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The Scene
Fun for Kids
s CHOOL s CHOOL Many activities and events take place
Times Times October has seen many different building meaningful relationships
at Grand Trunk High School

activities and events take place at Grand
Trunk High School. Volleyball season between all students and staff members s UMMER
has been the primary focus to date.
is well underway for both the junior and During the first couple of meetings
Pine Grove school senior high teams. The senior high with our groups, students have been
teams went to Whitecourt at the begin-
involved in discussions as to what they
keeps pace with technology ning of the month and both teams see as the identity of Grand Trunk as
played very well against some very
well as thinking of a way that we can put
tough competition. that identity on the school's new multi- Fun for Kids
Keeping pace with year regarding portable week learning about the During the Thanksgiving Day function vehicle. At the end of the
tech nology in our electronic devices and nine elements of digital weekend, the 35th annual Alumni month, students will be participating in
schools is an ever the information gathered c i t i z e n s h i p w h i c h tournament took place with games a team building activity with the other
present challenge and was used as a basis for i n c l u d e : a c c e s s , being held in both Grand Trunk and members of their group as they travel
Evansview school. Along with the
ONLY RUNS IF one which provides huge our new policy. Staff commerce, communi- current senior high boys and girls of different tasks that they are presented
around the town to compete a number
c a t i o n , l i t e r a c y,
opportunities to impact
looked at student input
teams, five other alumni teams
student learning in a
The student's union has been working
responsibilities, health
positive way. This year, and added their own etiquette, law, rights and competed for the right to say that they hard to get as many of the student body
thoughts be fore a
were the alumni champions. Thanks to
THEY SEND IN Pine Grove is focusing committee created our a n d w e l l n e s s a n d everyone who came out to watch and involved as they can with projects that
security. News stories
electronics policy. The
on portable electronic
they are promoting. October 8th saw the
play and we look forward to seeing you
devices in an effort to
ensure they are used rules and guidelines we which relate to digital again next year. student's union promoting jersey day to
now follow are much
citizenship are used in
The senior teams continued their
signify the start of the NHL hockey
more in keeping with the
this class to get students
r e s p o n s i b l y a n d
AN ARTICLE respectfully as well as c u r r e n t r e a l i t i e s thinking about the part tournament action in Hinton, season. October 22nd saw the first hot
Mayerthorpe and Edson to finish off the
lunch day of the year that was
surrounding electronic
they play in this new
f o r e d u c a t i o n a l
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS purposes. d e v i c e s w h i l e digital on-line world. month. Both teams are gearing up for sponsored by the student's union where
students ordered in slices of pizzas for
the North Central Volleyball Zone
recognizing that while
S o f a r, t h e n e w
Two new initiatives
have been launched at l e a r n i n g i n t h e electronic device policy tournament in mid-November. The their meal that day.
junior high volleyball teams have been
To finish off the month, the student's
CLUB NEWS Pine Grove this year to classroom, electronics has been very positive, travelling most of the month playing union hosted a Halloween movie for the
are not always necessary
reducing incidents of
help us better manage
portable electron ic or acceptable. inappropriate device use matches in Wildwood, Niton, and entire school body to enjoy. The month
of November will also be the school's
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada devices. The first is our The second part of this dramatically. We can't The High School Redesign Project annual food bank drive for the local
new school policy for initiative is our new wait to see how this
NEW OPENING HOURS: The Club is now that the school joined this year is well food bank. This year the students are
electronic devices. "Digital Citizenship" develops over the
open at 8am to 6pm for Full Day camps (non- Students were surveyed course. Grade 7 students remainder of the school underway. Through the creation of looking forward to breaking last year's
school days), Kinderclub, Christmas and at the end of last school now spend one period a year! teacher advisory groups, the focus on record setting level of donations.
Spring break Camps. This Fall the Club has
travelled to LaunchPad in Edmonton and the
Whitecourt Swimming Pool during the Full
Day Camps. Call the Club to sign your child up
for a full day of fun activities.
KINDERCLUB: A tour of the Fire station,
Fall & Halloween crafts, games and outside fun
is what is going on at Kinderclub. This
program runs on non-kindergarten days (2
days/week in October and Mondays from
November to June) throughout the school year.
This program is affordable! ONLY $15 per day
for this fun, learning program. Reserve your
child's spot today!
Our Website:
FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and
like the Club's Facebook page: Boys and Girls
Club of Edson and District!
Kamel Nuri, Husky Oil, Yellowhead
Agricultural Society, Edson Show n' Shine,
UpTown Yoga, Coal Valley Resources
Linda Mcfarlane, recreation coordinator for the Edson and District Boys and Girls Club, had youngsters playing dodgeball. Seen here taking a break for a few
A good place to be minutes, children had mats set up at both ends of the gym to use as protection, to hide from the ball. Photo: Deanna Mitchener
Aubrey Roth is 12 years old and is attending Holy
Proud Sponsor of the Alexandra Beckmann is a grade seven student at Redeemer High School in grade seven. Aubrey said,
Holy Redeemer High School and is 13 years old. “This is my first year and it is awesome. I’m on the
Edson Boys & Girls Club She said, “My favorite subjects in school would volleyball team and that is pretty awesome. I really
have to be gym and math class. I really enjoying like the art program here at the school and for a
playing basketball and horseback riding. I have main subject it would have to be LA. Mrs. Unger
two older brothers and one younger one. I am has a fun way of teaching us and it makes the class
hoping to become a physiotherapist after I very enjoyable. I plan to go off to college and get a
graduate. good education. I would like to take something that
can help me with ranching, my dad runs a big ranch.

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