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The solar electricity hype
Yellowhead County takes wait-and-see

position with proposed tourism alliance

by Stephanie Babych leveraging additional funds from both the province and tourism marketing, which was estimated at under
and federal government. The funds will go towards
$15,000 annually. The $15,000 requested for the
blind view they should spend $35,000 joining the newest accessing more services for the member communities, ANRTA is currently not budgeted, but could be
Yellowhead County Council was torn about whether
as well as bringing more tourism opportunities to the
transferred from another fund.
The motion that was brought to the floor was for the
window Northern Alberta tourism organization, Alberta region. council to monitor the progress of the ANRTA for the
Roberts said that the overall benefit for Yellowhead
Northern Rockies Tourism Alliance (ANRTA), and
County in joining the Alliance would be that by
year 2016, and to reconsider joining the Alliance
will be looking into the organization's early progress.
increasing tourism in the region, the County would be
The ANRTA is similar to the Grande Alberta
when they know more about their business plan. The
fashions Conservative Economic Region, which was instituted in 2001 and working collaboratively with other areas in order to Council members voted on the subject, with five in
favour of revisiting the topic in a future council
increase funding potential and have more access to
shut down on December 31, 2012. The Grande
iews community development throughout 10 member monitor the growth of tourism within the region, and Daycare Society of Edson
federal and provincial grants.
meeting, and four against.
Alberta Economic Region promoted tourism and
“By targeting a coordinated effort we can actually
Daycare Society of Edson
municipalities, including Yellowhead County. It was
Guest Column by Clyde Corser
disbanded because of a lack of funds.
The Council discussed the Alliance further during
In a subsequent interview, Morgan Roberts, the enhance when possible,” Roberts said. ANNUAL
January 4, January 25 Destination Management Facilitator with the ANRTA, current partnership with Travel Alberta, which is an GENERAL MEETINGAL MEETING
their meeting on May 10. They brought up their
said that since the Grande Alberta Economic Region
organization that promotes tourism within Yellowhead
was disbanded, the region hasn't been able to take
June 21, 2016 at 6p.m.
February 15 advantage of the tourism opportunities that it once County. It was mentioned that because of this June 21, 2016 at 6p.m.
partnership another tourism alliance might not be
at 5501 3rd Avenue
at 5501 3rd Avenue
necessary for the county to pursue.
It was requested in a Yellowhead County Council
Roberts said Travel Alberta has certain grants that
meeting on April 26 that Yellowhead County join the
March 7, 28 iews ANRTA and financially assist the group's priorities are not offered to individual municipalities. The RSVP 780-723-6444
RSVP 780-723-6444
ANRTA would be able to access the grants once
over the next three years. The Alliance is asking for
various municipalities in the area are on board.
$15,000 the first year, and $10,000 the following two
Jack Williams, the Deputy Mayor of the Council,
April 18 Guest Column by Clyde Corser years in order to develop their company through asked how much money currently goes into county Blind View
May 9, 30 County passes noise bylaw changes Window Fashions
A t t h e M a y 2 4 to Hamlet Commercial to allow for the closure Act, a candidate must Custom Window Treatments
June 20 Yellowhead County (HC) District. The and transfer to the receive at least equal to since 1988
C o u n c i l m e e t i n g ,
province of 420m of
landowner wishes to re-
half of the total number of
Nathalie Cardinal, a
district this property to
votes cast for the
u n d e v e l o p e d r o a d
July 11 resident at Millers Lake, accommodate a future a l l o w a n c e f o r t h e candidate elected to 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
made a presentation to
office to get their fee
d e v e l o p m e n t o f a
commercial storage
show support of the
proposed $60 million
facility. No concerns
proposed noise bylaw
were brought forward
Alta Gas processing
August 1, 22 that would address during the public hearing. facility west of Edson.
potential excessive noise
Administration will
The bylaw will be
issues in County hamlets
submit the resolution and
brought back to Council
Sept. 12 and subdivisions. The for second reading. a letter of request to the
bylaw would give law
Elder Abuse Prevention
provincial government
enforcement the ability to
C h a r l e n e S i t a r ,
for their consideration
enforce noise issues. coordinator for the and the portion of
October 3, 24 Having previously Yellowhead Elder Abuse u n d e v e l o p e d r o a d
discussed the benefits of
allowance that would be
Prevention program,
an updated Noise Bylaw
part of the future
provided an update on the
November 14 (12.16) that addresses progress of the Taking processing facility. The
excessive noise in
road allowance would be
Action against Elder
County hamlets and
part of the provincial
Abuse program. The
subdivisions, Council group now consists of lease only while the plant
December 5, 26? passed third reading that twelve agencies and is in operation.
brings the updated noise
Nomination Deposit
organizations in the
bylaw into effect.
Public Hearing Evansburg, Edson, and Bylaw
Nomination Deposit
Hinton areas who will
A Public Hearing was work together to address Bylaw 10.16 was passed
held for Bylaw 09.16 that elder abuse through by Council and will
would rezone a property education, prevention require a $500 fee from
in the Hamlet of Niton and intervention. any member of the public
Junction from Hamlet Alta Gas Road Closure running for Council in an
Residential (HR) District Council passed a motion election. Under the
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