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County campgrounds

open house draws 30 people The Edson District Public Library

would like to thank the following for

by Adrienne Tait One of the proposed experience, will pose a their generous support of our Pizza
c h a n g e s f r o m c h a l l e n g e a s t h e
A little over 30 people M c E l h a n n e y, t h e consultants and county
attended the county's improvement plan m o v e f o r w a r d . & Scrabble Fundraiser:
open house at Peers consultants, is to widen The comments and
Community Centre to sites in many of the feedback from the open
hear the results and campgrounds. Heather house will be reviewed A & W Edson In Focus Optical
discuss their views on said, “That is one of the b y c o u n t y s t a f f , ConocoPhillips The Lachance Family
county campgrounds on m o s t c o m m o n administration, and Day-Lis-Ish
O c t o b e r 2 2 . challenges of our users. ESRD who will then Lisa Stanton-Martin
Yellowhead County Camping units are quite recommend changes to Bodyworks Maureen Kroll - Exit
parks and special a lot bigger than they the proposed plan based Diana’s Pets &
projects coordinator were when these sites on the public input Realty
Heather Hawkins said were originally created.” r e c e i v e d . Trophies Morad
the complied results Not surprisingly Bear Heather said, “If the The Diesel Shop
from improvement plan Lake was the subject of changes prove to be Communications
consultants have not yet t h e m a j o r i t y o f fairly significant from Donair Zone Mountain Steak &
come in but there were feedback. The well- what was proposed, we Edson Credit Union
some common threads in used campground is may take it to another Pizza
resident concerns and expected to be the open house to see if the Edson & District The Nazaruk Family
r e q u e s t s . subject of the most plan is at a point where Community Learning
“Outhouses by far changes once the we have more public PKE Water Store
were the most common feedback is compiled support. The next major Fineline Stationery Sandy Hemsworth
amenity identified for and the project plan step would be taking the Frito-Lay/ The Golding
improvement across all p r o g r e s s e s . plan to council to see if Subway
campgrounds that I Hawkins said, “Many t h e y a p p r o v e . ” Family Switzer’s Drug
heard about at the open people had concerns The hope is that a clear The Gagné Family The Thurner Family
house. They are by their about the number of plan regarding county
n a t u r e t h e m o s t boats on the lake and campgrounds can be Gelmici Jewellery Thymes Two Inc.
unpleasant part of were worried that prepared to aid in efforts The Grant Family The Watson Family
camping, and I'm increasing the number of to bring improvements
interested to see what sites may compound the over the next several Husky Energy Western Financial
kind of solutions and i s s u e . ” years. “We'd like to Independent Grocers Group
designs are out there that The wide range of provide a quality
might help mitigate e x p e c t a t i o n s a n d outdoor experience for Zoe Matiushyk
some of the issues that camping styles, from residents and visitors
a r i s e f r o m t h e s e c a m p e r s w a n t i n g both in the campground
f a c i l i t i e s , ” s a i d services to those who setting and as park
H a w k i n s . prefer a back country spaces,” said Hawkins.

Parkland Composite High
School would like to thank the

following businesses and
individuals for their generous
support of our Awards program

Canadian Parents for Edson Legion Ladies
Our chickens & turkeys are fed organic feed and no spray wheat
and oats. They are free ranged and treated humanely. Our layers French Auxiliary
have heat in the winter and also range outside to scratch through Joe Wynne Branch #51
straw and hay. The meat poultry are processed at a certified Clear Stream Energy
organic processing plant. Delivery available in the Edson area. Coal Valley Resources Sobey’s

Eggs $5/dz Ltd. Talisman Energy
Conoco Phillips Timberjack

Whole Chicken $5/lb Delta Art and Drafting TransCanada Pipeline
Supplies Ltd.

Turkey $4.50/lb Jensen’s Lifestyle Western Financial Group
Clothing Weyerhaeuser

2 Drumsticks $3.50/lb Mr. Kevin Dye Xerox Canada
2 Wings $2.50/lb Mrs. Rose Moore Yellowhead Dental

Ron’s Outdoor Source for
Sorry our whole turkeys are SOLD OUT Sports
We are taking orders for next year.

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