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Edson offers equipment RCMP deploy

and personnel to assist 300 members to assist

at Fort McMurray Wildfire in Fort McMurray

The Town of Edson is with residents displaced r e s i d e n t s o f t h e
offering services to Fort by the fires. Calls have extremely dry conditions
McMurray as they deal been made to the in our own region. While submitted responsible for enforcement of all
with a devastating Province and Edson is there are no fire bans laws which include enforcing the
wildfire. ready to respond as within Town limits at this Three hundred RCMP members Declaration of Local Emergency
Edson Protective needed in these areas. time, we are asking and its ordered mandatory
Services has offered to Safety is a number one residents to burn in from throughout Alberta have
s e n d s p e c i a l i z e d priority for the Town of permitted and approved now been deployed to Fort evacuation, search and rescue and
emergency equipment Edson and we have made recreational fire pits McMurray to assist local the safety and security persons and
and personnel to assist as c o n t a c t w i t h o u r ONLY, to keep fires small detachment personnel in the property within the affected areas.
Fort McMurray and municipal partners to and contained, and to Regional Municipality of Wood The RCMP is also responsible
s u r r o u n d i n g a r e a s ensure that, if resources keep an adequate water Buffalo's Emergency Operations. for controlling access points on
continue to deal with are deployed to Fort s o u r c e n e a r b y t o The RCMP has contingency the highways leading into the
mass evacuations and McMurray, the Edson extinguish if necessary. plans in place to address short- community. Under a Declaration
wildfires in the region. area will still remain Our thoughts are with term emergency deployments and of a Local Emergency, the RCMP
Edson has also offered to covered with more than those affected by the fires has processes in place to call- up cannot make independent
open up reception centres adequate fire protection. in Fort McMurray and the personnel to meet emerging needs decisions on certain things
and municipally run The Town of Edson first responders dealing on short notice. Deployment including the timing of the return
campgrounds to assist would also like to remind with a difficult situation.
strategies are designed to ensure of residents to their community.
Calls from the public regarding
the delivery of police service in
Yellowhead County sends local Alberta communities is not the fire situation, Search and
Rescue and Evacuation efforts or
impacted by the emergency
Firefighters and specialized response. any other aspect of emergency
services response in the Fort
If required, the RCMP in
equipment to Fort McMurray Alberta can draw upon RCMP McMurray area should be directed
to Wood Buffalo Regional
personnel from across Canada to
Municipality's Emergency
assist in responding to public
safety issues. At this point, the Operations Centre (REOC) Media
In response to the Jespersen. Wildland fire situations RCMP in Alberta does not require Line at 780-762-3660 or the
current state of local In addition to the Fire a n d g r a s s f i r e s , Province of Alberta's Provincial
emergency in Fort Engine sent to be used in Yellowhead County's fire the assistance of other RCMP Operations Centre (POC) toll free
McMurray and a request structural fires, and most department area of d i v i s i o n s - p r o v i n c i a l
for assistance from the importantly structural expertise is structural jurisdictions. number at 1-866-618-2362.
Office of the Fire fire prevention, the SSV fires. During a Declaration of Local Those in serious danger should
C o m m i s s i o n e r , ( S u p p o r t S e r v i c e s “I'm confident our Emergency, the RCMP is still call 911.
Yellowhead County has Ve h i c l e ) a n d I S U firefighters can switch
sent two response (Incident Support Unit) between different types
vehicles, an Incident a r e a l s o i n F o r t of firefighting, and any
Support Unit, and two McMurray. The SSV unit other type of emergency
c r e w s t o a s s i s t is an emergency response a s s i s t a n c e t h a t i s
firefighters in Fort unit that has a detachable n e e d e d , ” e n s u r e s
McMurray. fuel pod that can be Jespersen. “And that As Albertans and fortunate residents of the
“Our crews will be dropped off in any they'll be able to help out
tasked with doing front location and can be used wherever necessary.” Yellowhead riding, I challenge each and
line structural fire to refuel vehicles. The Yellowhead County
suppression within the ISU mobile command will now need to start every one of you to open your hearts and
city and surrounding centre is a multi-purpose looking at longer term assist our northerly neighbours of the Fort
area,” says Yellowhead unit that is specially planning for continued
County Acting Fire Chief designed to act as an on- a s s i s t a n c e i n t h i s McMurray region. Many will be struggling
Nolan Jespersen. location incident air- situation as crews
There may be more refilling station for continue to fight the fires. after this disastrous fire. I believe we all can
resources and personnel firefighter's air tanks and This needs to be balanced
required as we look at a rest unit for emergency with any home support help by giving and assisting those in need.
cycling crews and responders. This unit can that may be needed for
supporting the operation be dropped off in more any local incidents.
without compromising d i ff i c u l t t o r e a c h “There may be more
coverage and response locations and can act as resources and personnel Please contact the Red Cross at:
within our own service an on-incident command required as we look at
area. Yellowhead County post. cycling our crews and
has been in contact with “Now that the majority supporting the operation
n e i g h b o u r i n g of the residents in Fort without compromising
municipalities and McMurray have been coverage and response
mutual-aid partners to evacuated to safer within our own service action/action?
ensure we have adequate locations, the priority area,” says Jespersen. id=50610&_ga=1.48732454.1214539529.1
co-response, if required, will be the continued “Given local conditions,
to support each other at effort to put out the we have been in contact 462379591
this time given the local wildfires and help with our neighbouring
fire hazard potential. prevent structural fires municipalities and Your donation will go toward cots, blankets,
The equipment being that are these people's mutual aid partners to
sent includes specialized homes and assist the ensure we have adequate and personal hygiene products.
equipment that can be crews already battling the co-response to support
used to assist emergency fire,” says Yellowhead each other locally if
responders in helping to County Mayor Gerald required.” Jim Eglinski M.P.
r e f i l l a n d r e f u e l Soroka. “These crews T h e Ye l l o w h e a d
firefighting equipment must be exhausted and County Fire Department 119 50 Street
and vehicles right on the we are there to support will be ensuring that they Edson, AB
front line. them as best we can.” have adequate staffing Phone: 780-723-6068
“We have sent a crew Although Yellowhead w i t h i n t h e i r o w n
of 4 in Engine 5, and a County firefighters do response region and Fax: 780-723-5060
crew of 2 in an SSV with cross-training with increase strategic staffing
an ISU unit attached after Alberta Agriculture and of stations based on fire
the request from the Forestry (AAF)'s wildfire risk each day to balance
Office of the Fire crews from the Edson out any continued
Commissioner was sent Forest Area and have to s u p p o r t f o r F o r t
out for assistance,” says d e a l w i t h s e v e r a l McMurray as it is
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