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Meet and Greet for babysitters and parents EDSON DRY CLEANERS

2017 780-723-7503

Operation 108 50 Street

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campaign has October 30 - November 11
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day is Friday
November 1 .
A meet and greet was recently held at the FCSS Parent Link Centre to allow families looking to hire a
Please drop your babysitter and youth that were looking for an opportunity to find a job with childcare to meet and get
shoeboxes off at to know each other better in hopes of finding a good match. photo Deanna Mitchener
The Weekly
Sarah McDonald the FSCC Parent Link
Anchor, Century by Deanna Mitchener Coordinator said, "I am really excited to be DUCT CLEANING
21 or the YKC The Edson and District Boys and Girls Club working with the Boys and Girls Club to bring Furnace & Water Heater
School. and the Parent Link Centre held a Babysitter's Meet something like this to the community. There seems Repairs & Replacements
and Greet on November 3 from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. to be a big interest from parents wanting
Please contact at the FCSS Parent Link Centre. connections on who they can call for babysitting. Financing Available OAC
Sarah Ireland Program Director with the Boys
780-723-3050 if and Girls Club said, "Recently 14 youth took part The Boys and Girls Club have the youth that are 780-728-4584
looking to babysit, so it makes sense to combine
you require more in a babysitting course that was being offered. and work together to bring families and youth
information. Along with Dana and Sarah with the Parent Link together in a safe place to meet."
Centre we organized this meet and greet for both Everyone participated in some icebreaker Conveniently located to serve
families looking to meet a babysitter and youth that questions and had some fun with it. Both parents Edson, Niton Junction,
are looking to babysit. This is a safe and inviting and youth had plenty of opportunity to ask
environment that allows a time to meet one another questions about each other, then enjoyed some Wildwood, Evansburg,
and hopefully find some matches. This is the first refreshments and snacks. Mayerthorpe, Entwistle
time offering this type of service and we hope
everyone finds what they are looking for."

I would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of
those who supported me for
the past 15 years of service as
your town councillor. It was
an honor and a privilege to
represent your thoughts,
ideas and concerns and to
raise the level of the debate
on the important issues that
face our community.

It was your support that sustained me throughout my
terms in office. I will continue to serve Edson in others

On behalf of my good friend Councillor Boyce I would
like to extend thanks on behalf of Brian as well. His
legacy lives on throughout this community.

I would also like to thank my wife Brenda for the
unwavering strength and support.

Jim Gomuwka
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