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Community Safety Initiative takes action

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The public input meeting, hosted at Pine Grove Cameron stated as he explained his healing strategy,
School, allowed parents the opportunity to ask “It's each person making a “And once the parents are on board, the kids will talk
questions and voice their concerns about the to us. We don't even know for sure how many of the
Community Safety Initiative. little bit of a change and children and youth from this community have been
“Everyone starts to think, 'It's so easy, we'll just take exposed to brutal, traumatic stimuli.”
back our community'. That sounds easy but when we trying to get your neighbours If everything works out according to the current
kept going through the process of how we were going more engaged. That's how plan, this meeting will be the first public meeting of
to do this, we started realizing it's just going to be each several. As the Community Safety Initiative gets
continued from front person starting to make a difference within their block we're going to make our organized and grows, the next time Cameron speaks he
or their school,” Gerald Soroka, the Mayor of community a better place to hopes to overfill Pine Grove's gym.
Yellowhead County said during the opening Sgt. Peter King, of the Edson RCMP, said that the
statements at the meeting. live.” Soroka biggest takeaway from the meeting should be “the
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“It's each person making a little bit of a change and necessity to change for the right reasons, the necessity
trying to get your neighbours more engaged. That's to change to keep our youth safe so that they can make
how we're going to make our community a better place the professionals and other parents about high risk informed and conscious decisions. We need to work
continued from front to live,” Soroka said. children and youth. One of the reasons his strategy has together so that we can make the town safer.”
Cameron has experience dealing with troubled been so successful is his focus on equipping parents, Edson Mayor, Greg Pasychny, says that he hopes
communities, working through the aftermath of grandparents, and extended family to help their "now that the Community Safety Initiative has
continued from front tragedies such as the Taber school shooting, and the children. become more open to the public, a larger group of
more recent, La Loche shooting. Cameron is an expert “It actually takes a community to raise a child,” people will get engaged in the recovery process.”
in violence threat risk assessment, who has worked
closely with the RCMP across Canada and the FBI in
continued from front the United States.
After consulting with Edson and area leaders and
professionals about the town's history of violence,
continued from front Cameron has come to the conclusion that per capita
Edson and region has been hit with a tremendous
amount of very serious violence, which includes
homicide, suicide, and other traumatic events.
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“The other part of the work that I do is understanding
how trauma doesn't just impact individuals but
impacts human systems also, meaning families,
continued from front schools, entire communities, and even nations,”
Cameron said.
Cameron believes that parents should be aware that
continued from front their children could be more affected then they know,
because there have been so many different incidents of
violence. Due to these serious acts of violence and
homicides, kids in varying degrees may have been
exposed to trauma, personally or through social media,
or they may know individuals who were involved, or
heard and told stories about the events. Cameron said
that all children have fallen somewhere on the
spectrum between no response to the trauma and full-
blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Cameron said that in order for a community to
recover from tragedies, he institutes an “All Systems
Go” strategy, to get every part of the community
involved in the healing. The first step is for the
community professionals to join forces to discuss local
issues. Edson and area began the process by starting
the Community Safety Initiative and calling Cameron
in for his expertise.
The next step in “All Systems Go” would be for
parents and caregivers to communicate openly with

80th Birthday Party
80th Birthday Party

Come and Go Tea
Come and Go Tea

Sunday, June 5 - 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Sunday, June 5 - 1:00 to 4:00 pm
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4836 7th Avenue, Edson
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