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Edson firefighter training taken to new heights

by Adrienne Tait see more call out time
than career firefighters
The Edson volunteer in the cities. “Our
f i r e f i g h t e r s h a v e volunteers responded
responded to 89 calls to over 300 calls last
already this year. year. They carry pagers
With 38 members and 365 days a year. We are
currently recruiting one professionals. The
more the department difference is they are
has also taking steps to career and we are
deliver even more volunteer.”
q u a l i t y t r a i n i n g T h e E d s o n f i r e
department is also
proceeding with the
The plans to construct a
training tower. The
geotechnical geotechnical work for
Blind View work has been the tower has been
completed and work is
Window Fashions completed and being done on the final
work is being design before going out
done on the to tender.
Custom Window Treatments Deputy chief Tyler
since 1988 final design Robinson told the
before going protective services
committee that the
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember out to tender tower will allow for
780.542.0898 more operational
opportunities. training including
T h e i n - h o u s e laddering and balcony
certification training rescue simulation.
Once constructed the
will be completed and tower will stand
new members able to between 36 and 40 feet
write their provincial high and will be
exams by October. The available for other
training is the same as protective services,
any professional or such as the RCMP, for
career firefighter in a
blind view major centre would training. M & M Meats Franchise
Constable Moore said
window said in all likelihood the tower would be Fantastic opportunity available with M & M Meats at
Fire chief Al Schram
beneficial to RCMP
a fraction of the cost to build new. Minimum down
members for repel
fashions volunteer firefighters training. payment of $45,000+/-, with the potential to earn
$82,000+/- in your first year. The lease extends to
2027, and the rate is very reasonable. Call Team
April 27 Truck Inventory Ready to Go!!ruck Inventory Ready to Go!! Hansen @ (403) 343-0824 or email
T to see what
every 3 weeks after that the benefits of being part of the M & M Meats
Franchise is all about.
May 18 Visit our website at:

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October 12 4x4 Pressure Truck Recovery Deck Truck 4400CFM Blower, 12 cube debris, 4 cube water, 15ft Aluminum Box, electric tarp, Pintal hitch, 560HP
Dump Truck
350 HP, Allisson Auto, 6 cube two compartment SS,
28 ft Deck, winch, 34,000lb payload
5800PSI pump 182LPM, 2” T&E pump
18 speed
980,000 BTU burner
November 2
November 23
December 14

Water Truck Heavy Spec Super B Hauler Straight Vac TC407 Aluminum
Hamms 100bbl mild steel, Spray Bar, DD16600HP, 18 122SD 600HP, 18 speed, 70’’ MRXT sleeper, Fridge 1650CFM Blower, 16 cube debris tank, DD15 500HP, 18 22 cube 2 compartment, 48” Sleeper, DD16 600HP,
speed Full Load speed 18 speed

Potable Water TC407 Tandem Combo Vac Roll Off
Stainless Steel Insulated 100BBL Tank, 600HP, 18 speed 100BBL Jasper TC407 Mild Steel tank, 600HP, 18 12 cuber debris, 4 cube water, 750,000 BTU burner, 60,000lb Galfab inside /Outside Rail Hoist, 23’4”
speed 3000PSI washer, 600HP 18 speed, 34” sleepe lenght, 600HP 18 speed
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