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Nov 29
The Scene
Muskeg Flyers Ski Club will be holding there annual meeting at the Edson Public Library at 10am.
Nov 29
St. Catherine's Anglican Church & Grace Lutheran Church will be holding a Christmas Tea & Bazaar at the Red Brick Arts Centre from 12 noon – 3pm. Tea Room, baking,
crafts & silent auction.
Dec 6
Live Dessert Auction at the Edson United Church at 7pm. 10% of the proceeds will be going to the Edson Boy's and Girls Club. Silent and Live auction, coffee and
refreshments served, everyone welcome. Donations of baking can be dropped off Friday Dec 5 and Saturday Dec.6. For more info call 780-723-3418.
Dec 7 A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
Pine Grove Hall will be holding a Christmas Social at the hall from 10am to 3pm. Entry fee is $2. Vendor/craft tables available, lunch concession, free hot chocolate and
coffee. Sleigh Rides $2. per person – weather permitting. Santa from 11am – 1pm, bring your own camera. For more info call 780-723-2361 or Facebook. PAGE 10 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014
Dec 13 A rts - Entertainment - Events - and what’s going on
Wildwood Christmas Farmers Market from 10am – 2pm at the Wildwood Community Hall. Call Clarice for more info at 780-838-6094.
The Scene
Upcoming Events renowned photographer at workshop
Upcoming Events
‘Tools have no creativity’ says

by Adrienne Tait When two other teachers
Nov 18 realised how serious he
Guest Speaker on Medications will be at the was they introduced him
Pioneer Cabin and Soup & Sandwiches. Renowned Canadian
nature photographer to another teacher and he
Nov 20 Freeman Patterson was began studying visual
General Meeting at the Pioneer Cabin starting at in Edson on November 7 design at night. During
1pm. and 8 to facilitate a visual that same time the
design workshop. The t h e o l o g y s t u d e n t s
Nov 20 event was hosted by the underwent vocational
Kate's Kitchen will be hosting their monthly free Edson Photography testing and the results
lunch from 11:30am – 1pm at St. Catherine's indicated he should
Anglican Church, 617 Main Street. All Welcome. club. pursue a career in the
Since 1977 Patterson has
Nov 22 written and illustrated arts. “I immediately
Parkland Lodge, 4619-9th Ave will be having four instructional books shifted my major from
their Annual Fall Fundraiser from 1:30pm – 3pm. on photography and systematic theology
There will be 50/50 tickets, raffle, door prizes, visual design, six large philosophy religion into
baked goods, homemade crafts, home based cloth-edition books, and a practical theology
business show, etc. All monies raised goes to the c o - a u t h o r e d a n d which covered the arts,”
Lodge residents. said Freeman.
illustrated more. Photographer Freeman Patterson was in Edson
Patterson has been the His theological beliefs
Nov 22 are often incorporated on November 7 and 8 teaching a workshop on
Green Grove Seniors will be holding a Garage recipient of numerous into his workshops. The photography and visual design. Patterson was
Sale & Bazaar at the MacKay Hall from 10 am – awards including the hosted by the Edson Photography Club.
4 pm. $10.00 a table. For table rentals or g o l d m e d a l f o r need to be involved in
donations call Karen at 780-795-2462 or Jackie at photographic excellence what really matters and Does it matter when you
780-795-2418. All newly donated items. Lunch from the National Film discover what gives you been able to pay the bills. read an Atwood novel if
available plus their famous donuts. Board of Canada, the meaning contributes to a F r o m a p r a c t i c a l she wrote it on a
Order of Canada, person's creative outlet. standpoint that is a real
Nov 22 lifetime achievement “We all need our little accomplishment.” c o m p u t e r, a n o l d
Crib Tournament at the Pioneer Cabin starting at excursions into the Although photography Remington typewriter,
1pm. award from the North may be his medium of or with a pencil? She
A m e r i c a n N a t u r e irrelevant. But to spend choice Patterson said, “I brought her creativity to
Nov 22 P h o t o g r a p h y one's life there is to am just as attracted to whichever tool she
Annual Christmas Bazaar at the Fulham Hall from Association, and the throw away all of the paintings and I like used.”
9am – 2pm, concession available. To book a table progress medal from the creativity you've been Occasionally there will
or for more info call Deanna at 780-693-0153. Photography Society of blessed with.” contemporary dance be a piece of work that
America. The progress Patterson said there are because it's very visual. holds extra meaning for
Nov 22 medal is the society's upsides and down to The people who come to
Muskeg Flyers Ski Rental Day at the Westhaven highest award and has digital as opposed to film these seminars tend to be the artist. Often the best
School Gym at 10 am. (must be a Flyers member) photography. The always photographers works come from times
been awarded to such o r m o m e n t s o f
photographers as Ansel ability to immediately but it is so nice when I
Nov 23 evaluate what was done get some painters or heightened emotions.
Pot Luck Supper at the Pioneer Cabin starting at Adams, Eliot Porter, and quilters or dancers who O n e e x e r c i s e h e
5:30pm Jacques Cousteau. is positive but it has led realise it's all the same frequently performs is to
It was while he was to many people being pick a random number of
Nov 25 earning his Master of “very careless” whereas thing just different steps in a random
Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Readings at the Divinity degree from w i t h f i l m t h e tools.” direction, put his tripod
Pioneer Cabin starting at 10am. Union Theological photographer must “get One medium doesn't rule down and challenges
Seminary at Columbia it right in the camera.” out another. Watercolors himself to shoot an entire
Nov 28 University in New York “Over the years I have weren't ruled out by oils.
Wildwood Christmas Farmers Market from 2pm – built up fluency so that I There is no reason why roll of film with every
7pm at the Wildwood Community Hall. For info that it was suggested his am as fluent in visual film and digital can't co- shot being different and
call Clarice at 780-838-6094 calling was in visual exist. well scened without
design. design as I am in Patterson said, “The moving from that
While studying in New English,” said Freeman. tools have no creativity. location. “It's a heck of a
York Patterson was In speaking on the There is no such thing as challenge. And it's
See Classified Page for teaching two days a longevity and success of a creative tool. There is wonderful. And I do it
his career Patterson said,
monthly meetings and activities week in Brooklyn and “I've worked at what I no such thing as a from time to time just to
was developing an creative technique. stay sharp.”
interest in photography. wanted all my life and

‘McCracking 2’ a fan favourite at Chautauqua

by Adrienne Tait following the play. pull off an impossible The play took a year is a three year stimulus series to bring more
T h e c a r e f u l heist. from conception to project designed to diversity to Edson.
The first of the “Picks c h o r e o g r a p h e d W h i l e W i l l i a m development before the encourage and support The next Picks of the
of the Edmonton m u l t i m e d i a Banfield played the first performance and theatre touring in Fringe production
Fringe” presentation performance had the main character of Jim has been performed A l b e r t a . T h e coming to Edson is
hosted by Chautauqua actors interacting with McCrackin it could be approximately 20 times Accidental Humour Co Never Let the Crew See
at the Red Brick theatre each other as well as argued that Cliff Kelly this year. Work on production is perfect You Cry which is
was McCracking 2: with film footage to in the role of the villain McCrackin 3 has f o r a t o u r i n g scheduled to play at the
The Wackining on g i v e t h e p l a y stole the show. already begun so as to performance in part due Red Brick Theatre on
November 5. dimension. The plot The hilarious spoof be ready for the annual to its short technical February 11. The
The slapstick comedy f o l l o w s t r a i n e d paid homage to the Fringe Festival in and set assembly regular Chautauqua
proved to be a fan assassin Jim McCrakin action movie genre August. requirements. season beings January
favorite with the whose search for his complete with foot The Fringe Festival The theatrical series 9, with a performance
additional benefit of missing infant son chase, ninjas, shoot h a s o v e r 2 0 0 is a first for Chautauqua by the Celtic roots rock
cast and crew staying lands him in a situation outs, kidnapping and productions. The Picks as they branch out from band Cod Gone Wild.
for a Q&A session where he is required to more. of the Edmonton Fringe their original music
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