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Legendary hockey and fun at All-Star fundraiser

700 people attend

event put on by

Top Choice and

Excel Projects

Mikaela Kuefler

The Legend All-Stars played The Falling Stars,
during the 'Slap Shots and Boot Stompin Tour' to
raise money for the Edson Kinettes and the Food
Bank on November 5 at Repsol Place.
The entire event housed approximately 700
people and was put on by Top Choice and Excel
Projects, assisted by multiple sponsors.
The Legends sent players such as Mike
Krushelnyski, Doug Bodger, Cliff Ronning, and
much more.
Before the game, the Edson Eagles Atom 'A's had
a clinic with the old NHL players. They were taught All-Star Legends Tiger Williams, Aaron Pritchette, Cliff Ronning, Mike Krushelnyski, Doug
how to skate, to shoot, and to cheer when they Bodger, and Greg Adams congratulate Falling Stars player Jordan Boxma (42) on scoring their
scored.“It was pretty neat to see,” said owner of first goal during the Slap Shots and Boot Stompin Tour in Edson Nov. 5. photo Mikaela Kuefler
Top Choice Darren Ray.
During the game, five local players got to play
with the Legends. The local players came from strong and switched goalies halfway through. “It the proceeds to donate $1000 for the Edson Food
teams all over Edson, such as Joff Kehler (17), JD went alright and I felt good. I saved everything,” Bank and $1000 for the Edson Kinettes. Food Bank
Kehler (20), Justin Williams (27), Mike Acorn (37), said Ray. The Falling Stars held the Legends 5-0 at donations also filled two food boxes.
and Brian Lamable (21). “They are the best players the end of the period. “These charities put dinner on people plates.
in this town,” said Ray. In between the second and third period, the That's huge. I couldn't imagine a Christmas dinner
In the first period, The Falling Stars felt they Eagles got to meet the Legends and received their with no food,” said Ray.
controlled the first ten minutes of the game, until autographs. After the game, the concert was held at the Edson
the Legends figured out the team. When this At the start of the third period, the Legends Recreation Complex. Approximately 170 people
happened, the Legends started scoring and penalties scored five goals. Three from local players and two attended to listen to singers Kevin Davison and
were called. from NHL players. The Falling Stars also scored Aaron Pritchett. The NHL alumni team also sang a
Part of the game had the players taking penalty one goal by Jordan Boxma (42), which was couple of songs together. “They sounded great.
shots when the penalty was called. The Legends celebrated by both teams on the ice. Final game They were really good,” said Ray.
managed to score on three out of the four penalty score was 10-1 for the Legends. Throughout the concert, players from the Legends
shots. The Falling Stars could not score on the two “Playing with the Legends is skilled hockey. You mingled with the crown and let people try on their
penalty shots they had. “It's hard to score on an have to keep your eyes open at all times. They're Stanley Cup rings. “Anybody could try them on.
NHL goalie [Trevor Kidd],” said Ray. not going to miss. You just try to be square to the It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to put a Stanley
Five minutes before the end of the first period, the puck and hope to get a piece of it. These guys were Cup ring on your finger,” said Ray.
Eagles played the Legends. “It was tones of fun. there to score, which was great. The Legends “When I looked in the crowd, I saw lots of smiles
The kids had lots of laughs,” said Ray. thought we gave them a really good game, although and lots of happy faces. That was well worth it. I'll
At the end of the first period, the score was 5-0 the score didn't show that,” said Ray do it again, though there'll be a bit more of a
for the Legends. The Edson Playschool Association raised $1100 learning curve towards organization,” commented
In the second period, the Falling Stars came out from their 50/50 draw and Top Choice topped up Ray.

Bickerdike Road speed limit now 60 kph

Mikaela Kuefler Gerald Soroka said, "In the past, if someone was purposely knowing about their intent to come back
suing the county, they could bid on another at the county for mitigation purposes. This is
Yellowhead County Council met at the County contract. Why do we want to do business with intentionally as opposed to unknown,” said Soroka.
office in Edson on November 8. someone who is suing us? Sometimes lawsuits can
There, the County passed the bylaw to reduce the be over frivolous dollars.”
speed limit on Bickerdike Road. The Speed limit is The county's concern with dealing with
reduced from 80km/hr to 60km/hr and signs will be companies during arbitration is that there have been
installed shortly. This speed change will be from companies who have deliberately underbid the
range road 192 going east, to highway 47. Council competition, knowing that they can't do it for that
voted to carry the motion unanimously. price. Companies have then tried using excuses to
The next topic for discussion was the Restriction back out of the contract. “Before, the policy
on Open Tenders, Quotations, and Requests for specifically dealt with lawsuits. Now, it includes
Services policy. Council made a change to the arbitration,” said Soroka.
county's open tenders policy to restrict any entity This policy is not clear cut and is open to
who is involved in a lawsuit or who is seeking interpretation, due to any small anomalies which
arbitration with the county. This policy includes may occur. “There's a lot of factors to consider. The
only those involved in a contract dispute, who biggest thing to consider is the judge. Each judge is
would not be allowed to bid on future county allowed to interpret the law to however they feel it
contracts until three years after the dispute is pertains to that specific case,” said Soroka.
resolved. The question of whether or not the county will
The policy has been in place since 2005 to help pursue the three year tender ban could come into
reduce frivolous lawsuits against the county. play if the company won the lawsuit. “When
The recommended amendment is to add the someone sues, it's because the county has done as
litigation definition, which states “arbitration or much as possible to rectify the problem. If the
other formal dispute resolution processes.” appellant won the case, the county could appeal the
Council voted unanimously to approve the case with a different judge. The three years would
amendment. apply if that was the case,” said Soroka. Deadline Friday, November 18
The Restriction on Tenders policy states “To As per section 4(e) of the Restrictions on Open The Edson Collection Day is scheduled for
ensure that no tender, quotation, or supply of Tenders policy, the county also has the right to Friday, November 18.
services shall be considered by any contractor or waive the three year period. Please drop your shoeboxes off at The Weekly
supplier of services who has initiated a litigation Ultimately, “the county wants to ensure that Anchor, Century 21 or the YKCS School.
process with the municipality, and conclusion of people doing business with the county are
Please contact 780-723-3050
the litigation.” reputable. They also want companies to bid fairly, if you require more information.
After the meeting, Yellowhead County Mayor making sure that they're not undercutting, while
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