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PC candidate Robin Campbell holds open house

by Adrienne Tait railway workers move
coal.” Protecting jobs
West Yellowhead MLA a n d e n s u r i n g t h e
and PC candidate Robin economy continues to
Campbell was at the grow is one of the main
Galloway Station and focuses of the PC
Museum on Saturday for platform. “Even with
an open house meet and the downturn we are
greet opportunity to talk going to see 70 or 80
with local voters. thousand people come to
D e s p i t e e a r l y Alberta,” said Campbell.
predictions that voter Infrastructure has also
concerns would revolve been a question. People
around the budget, have also asked about
Campbell said when the hospital and Dakin
going door to door more school. Both projects
people have questioned are still moving forward
the reason for the early with the hospital over
election than the budget. budget but on time to be
Campbell said with the opened next year. “It
new 10 year plan will be a first class health
Prentice needed a facility. I'll suggest you
mandate from Albertans won't see another one
to know if that is the like it in rural Alberta
direction in which they any time soon,” said
wished to go. Campbell.
“People are worried Campbell said there is
about jobs and the money in the budget for
economy is an issue,” highways 47, 40, and 16 Robin Campbell, pictured here on the right, at his open house at the Galloway Station and Museum on
said Campbell, “People for paving. Saturday, April 25. The informal event provided Edson and area residents with the opportunity to meet
are worried about oil and Perhaps what is more the current MLA and PC candidate to discuss concerns or ask questions. Photo Adrienne Tait
gas issues and coal is notable that what
slow right now. Prices q u e s t i o n s a r e
are down. People are forthcoming are the ones While there have been polypropylene and those companies set up see within the province
concerned about their that are not. There have s o m e q u e s t i o n s value-add products in s h o p i n t h e i r he said, “I would like us
jobs.” been few to no questions regarding the health care order to diversify. One communities because it to be stable and the only
The coal industry is when going door to door premiums Campbell said of the by-products is creates jobs. We're not way we're going to be
one that affects every a b o u t t h e s e c o n d there have not been propane and Alberta has prepared to do anything. able to do that is to get
area within the riding. surgical suite, corporate many. an abundance of that. But we are prepared to off of oil as far as the
“Even Jasper, which is a t a x e s , o r o v e r a l l Currently the province “ W e h a v e t h e offer a low tax regime operating budget. I'm
national park, all the provincial budget. i s l o o k i n g a t opportunity to provide and high quality labour really happy and excited
that by-product to some and provide a good with our 10 year plan
of the companies coming stable government. So that we can bring
Residents voice opinions in. That's why it's so companies can come and s t a b i l i t y t o
programming. That we
set up shop and know the
important we have a low
can get off oil in the
rules aren't going to
tax regime. Again, we're
at municipal planning forum not only competing with change year after year,” sense that when things
are good we're spending
said Campbell.
BC and Saskatchewan
m o r e m o n e y a n d
Tourism with events
but we're competing
by Adrienne Tait that was put forth was to suggestion was to with the southern states. like the Tour of Alberta, a inventing new programs
and then when times are
regional airport will
When you look at states
move towards a 65/35 remove the threshold bad we're cutting and it
E d s o n a n d a r e a residential to non- limit and allow everyone like Louisiana, Texas, bring people into the affects people. For me,
residents were provided residential tax base. three years to pay the Mississippi, Georgia, area and encourage new getting off of oil as far as
and Alabama we're
with the opportunity to Currently Edson is levy. competing against them When asked if there the operating budget is
voice their thoughts with sitting at a 72/28 split. Reduction of lot prices and they're willing to do w a s o n e c h a n g e the change I want to see
r e g a r d s t o f u t u r e The downtown core in Hillendale phase 2 whatever it takes to have Campbell would like to happen.”
municipal development and encouraging mixed was also suggested by a
plans (MDP) and land use buildings where number of groups.
u s e b y l a w ( L U B ) there is a residence Zoning bylaws and the
framework during the situated above a business development permit
April 23 open house at w a s s u g g e s t e d a s process is also under
the Galloway Station s o m e t h i n g t o b e review as the steering
and Museum. encouraged and would committee looks at ways
A f t e r a b r i e f help alleviate some of to streamline the process
presentation attendees the housing concerns as and make it more user
were asked to divide into w e l l a s p r o m o t e friendly.
small groups and answer downtown development. One suggestion that
questions regarding Offsite levies were a was put forth was to
what issues, concepts, concern from several a l l o w f o r t h e
and priorities they would group and seen as a development of a mobile
like to see addressed in possible deterrent to o r m o d u l a r h o m e
the new plan. development in areas of subdivision where the
One of the concepts larger land base. One owners could own their
parcel of land rather than
UPCOMING EVENT REMINDER having to pay lot rental.
Seniors housing and
May 8 development was also
expressed as a concern
Edson Farmer's Market invites all mothers to by the small groups.
come out and enjoy a piece of cake at the Edson T h e s t e e r i n g
Friendship Centre from 10:30am – 2pm. committee will now
review the feedback
received from residents
May 9 at the public forum
before making their
Early Childhood Matters presents: The “Ooey recommendations.
Gooey Lady”. Fun hands on learning for parents The plans were last
and anyone working with small children, 9am - reviewed in 1998.
12pm or 1:30pm – 4:30pm at the Edson & Approximately 30
District Recreation Complex. Tickets can be people turned out for the
purchased at Galloway Station Museum, Thymes open house event.
Two, Jensen's Lifestlye Clothing.
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