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HRH invites West Yellowhead candidates to speak with students

by Deanna Mitchener they have a chance in this
p r o v i n c e , ” s a i d
Peter Taylor, social Campbell.
studies teacher at Holy “I don't think there is
Redeemer High School, any place in the world
contacted candidates for better than Alberta to
West Yellowhead in the live. I have had the
provincial elections and opportunity to travel the
invited each to come and world in a number of
speak with students. different jobs, but we
He asked candidates to have it all right here in
provide information on Alberta. Young people
their election platforms will have to pick up the
during their social torch and bring forward
studies class. their ideas for the
Taylor said, "Finance future,” said Campbell.
Minister and West “As we get older our
Y e l l o w h e a d P C values change, so it's
c a n d i d a t e R o b i n important for young
Campbell was the only people to get involved
one that replied in the with the dialog and to go
positive. NDP Eric out and vote for the
Rosendahl, and Wildrose person you think will
Stuart Taylor were best represent your
unable to attend the views,” said Campbell.
School Forum on April There were many great
28. questions asked by
Grade nine and grade students during the
12 students were in School Forum and all the
attendance to ask Mr. q u e s t i o n s w e r e
Campbell some of their answered.
own questions. The room The grade 12's will be
was packed full leaving going on a field trip to
only standing room as the polling station on
students gathered to hear Tuesday to cast their Finance Minister and West Yellowhead PC candidate Robin Campbell was invited to HRH to speak to
Robin Campbell. ballot in the general social studies students April 28. Photo by Deanna Mitchener.
Peter Taylor had election.
students write questions
down ahead of time and
called upon students to
read their questions to
blind view Mr. Campbell. A time
allotment for each
window question was given in
order to answer as many
questions as possible.
fashions happy to be here to
Campbell said, "I am

April 27 answer any questions
because this is an
important election and it
every 3 weeks after that is great seeing young
people here today. The
election is about your
future, it impacts
everyone, so I would
suggest if your eligible to
vote, go vote. I find it a
little disheartening that
young people are saying
their not going to take the
time to vote. I would like
to say that if you want to
have a future, and you
want to have a say in
your future, the only way
to do that is to go out and
vote. To put people in
office that have the same
ideals and maybe the
same thoughts as you
Campbell said it’s
about “What you want
your community to look
like and what you want
your province to look
“It is sometimes tough
to be a person in my
position when the only
people that go out to vote
are the older people. We
will look after their
healthcare and ensuring
they have a place to live,
but I also care about the
future of the province. I
need to know what
y o u n g p e o p l e a r e
thinking about their
future. My hope is
maybe someone from
this room may take an
interest and want to
become an MLA. To me
that is very important. I
have daughters that are
young so I want to ensure
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