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Evergreen requests support for additional seniors housing

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infrastructure costs or previously scheduled t e r m s w i l l b e g i n G o m u w k a a n d Councillor Wilkinson separate entity.
extra costs to the
municipality outside of
the $50,000 investment
to become a host
Councillor Boyce, who
made the motion to
approve the funding, said
he would have liked to
see the delegation come
forward sooner in order
t o a l l o w t h e
municipalities involved
time to budget and
The tour intends to
rotate throughout the
province each year so
will likely not become an
annual event in Edson
thereby allowing time
for council to determine
the degree success prior
t o m a k i n g f u t u r e
commitments. “If it's
not successful, next time
we decline,” said Mayor
T h e E v e r g r e e n s
Foundation submitted a
letter to the Town of
Edson, as well as other
area municipalities,
requesting their support
in applying for a grant
proposal for funding to
develop additional
seniors supportive
housing in Hinton and
On October 20 the
provincial government
a n n o u n c e d t h e
Affordable Supportive
Living Initiative (ASLI).
ASLI is a grant funding
initiative which allows
organizations such as
Evergreens with an AHS
contract to apply for
funding designed to
boost seniors care spaces
and allow them to age
within their home
Currently the lodge in
Hinton has a 25 person
waiting list and Parkland
Lodge in Edson has 48
people waiting for
spaces. However Mayor
Pasychny, who sits on
t h e E v e r g r e e n
Foundation board, said
the plans for expansion
to the Hinton lodge are
further along than those
for Edson so they may
receive their funding
sooner despite the
smaller waiting list.
The Town of Edson
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