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Canadian Citizenship Act – Bill C-6
Lower commodity PAGE 6 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016
prices and tighter
margins expected T he Weekly ANCHOR
for local farmers
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Tower has historic value In Touchouch

Thoughts, prayers -and aid My MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
Remembering heroes ViewPoint
Unpaid leave to by Adrienne Tait Rob Merrifield
care for seriously The thoughts and prayers of a nation and the Three hundred RCMP members from Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
ill relative world are with Fort McMurray as residents were From the throughout Alberta have been deployed to
taken by surprise by a relatively small wildfire. Publisher’s Desk assist the Fort McMurray detachment.
The fire broke away on Tuesday in the dry, hot The focus now is on saving what can be saved
conditions and winds sent some of the city's Dana McArthur of the city, and caring for the over 80,000 Alberta organ and tissue
neighbourhoods in the south and west into evacuees. The provincial and federal donation –registry agent launch
flames. of Edson, Yellowhead County, and the RCMP governments have pledged their support, along
Residential areas hardest hit include who have all stood up to assist Fort McMurray with several of the provinces and many private
Waterways, Abasands, and Beacon Hill with up residents in their time of need! As well, the industries. Rob
to 90% of the homes destroyed. many oil company camps that have taken If there is any comfort at all to be found in
Building Canada Plan Devastation from wildfires forced more than thousands of displaced residents in, and to this for the evacuees, it is in the knowledge that Merrifield
80,000 residents to flee the city under everyone who has lent a helping hand. when disaster strikes, we can pull together as a
evacuation orders. A state of emergency was Edson Protective Services has offered to send country to help our brothers and sisters in need. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead
Fires are nature's way to begin again, and the
Weekly Anchor declared. About 1,600 buildings, most of them specialized emergency equipment and personnel residents of Fort McMurray know now that West Yellowhead MLA Robin Campbell
homes, were hit by the fire.
to assist and also offered to open up reception
As flames and smoke divided the city and
Mail Subscription closed the highway 10,000 residents fled north centres and municipally run campgrounds to they can count on Canada as they recover and
renew their beautiful city stronger and better
residents displaced by the fires.
If you would like to receive your Anchor by mail, to the safety of oil company work camps. Heroic Members of the Yellowhead County Fire than ever. After all, it was never the trees that Rob
please fill out the subscription form below: Tip efforts are being made by local responders to Department have been dispatched along with made the city beautiful. It was and is –the spirit
1 year subscription: $35.00 (+GST) keep the flames from engulfing the entire city. two fire response vehicles to assist in Fort of its people. Merrifield Letter to the Editor Policy
Seniors $30.00 (+GST) of On our side of the province, we would like to McMurray. Member of Parliament for Yellowhead The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor.

NAME the Hat point out the commendable actions of the Town Letters should preferable be kept under 500 words. All letters
are published at the discretion of the editor-publisher who
reserves the right to edit for clarity, length and libel. Letters
Rob ADDRESS Letter to the Editor the NDP invoking closure on published do not necessarily reflect the policies or beliefs of Man in the
this newspaper. All letters must bear the name of the writer.
Merrifield POSTAL CODE debate for Bill 6 despite Contact address and telephone number must be included but Red Hat
Member of Parliament for Yellowhead PHONE Millers Lake needs honest explanation Wildrose MLAs tabling a will not be published. by Craig McArthur
petition signed by over
PAYMENT __VISA __MASTERCARD 30,000 Albertans who are
against the bill.
__ INTERAC __ CHEQUE The motto of at the Alberta Conservation the BS about liability, it's the negligence displayed perhaps the installation of a second aeration
RETURN TO: The Weekly Anchor, Association needs to be changed from "Conserving after covering their collective asses that needs an system.
Box 6870, Edson, Alberta, T7E 1V2 Hello again… Alberta's Wild Side" to "Destroying Alberta's Wild The lake had two systems in place every year I
or email Side!" Who are the incompetents that, after installing can remember. Five other provincial lakes have
by Carlo Klemm I wish to know where I can find the public apology equipment at Millar's lake, allowed it to remain also been allowed to have their oxygen
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR that Alberta sportsmen deserve. inoperable for a significant portion of the season? environments depleted to toxic levels that caused
Ph: (780) 723-5787 Email: The gross negligence that the ACA has displayed …personally witnessed. Then after learning the the slaughter of their inhabitants. Independent seniors’ advocate needed
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, Alberta
(corner of 51st Street & 3rd Avenue) in handling (province-wide) lake aeration must be oxygen levels were dangerously low in November, This was a huge squandering of a resource that
addressed with an honest explanation. Never mind 2015 did nothing to mitigate the shortfall with generated immeasurable satisfaction to Alberta's to fix long-term care: Eggen
sportsmen. The loss of millions of dollars' worth of
Views & News Letter to the Editor fish, and years of stewardship were thrown away The Weekly Anchor
in a few months of negligence!
by Deanna Mitchener This was done with the help of aeration Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber
Member of the
Edson & District Chamber &
‘Why won’t County support Stars?’ consultants replacing a system that had worked for
years, and more money was squandered!
Green plans put onus on taxpayer Why do the people of Alberta pay for the
duplication of management and services the ACA
We cannot deny climate change. What is in question After reading that Yellowhead County had decided costs, and no patient is turned down for shares with our venerable Fish and Wildlife
is what is causing it. The earth has had cold and warm not to support STARS I have to say that I transportation due to a lack of insurance or their department (now Environment and Parks),
periods long before man and machinery appeared. overwhelmingly agreed with their decision. That is financial situation. especially, in the case of ACA's incompetent
15,000 years ago Edson was covered with a 1000 foot until I did a bit of research. Considering the fact that STARS does service the management!
deep ice sheet. The glaciers we see today are the I discovered that STARS was founded in 1985 Yellowhead County area when needed, I don't Obviously the Alberta Conservation Association
remains of this ice sheet. What warmed up and Jim Eglinski when Dr. Gregory Powell from Calgary lost a understand why Yellowhead County can't or won't is a failed experiment of a previous PC
melted the ice sheet? Geologists have confirmed there patient when she died en route to the hospital from support this organization. Is $2 per capita funding government, and it's lacking the will to live up to
have been at least three ice ages in the past. MP Yellowhead her rural home. Dr. Powell felt that an air to help support such an important service something its mandated purpose of conservation! Keeping In Toucheeping In Touch
If we get rid of all vehicles and everything that uses ambulance may have saved her life by getting her to the County can't afford? I think not.
oil, not much would change as far as global warming the hospital in better time. STARS was founded as a by GEORGE VANDERBURG
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
is concerned. But our lives would be very much non-profit registered charitable organization and Dawn Matheson W.H. Lutz MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
affected for the worse. For example, we have to have remains a non-profit registered charitable Yellowhead County Edson
clothing. The answer given – to be green – is to use Conservative
wool and cowhides. Sheep and cattle are deemed to be organization to this day. Yes, STARS CEO's make a
methane emitters, so they have to go. What does that iews lot of money, but what
leave us? CEO doesn't. And there 5,868 Audited Canadian
Most chemicals, medicines and cosmetics are petro Guest Column by Clyde Corser are costs to run any The Weekly Anchor Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd. Media Circulation
based. The electric cars that are going to be powered by business, whether it is for Member of the Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Alberta
P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2
Weekly Newspapers
solar and wind generated electricity require lubrication profit or non-profit. Yes, Edson & District Chamber & SERVING: TOWN OF EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 25 YEARS! Telephone: (780) 723-5787 Association
Fax: (780) 723-5725
for their bearings. I guess we will have to go back to those operating funds Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Email: Locally owned
Fri.: 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.
harvesting whales for oil. After all, these are a Conservative come out of contributions Website: family-operated Dana McArthur
renewable resource. made by the public in the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Tuesday, 12:00 Noon Publisher/Owner
“Green” people will have to walk to protests as we form of donations, and
would have no fuel for their jets or lube for their iews government grants.
bicycles. I wonder if these people would take stock of Guest Column by Clyde Corser But consider this when
their lives, take an honest and close look around their you are thinking about the
houses, workplace and surroundings and consider all CEO's salaries. No patient
the things they will have to be without if we have no transported by STARS Craig & Elaine McArthur Sue Ann Common Cindy Weisser Sonia Roy Dawn Matheson Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
in Memory
Front Desk
oil, or at the moment no viable replacement. All receives a bill for the Representative Ass’t Mgr. Graphic/ Administration Proofreader/Layout Reporter Reporter
groceries are delivered by truck, train or boat as well as The Weekly Anchor SERVING: TOWN OF EDSON & YELLOWHEAD COUNTY FOR 25 YEARS!
jewelry, movies, paintings, furniture, solar panels and OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Thurs 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.
Fri.: 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.
wind mills to name a few. Plastic comes from Canadian Publication Mail Number - 40014221
petrochemicals. Without plastics there will be no trim 5,668 Audited (paid & controlled) 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta Canadian
Published by: 422247 Alberta Ltd.
Media Circulation
in electric cars, cameras, TV's, cell phones, fridges, P.O. Box 6870, T7E 1V2 Audit
dishwashers, most small appliances and tools – the list DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Telephone: (780) 723-5787 Association
Weekly Newspapers
Tuesday, 5 p.m.
Fax: (780) 723-5725
goes on and on. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINES: Website: Locally owned
Tuesday, 12:00 Noon
Dana McArthur
All of this jumping on the green bandwagon misses family-operated Publisher/Co-Owner
the biggest problem we will face long before the world
heats up enough to harm us. We will be out of drinking
water. China has about 10-15 years before they will
have polluted all their fresh and salt water. The Middle
East has a water shortage. Closer to home the United Craig McArthur Elaine McArthur Sonia Roy Sue Ann Common Cindy Weisser Distribution Coordinator Reporter Reporter
Thomas Baxter Adrienne Tait Deanna Mitchener
Front Desk
in Memory
Ass’t Mgr. Graphic/
President & CEO
States has a serious water problem now. Administration Representative Layout
The NDP are going to perform a magic act I am sure.
They want to diversify the economy but they don't
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