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Niton School

launches breakfast Fun for Kids

snack program

In front of an enthusiast assembly of students and staff
of Niton Central School, local dietician with Alberta
ONLY RUNS IF Health Services, Jacqui Currie helped kick off the school
Breakfast Snack Program. Currie explained how
essential a healthy breakfast is to brain function and
ultimately a student's ability to learn. In fact, the
THEY SEND IN Breakfast Snack Program's motto is: Healthy Snacks =
Successful Kids.
Research, from Alberta Health Services, as well as
complied from an in-school survey conducted by the
BEST program students, show that a number of students
AN ARTICLE are hungry at the beginning of the school day. Stacey Lawton from AGL Farms & Mile 14 Holdings Ltd. presents Miranda Kerr, Niton School Health
The roots of this program date back nearly four years,
Champion with a $15,000 donation to the wschool breakfast snack program.
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS when the school's Parent Advisory Council brought up school's Health Champion, Miranda Kerr, was able to Farms and Mile 14 Holdings Ltd, two local beef feedlot
the idea, hearing of other school's success with such
programs. The challenge was finding funding that met
the needs of the unique program the school wanted to run. apply and receive a start up grant from GYPSD Health operations, the financial backers to the program,
CLUB NEWS With students only having a matter of a few minutes from and Wellness Committee, allowing for the purchase of explained at the kick off how as a business they work to
provide the world with food, with this program they are
fridges, containers and such needed for a program. As
the time of bus drop off to the beginning of the school
day, as well as a very limited number of volunteers, a hot well, a private business sponsor stepped forward giving able to specifically work at feeding their community.
breakfast program was not a feasible option. the program the financial backing it needed to provide All snack items will be chosen by their rating according
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
Last spring, after a previously declined funding students with a healthy morning snack throughout the to Alberta Health Services as Choose Always or Choose
NEW OPENING HOURS: The Club is now request, the program finally began to materialize. The school year. Stacey Lawton, a represented from AJL Sometimes options.
open at 8am to 6pm for Full Day camps (non-
school days), Kinderclub, Christmas and Parent session
Spring break Camps. This Fall the Club has
travelled to LaunchPad in Edmonton and the on bullying at Dakin
Whitecourt Swimming Pool during the Full
Day Camps. Call the Club to sign your child up by Deanna Mitchener
for a full day of fun activities.
Parents, this is your opportunity to learn how to help
KINDERCLUB: A tour of the Fire station, your child if he or she is being bullied. On November 5
Fall & Halloween crafts, games and outside fun from 6:30 to 9 p.m. A. H. Dakin School will be hosting
is what is going on at Kinderclub. This an information session to all parents interested in
program runs on non-kindergarten days (2 learning more.
An expert in the field of bulling and special
days/week in October and Mondays from education, Kim Edwards, will be facilitating the
November to June) throughout the school year. session.
This program is affordable! ONLY $15 per day As parents we want our children to feel safe and be
for this fun, learning program. Reserve your successful in school. We want them to grow with
child's spot today! healthy nurturing friends. Bulling can take that away
from our children, so we need to speak out about
Our Website:
We need to teach our children how to face a bully and
what can be done to handle the situation they are faced
FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and with. If you see someone being bullied to speak out as
like the Club's Facebook page: Boys and Girls well and don't let your friends bully others.
Club of Edson and District! This two and a half hour parent information session is
entitled 'Dare to Care, Bully Proofing your Child'. All
THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
SUPPORT TO THE CLUB! Join the discussions around normal peer conflict and
Kamel Nuri, Husky Oil, Yellowhead bulling, the characteristics of children who are targeted,
cyber-bulling, and tips to work on at home.
Agricultural Society, Edson Show n' Shine,
The Dare to Care program is the recipient of the
UpTown Yoga, Coal Valley Resources Imagine Canada award and brings a new hope to the
issue of bulling prevention.
Come join in to help provide a healthier school
A good place to be atmosphere for our children.


Proud Sponsor of the Darian Casavent is a grade 10 student at Parkland Corey Schaub is a grade nine student at Parkland
Composite High School. Darian said “Science is Composite High School. Corey said, “I am really
Edson Boys & Girls Club my best subject. As long as I can remember I enjoying my first year at the new school, it is going
have been attracted to science. I’m thinking about by fast. My favorite class is gym, my teacher is
taking power engineer after high school is the best. This year I am actually trying, last year I
complete. I have one older sister and I enjoy never tried. I’m a gamer, I would have to say that
snowboarding, dirty biking and music. mashed potatoes, cream corn and turkey patties
are my favorite foods.”

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