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Town begins Committee

of the Whole meetings

by Dana McArthur information, provide council in the coming
and Adrienne Tait administration with months.
direction, and make Community health
Edson town council r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s . promotion facilitator
began a new meeting However, all formal Y v o n n e R e m p e l
format on November 10 d e c i s i o n s w i l l b e addressed council on a
The deadline w i t h t h e i r f i r s t reserved for regular $15,000 grant they will
The deadline
Committee of the Whole
council meetings.
receive as part of the
A Committee of the
for ads is (C.O.W.) meeting. Whole format has long province-wide “Alberta
for ads is
The 7:30 p.m. regular
P r e v e n t s C a n c e r ”
Tuesday at 5pm
Tuesday at 5pm IN M town council meetings b e e n f o l l o w e d i n initiative (see story page photo Deanna Mitchener
numerous neighboring
will continue to be held
municipalities including
on the first and third
Council also discussed
prior to
prior to Tuesdays of each month Yellowhead County, a p p o i n t m e n t s a n d Robyn Brinker with FCSS enjoyed seeing a group of dads come out recently to
w i t h t h e C . O . W.
Parkland County, the MD
possible changes to the
participate in the Daddy and Me program. The program is offered every third
Monday’s meetings to be held on the of Greenview, and the subdivision and appeal Saturday of the month for dads and their young children to come and work on little
second and fourth
towns of Jasper and
board, which is currently
projects together. Today dads were helping to build either a car or truck module.
Tuesdays of each month Grande Cache. comprised of three public
publication. in council chambers. With the move towards at large members and two
The goal of the format a committee of the whole members of council.
change is to be able to format the council CAO Mike Derricott said
receive reports from staff reviewed a recom- the town may look at
in a more efficient and mendation to amend the creating a regional board
timely manner, as well as p r o c e d u r e s a n d w i t h t h e o t h e r
fiscal savings. committees' bylaw as municipalities.
“The format will allow council chose not to The town is scheduled
f o r m o r e r o b u s t appoint any members to to hold a public tax sale
conversation, with the standing committees. auction on November 23.
Chair leading and The procedures and Currently there are two
guiding a more free flow committees bylaw had properties on the list 19
than a regular council not been reviewed since Cedars mobile home park
meeting,” said CAO 1998 and will now and 5-17-53-24-SW.
Mike Derricott. undergo a thorough Town council will set
Committee of the r e v i e w w i t h reserve bids at their next
whole meetings are recommendations and regular council meeting. photo Deanna Mitchener
designed to receive updates brought back to (see comment page 6) Shirley Geidl, Nelly Knoop, Sam Block (activity coordinator and assistant manager),
Jean Edmunds, June Mitchell, Tom Smith, and Dan Lubarsky helped out during
Parkland Lodge's Breast Cancer Fundraiser that took place at the lodge recently.
Three tips to prevent accidents on the road County's new community services The fundraiser was a tea and cupcake sale along with a 50/50 draw. Many of the
residents got involved and volunteered to help out, with a great sense of humor.
(NC) No matter where you drive, something could go wrong. It could be a • Bottled water and snacks; director bringing his 'A' game They raised $645 for breast cancer, beating last year total by over $400.
flat tire, getting stuck in traffic, an accident, a car break down, or sliding • A blanket, gloves, and additional warm clothing for the winter months;
into a ditch on a less travelled road. This is why it is important to always
be prepared and part of being prepared involves having an emergency kit. • Flashlight and batteries; by Adrienne Tait Parks and Recreation, a
Having an emergency kit in your car can be very helpful when you are in a • Tire gauge and jumper cables; The newest addition to role he previously filled
in Hinton, Read said the
bind. • A small tool kit. the Yellowhead County parks and recreation
“Even if you have road side assistance coverage you may have to wait a This is a minimum. Depending on your specific situation, you may include administrative team review at the county
brings experience and
provides a “fantastic
while for help to arrive, especially in poor weather conditions,” says other items based on your driving frequency and the climate where you knowledge of the area. opportunity to have a
Wayne Ross, an insurance and claims expert for Aviva Canada “An drive. Christopher Read new direction” while
emergency kit can help make things more comfortable while you are accepted the community building on what is
waiting for assistance.” services director position already working.
(780) 723-4717 5535 3rd AVE EDSON New community services
While there is no limit to what items you can include in your emergency which became available T h e c o m m u n i t y director for Yellowhead
when former director
kit, here are a number of things that Ross suggests you need: Debbie Charest retired. services director role County, Christopher Read.
within the county is a
• A cell phone (if you don't carry one with you); Read is aware he has large portfolio with will be vital to the
TRUCK & AUTO ACCESSORIES some big shoes to fill. m a n a g e r s f r o m
• A first aid kit; Proudly Serving Edson since 1996 “It is easy to follow agriculture services, success of the county's
*NOW DOING UNDER-COATING projects. Read said, “It's
average,” said Read, parks and recreation, about giving people the
“But Debbie has left a FCSS, and heritage best story they could
We Change More Than Just Your Motor Oil . . . legacy of really great services reporting to the have –every day. It's
work. I have to have my
director. In addition
your goal, and our job is
Let us Tune-Up Your Fuel System! 'A' game on from the get- Read will be overseeing to help get you there. It's
the county's cemetery
* Transmission Fluid * Cooling System Fluid * Driveline Fluids Having just started at and library boards. all about the stories that
5220 4 Avenue Ph: 712-5333 the county Read has been The wide range of people tell every day to
Edson, AB Fax: 712-5358 WARRANTY APPROVED - NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY touring through the challenges from the use grow the community.”
Currently residing with
Specializing In 5536 1st Ave., Edson, AB c a m p g r o u n d s a n d of biological controls in his family in Hinton,
a g r i c u l t u r e t o
community centres and
All Autos, RVs Penny’s Car Care Clinic Behind the Nova Inn getting to know his team. community services Read is commuting every
day but hopes to relocate
Large Trucks & Odessy Inn “The county's work in Read is looking forward to the area when the time
rural development is
Atco Trailers “Cleaning & Detailing Specialists” Mon. to Fri.: 8:30 am - 5 pm unbelievably exciting,” to something new every is right. For now, he said
day. “My job only exists
he is enjoying the drive
Commercial Fleets & More Where Your Dirt Is Our Business Ph: (780) 723-4207 said Read, “There is a lot w h e n s e r v i n g t h e through the county every
of great service and great
projects going on. I want community. Success can day as it gives him time to
be measured by the
clarify his thoughts and
to move things forward relationship with the organize ideas and plans.
and not pull them back. community and the front Read grew up just
Right now my job is to l i n e s t a f f . T h e outside of Spruce Grove
get out of the way and community is who we in Parkland County and
learn to support the staff work for,” said Read. that rural connection is
and what they're already Listening to resident's one he hopes to pass
doing.” s t o r i e s a n d down to his children.
With a background in understanding their goals
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