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Several members of the Holy
Redeemer staff were recognized for
their years of service on October 24.
From left to right are Leanne Clark
three years, Jennifer Jensen six
years, Margaret Shack 15 years,
Billie Jo Tobin 15 years, and Bill
McGowan 24 years.
Photo: Adrienne Tait

Living Waters Catholic School continues to achieve success

The 2014 Provincial standard of excellence. province in 3 of 4 subject for Grade 3, 6 and 9 outperformed their Lemay. "Providing
Achievement results and P r o v i n c i a l areas at the acceptable students exceeded the provincial counterparts students with flexible
Diploma Examination Achievement Tests standard. At the standard province significantly in in the following courses: learning environments
results released by the - Grade 3 students of excellence they all subject areas. Science 30, Biology 30, and opportunities for
Minister of Education continue to outperform outperformed their Diploma Examination Chemistry 30, English personalized learning in
demonstrate that Living the province at the provincial counterparts Results Language Arts 30-2, an inclusive education
Waters Catholic Schools standard of excellence in in Science. - At the acceptable Physics 30, Social setting will help to
continue to achieve both Math and Language - Our Grade 9 students standard, our students Studies 30, and Social ensure student success."
success in a number of Arts. o u t p e r f o r m e d t h e exceeded the provincial Studies 30-2. We encourage parents
areas. "The goal of - Our Grade 3 French province in 2 of 4 subject average in the following "We will use the to access our Living
Living Waters Schools is Immersion students areas at the acceptable courses: Biology 30, information and data to Waters website to find
that every student who outperformed their standard. Grade 9 Chemistry 30, English identify areas where we out more about our
enters our doors will Provincial French students participating in Language Arts 30-1, need to maintain a strong Living Waters Blueprint
graduate successfully Immersion counterparts K n o w l e d g e a n d English 30-2, Math 30-1, focus and we will for the Future. Visit us at
from a faith-filled, safe in Language Arts at the E m p l o y a b i l i t y Physics 30, Social continue to make
and caring environment, acceptable standard and Achievement tests Studies 30-1, Social literacy and numeracy . Living Waters Catholic
prepared for future at the standard of outperformed their Studies 30-2, and foundational to every Schools serves students
success. The overall excellence. provincial counterparts Science 30. subject, at every grade in Edson, Whitecourt,
A c h i e v e m e n t a n d - Our Grade 6 students in all subject areas. - At the standard of level," adds Carol and Slave Lake.
Diploma results are o u t p e r f o r m e d t h e - Participation rates excellence our students
good, and we are
especially pleased to see
the level of success
achieved in the area of
High School," says
C a r o l L e m a y ,
Superintendent of
Living Waters Catholic
Regional Division No
42. She adds, "Our
Living Waters Blueprint
for the Future outlines
our commitment to our
students in ensuring that
they are equipped with
the education, skills and
opportunities needed for
success and we will
continue to focus on
student achievement.
Overall, the 2014
Provincial Achievement
Tests indicate that
students in Living
Waters Schools in
Grades 3, 6, and 9
continue to meet or
exceed the province in
most subject areas at the
acceptable standard, and
standard of excellence.
"There is still more work
to be done as we
continue to find ways to
support our students to
ensure that they are
achieving at a high level,
"says Lemay. As for
diploma examinations,
Grade 12 students
continue to meet or
exceed the province in 9
of 10 courses at the
acceptable standard, and
7 of 10 courses in the
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