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Powerful presentation on

childhood development Nov. 19

by Deanna Mitchener factors influencing child development.
From relationships to addictions and other mental
Mark your calendars for November 19 from 7 until health outcomes there is a connection between early
9 p.m. for a powerful presentation on childhood brain development and later adult health outcomes.
development. Brain structures are built through the interactive
The Edson Early Childhood Coalition will be influences of genes and early experiences. Nurturing
sharing some very crucial about the importance of environments, particularly from pre-natal
early childhood at Pine Grove Middle School. development to six years of age, are essential for Blind View
The guest speaker will be Bonnie Randall of the healthy brain development. Address: #101, 330 45 St,
Alberta Family Wellness Initiative with the Norlien Tell family members and co-workers to join you in Phone:(780) 712-4272 Window Fashions
Foundation Symposia out of Calgary. sharing and learning more about the importance of
This information session is open to the public, not early childhood. Not only will you be a better
only for parents with toddlers, but to anyone who advocate for a child, you may have a better Custom Window Treatments
spends time with children under the age of six. understanding of the person you have become and since 1988
Grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, caregivers –this is why.
information you will want to hear. Please sign up ahead of time so the Coalition knows Julie Van Ember
Based on framework of epigenetic, developmental, how many guests to have seating for and Laurie Myrah would like to thank 780.723.5734
and behavioral neurosciences there is now a better refreshments. To register or for more information call 780.542.0898
understanding and applied scientific knowledge to 780-723-6263. everyone for donating to the Haunted
House for Edson Long Term Care.

A Special Thanks to Lana and Bill Burdett who
matched the donation amount of $223.85 to
bring the total to $447.65.

Another special thanks to Verna Callioux at
74 years old stayed out in the cold to help out.

Thank you

To all who came to our fall
supper, thank you for your
support each year and for the
many donations and baking for
our auction, it is our major
Thanks Ernie Smith the
Auctioneer and to all the bidders
it was an enjoyable evening.
We’d also like to thank Wade
Williams for his backhoe work,
Edson Concrete for their donation
for our new bathrooms. To Rudi,
Kaili Redlick was busy serving up some tricky treats at Holy Redeemer High School on October 30. George, and Jack for all their
Student Council had events happening every day of the week leading up to Halloween. Money from the many hours building. Thank you.
bake sale was going towards, hiring a DJ for a dance. Photo: Deanna Mitchener
Trail Social Society
(Trail Hall)
Stress: the most common

mental health concern

Turtle has
done her job
and raised
We have all been there. ositive should we just pretend this her babies.
Our day or week has been P is not happening? Based Now she is
a hectic mess flooded with mental health on our past experiences, spayed and
emails, conflict, dropping our brain makes a spilt ready for her
or picking up kids, Terri-Jean Baillie, B.A. second decision, sending happy tail
making supper, making the signal to our ending!
lunches, meetings and housework. This list never hypothalamus, which releases the hormones cortisol
seems to stop! and adrenaline. These hormones have many physical She’s such a
Stress is the most common mental health effects, including: sweet girl and
complaint. It is often referred to as a negative thing; - Increased heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, a major
however, there are also some positive effects of blood clotting function and blood flow to muscles snuggler!
stress. - Flushed face or pale skin She doesn’t
Our brains are hard wired to for stress. From the
- Slowed digestion care for dogs
beginning of mankind, our brains have been
equipped with the stress response called “Fight or - Sweating, shaking, tunnel vision and dilated pupils so a dog free home would be best for this girl.
Flight.” Research has now also included a third These reactions help us run faster, jump higher,
option of “Freeze.” punch or kick harder and feel much less pain. The
blood moves away from the skin (paleness) and clots
When we encounter a three eyed, purple people Sponsored by:
eater, our brain needs to determine very quickly how faster in case of injury to prevent blood loss. The CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
to proceed. Can we take this thing? Or should we body stops doing things (digesting food) that are not Satellite TV sales, installs, service
turn on the after burners for a quick escape? Or immediately important for survival. John’s cell 780-723-0147
Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
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