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GYPSD identifies four proposed

changes to ASBA policies

Interest in proposal that diplomas be worth 30% of graduate grade instead of 50%

by Adrienne Tait worth 30% of a grade proposed policy as it A l l f o u r o f t h e
12 student's final grade may lead to ambiguity. proposed changes will
T h e G r a n d e as opposed to the Superintendent Gray go forward at the fall
Yellowhead Public current 50%. said there have been general meeting at
School Division board GYPSD members two studies conducted which point in time
has identified four indicated they would that indicated there GYPSD trustees will
proposed changes to like to hear further needs to be differential have the opportunity to
the Alberta School discussion on the topic funding for the smaller hear more discussion CUSTOM HOME DECOR
Boards Association and have questions schools in rural areas. regarding each of the
(ASBA) policies it such as how a change to The small schools tend items as well as issues AND FASHION
wishes to support or the weighting system to incur higher costs in facing other divisions. Marina Baudin
wish to hear further w i l l i m p a c t t h e part due to the teacher Ph: 780-725-2004
discussion on. inspiring education student ratios, and the
The first of the four m o d e l , t e a c h e r s distance required for
changes is in regards to opinions, and other support services to
the Excellence in concerns. travel.
Education policy. The Trustee DeClercq, The fourth proposal
concerns the board from Jasper, said “If a could have a direct and REMEMBERING THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR
expressed with regards child doesn't mesh with reasonably immediate
to this policy is in a teacher sometimes the impact on the GYPSD LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM.
reference to ensuring class marks is not as if it comes to fruition.
any decisions are in the great as it could have The ASBA would like Try making Poppy crafts
best interests of all been and they do better to see funding for start- What You Need:
students. on the diplomas.” up costs of new schools. · Construction paper (red and green)
The second proposed The third change Currently when the · Safety scissors
change that is set to expected to be proposed provincial government · · Glue
Optional: Heart Pattern
come before the ASBA at the ASBA level is to provides funding for a What You Do:
is being brought forth implement needs based new school it is for the 1. Using the red construction paper, create four
by the St. Thomas funding rather than the facility only and does small hearts for each poppy.
A q u i n a s R o m a n per capita funding not include such things 2. Once the hearts are cut out, they can be
arranged to create a poppy shape.
C a t h o l i c S c h o o l framework that is as funding for text 3. Cut a small circle out of the green
Division regarding the currently in place. books, the extra year of construction paper.
w e i g h t i n g o f Members of the board administration prior to 4. Fasten the hearts and circle together with glue
to create a poppy.
provincial diploma expressed concerns opening the school
exams. St. Thomas with the phrasing doors, a construction Early Childhood Matters Community Coalition, visit
Aquinas is proposing “within reason” which manager for the project, our face book page “Early Childhood Matters”.
that the diplomas be is included in the etcetera.


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