, SPECIALISTS!
Bailer – Junior Men 4x100m Relay. the overall team points that won the banner. “We or visit our website at


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