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Parkland packs home 10 medals

from Track and Field Zones

by Mikaela Kuefler eagerly anticipates participating in provincials and
commented, "This is my third year at provincials, so
On May 19, the Parkland Composite High School I'm feeling pretty happy about it".
Senior Track and Field team attended the 3A North Grade 12 student, Sarah Bowman, also won gold
Central Zones at Foote Field in Edmonton. with a time of 2:56.42 in the senior women's 800m and
With twelve PCHS students attending the meet, bronze in the high jump. Racing four other athletes in
results at the end of the day were successful with ten the 800m, she won by a landslide by 0:47.89. “It was a
students receiving medals. good race. There was a few intermediate girls from the
One of the students winning gold medals was grade pentathlon running with me, making it a tight race,”
12 student, Drew Correia, who competed in the says Sarah. Sarah has won the 800m in zones for the
pentathlon and the javelin throw. The pentathlon, which last three years and is going to provincials to defend
was offered for the first time in history in the North her title.
Sarah will also get to compete at provincials for the
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR “Parkland Central Zones, was based on the amount of points high jump as well since the second place participant is Drew Correia, from PCHS, throws javelin for first place
received and was open to all age groups. It is five
events in one, such as the high jump, the long jump, the
unable to attend provincials. “When you finish third
Custom T-Shirts! Perspective” 100m dash, the 800m dash, and the shot put. Correia and another qualifying person can't attend, you get to during the North Central 3A Zones in Edmonton, on
A Student View
May 19. Drew threw a distance of 41.06m. submitted
came in first place in the Pentathlon and set the record
replace them,” mentions Anderson.
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer A d i D n yone Say... at 2726 points, beating second place by 400 points. Abby McLean, in grade 12, received gold in the
discounts available "In the pentathlon, only gold goes to provincials. To senior women's javelin. She started out ahead by only a looks forward to provincials, competing in the 800m,
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? compete in five events and only get one medal and one few centimetres but pushed herself on her last throw. 3000m, triple jump and, possibly, discus.
shot is like putting all of your eggs in one basket,"
By running faster and throwing harder, she threw 3m
Other honourable mentions are Regan Barford,
states PCHS Track and Field Coach, Kevin Anderson. farther at 25.16m, approximately 3.5m farther than receiving bronze in the senior women's triple jump and
Or Bring your own pictures & Ideas! As it turns out, if Correia had entered in separate second place. Brayden Martin, winning bronze in the intermediate
No additional cost
events, he would have tied for first in the high jump Grade 10 student, Kelly Reid received silver in the men's discus.
and would have received first place in the long jump. junior women's 800m and 3000m. She also received a PCHS placed 5th overall during zones and qualifying
BORN at 41.06m, just beating second place by 55cm. Correia bronze for the triple jump. The 800m was a close race, PCHS students will attend provincials in Edmonton on
Correia also received first place for the javelin throw
first place coming in just 0:13.51 before Kelly. Kelly
June 2 and 3.
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE Track and Field Day at Pine Grove School
G a r d eners by Jocelyn Pettitt
Students at École Pine Grove Middle School enjoyed the warm weather last week
CEREAL as they tested their athletic skills during their annual Track and Field day.
With the assistance from the Parkland Composite High School students, the
KILLER!! stations were set up across the school fields; measurements and times meticulously
recorded for all students.
The top three students of each category will be representing Pine Grove at the
Spread the Best Dirt upcoming GYAC in Hinton on May 25.
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 High jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, shot put, javelin and track were
amongst the events the students were participating in.
Some of the middle school students will volunteer and help run stations at
Evergreen Elementary on their sports day coming up on May 27.
Jorja Randall at discus during Pine Grove’s annual Track and Field day.

Cleats and Cleavage dominate slo-pitch match Diego Espinosa

MOM by Mikaela Kuefler

On May 23, Double Tap played Tylor Pratt
Integratire Cleats and Cleavage at Vision
Park, during the Edson Mixed Slo-Pitch
league game, in 'D' division.
During the game, Double Tap had a
difficult time with ball control and made
some overthrows. They also had a hard
time at bat, enabling Integratire Cleats and
Cleavage to capitalize on their errors.
With the addition of poor playing
conditions from the slippery field and a
low sun, Cleats and Cleavage dominated
the game, resulting in a final score of 22- YOUR
9. C
Brett Pellend, second baseman for Cleats SPECIALISTS!
and Cleavage, commented that "the game
went pretty good, even though the field
was wet. There's a lot of good players and The Weekly Anchorhe Weekly Anchor
hitters out there and everyone is having
fun. The fact that there's a lot of Come to us to help
communication between the third and first publicize your event and get!
base coaches is helping the team as well". 1. Print media with over 5898 circulation!
Currently Integratire has approximately Print puts your event directly into the hands of potential attendees and volunteers like nothing else can!
4 wins and 4 losses. Double Tap has 3 2. Editorial pre and post support for your event!
Editorial support draws people into your event’s story and the people involved that make it happen!
wins and 5 losses. The Edson Mixed Slo- 3. Full colour posters to place around town!
Pitch league continues to play every First baseman for Double Tap, Natasha Bellamare, gets Posters help get the word out in a bright and attractive manner!
Monday and Wednesday, with the the Integratire Cleats and Cleavage runner out, during 4. Facebook boosted on our popular page!
Proper utilization of social media is an important factor in spreading the word of your event!
occasional game on Thursdays. their league game on May 23 at Vision Park. Cleats and 5. Support on our Website! As little
Cleavage win 22-9. 24/7 anywhere, anytime access to your event’s details is important to event success! $179
6. Use our office as a ticket sales outlet!
We’ll have all your details and information available for ticket buyers and an experienced staff!
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