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Candidates voice their platforms at Political Forum

by Adrienne Tait issues.” function.” I'm running Alberta which is going to refinery but not in their cross, I would rather quit
Rosendahl went on to for the Wild Rose lose thousands of jobs. back yard.” first.”
A l l t h r e e We s t o u t l i n e c u r r e n t because I believe The NDPs have said they T h e q u e s t i o n o f All of the candidates
Ye l l o w h e a d M L A provincial cuts and new Albertans deserve a are not going to support crossing the floor was said they support front
hopefuls were in Edson taxes. “Together Rachel health care system that the Gateway pipeline. A also asked. Rosendahl line workers and funding
on Wednesday evening Notley and the NDPs a c t u a l l y w o r k s . pipeline that has already said the philosophical for education but each
for a candidate's forum at will stand up to Jim Albertans deserve a been approved by the differences between the had different views on
the Pioneer Cabin. The prentice and the PCs and government that is National Energy Board. parties would mean how to ensure stability.
forum marked the third take leadership for what accountable, fiscally A pipeline that we need NDPs would not cross The NDP propose a 2%
held during the final matters to Alberta responsible, transparent, to get our goods to tide the floor. corporate tax increase.
week of campaigning families. The NDP top and a government that waters so we can get the Taylor said too many The PCs have put
prior to the May 5 priorities are health care, stays away from debt best price we can for the people forgot their duty forward their 10 year
election. e d u c a t i o n , f a m i l y traps.” bitumen we mine in this and the party has put plan. The Wild Rose
The cabin was full of p r i o r i t y a n d C u r r e n t W e s t province.” measures in place, party is advocating for
Edson and area residents infrastructure.” Ye l l o w h e a d M L A When addressing the including a $100,000 government spending
with questions, the T h e N D P p a r t y Robin Campbell told possibility of refineries fine, to deter floor cuts.
majority of which platform included those in attendance, “I within the province crossing. Albertans head to the
centred around health shortening waiting stand by my record over C a m p b e l l s a i d , Campbell said, “As polls on May 5.
care, education, and times, support for the last two terms.” “Everybody wants a your MLA I would not
taxes. special needs education, Campbell listed a
Each candidate was process more oil in number of projects that
given five minutes for Alberta, save more have been approved and
their opening remarks royalties and a royalty are moving ahead for the
and three minutes for review, support growth region including the
closing remarks as well in alternative energy, Edson hospital, A.H
as an opportunity to value added agriculture, D a k i n s c h o o l ,
a d d r e s s q u e s t i o n s and high tech industries. modernization of the
submitted by attendees. Wild Rose candidate Grande Cache High
In his opening remarks Stuart Taylor began his school, the new school in
NDP candidate Eric open statement by Jasper, Evergreen school
Rosendahl said, “After s t a t i n g , “ T h e P C playground, advocating
44 years Alberta families government has run the for a new airport, the
can't afford the Prentice p r o v i n c e ' s a n n u a l s p r a y p a r k , a n d
plan to make you pay to finances deep into red recycling programs.
get less.” Rosendahl and they did it amidst Campbell addressed a
went on to give a brief one of the biggest booms number of issues raised
work and volunteerism in history…. We could by the NDP platform.
history. “Our record build 30-40 seniors “As we look forward to
shows that we stand for homes with the money the future there are some
a n e f f e c t i v e Robin wants to spend on s t a r k d i f f e r e n c e s
representation of small annual interest in debt.” between what our party
business, organized Taylor proceeded to proposes and what other
labour, first nations s a y, “ F l u c t u a t i n g candidates are saying
peoples, low and middle commodity prices is the here tonight…Edson is a
i n c o m e f a m i l i e s , real world. It's the world very diverse economy.
students, the homeless i n w h i c h e v e r y We depend on the coal
and of course senior's g o v e r n m e n t m u s t industry, we depend on
oil and gas, and we
Talisman Place facility depend on forestry. The
NDPs have already said
in their platform they
fees on the rise want to shut down the
coal industry. They
by Adrienne Tait want to shut down coal
fired generation across
Effective July 1, the area and hospitality room
rental rates and fees will be increasing at Talisman
place by 10%. The new fee schedule, adopted at the
April 28 council meeting, calls for additional 3%
increases in 2016 and again in 2017.
Arena board advertising fees will also be
increasing by $50 per year.
The new rates will see all public skating fees
increase. For example, the fee for a child will
increase to $2.90 from $2.65 and cost for a family
will increase to $7.65 from $6.95.
Rental prices for the arena summer pad rental will
increase to $21.65 per hour for a youth community
club, $43.35 for an adult community club, and $72
for a private or commercial event.
Day rates for a private or commercial event will
increase to $1008 from $883.25.
Advertising rates for the boards in the memorial
arena will increase to $315 from $262.50. In the
centennial arena the board rates will increase to
$367.50 and the cost for advertising on either the
home or visitor benches will increase by $52.50 to
$682.50 for the year.
Councillor Boyce said the changes bring the town
rates closer in line with those of other communities.
The town tries to achieve between 50 and 55% cost
recovery from its rental rates.
Pool facility rental and rates are set under a
different fee schedule and were not included in the
arena increases.
The arena fees were last increased in 2012. For
more information, or a complete list of rate changes,
contact the Town of Edson.
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