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Liberal leader speaks out on

national unity while in Edson

by Adrienne Tait is our Canadian identity
isn't based on any of
Federal Liberal Leader those elements. It's
Justin Trudeau was in based instead on our
Edson on November 6 shared values,” said
lending his support to Justin. “We're not a
the Liberal candidate, cynical people. That is
Hinton born Ryan not our natural state.”
M a g h u n , i n t h e Trudeau went on to
upcoming by-election. highlight some of the
Upon entering the differences between the
room and seeing the L i b e r a l a n d CUSTOM HOME DECOR
approximately 100 Conservative parties Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was in Edson at AND FASHION
Talisman Place on November 6 where he
people who gathered to i n c l u d i n g t h e i r addressed both national and local issues and lent Marina Baudin
meet the leader and hear difference on tax breaks. his support to local candidate Ryan Maghun. Ph: 780-725-2004
what he had to say “For the first time Photo Adrienne Tait
Trudeau joked, “You perhaps in the history of
know this is for the this country we have a
Liberals, right?” sense that the next challenges being faced
The Liberal leader was generation might not in the energy sector and
introduced by the have the kinds of the belief that economy
Yellowhead MP hopeful opportunities, the kinds and environment should “Our Children’s Potential in is Our Hands”
Ryan Maghun. Trudeau of quality of life, that we be addressed together.
s p o k e t o R y a n received from the hard From forestry to energy, Healthy Bodies Start at an Early Age
Maghun's candidacy. work of our parents.” “We can no longer
“This is someone after Wi t h r e g a r d s t o pretend that there is a Early childhood is also the best time to establish good habits, so that
my own heart. He's a Yellowhead specifically choice between what's kids seek and enjoy exercise instead of avoiding it. Postural control
teacher. Teachers make Trudeau spoke to the g o o d f o r t h e plays a huge role in a
great politicians. A beauty of the region but environment and what's child’s life. The best time
good teacher isn't just said the cuts and lack of good for the economy. to strengthen postural
control muscles is the first
someone who stands up support, vision, and They go together.” year. Enjoy your time
in front and has all the unwillingness to invest The federal by-election together, starting a healthy
answers. That's a minor in tourism and the travel to elect a new Member of mind and body.
part of a teacher's role. industry is “limiting our Parliament for the
A teacher's job is to capacity to share our Yellowhead region is set Early Childhood Matters
understand and explain strengths with the for November 17. As of Community Coalition,
complex issues in a way world.” November 11, 1,621 visit our Facebook page
that doesn't just make Trudeau addressed the people had voted in the “Early Childhood
people understand a bit advanced polls. Matters”.
more but integrate it and
understand how it
impacts and applies to NEW
them on their path. But Blind View
also a good teacher Window Fashions
understands the needs JUST ARRIVED!!!
and a way to help in
their classrooms. We Custom Window Treatments
could do a lot worse by since 1988
having a lot more Immediate Possession!!
teachers in the House of
Commons.” 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
Trudeau has been 780.542.0898
coming to Alberta every New show home
few months since
becoming leader of the Edson Animal and for only $6,500
party “to demonstrate
for once and for all that Rescue Society (EARS) down payment you
the Liberal party is a can move into one of
truly national party that Needs Feline Foster homes
is not going to ignore as well as Canine Foster homes these 16x76 homes!!!
any part of the country
but focus on once again EARS supplies the food, vet care and
bringing Canadians anything else the pet may need.
together from coast to
coast to coast.” 3 bedrooms,
That theme of national For more information call 780-712-6788. 2 bathrooms,
unity was carried Visit our website at
throughout the speech. or visit our Facebook Page. amazing
“ T h a t m e a n s n o t
focusing politics on the dark cabinets,
n e g a t i v e , o n t h e
nastiness, on the fridge, stove,
division, on the wedge
issues but focused on dishwasher and
b r i n g i n g p e o p l e microwave.
together. Canada is a
country of differences *Some conditions apply
from geography to Sponsored by:
language to regions to CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
ethnicity to religion to Satellite TV sales, installs, service
cultures. But one of the John’s cell 780-723-0147 Call Lexie at 780-723-3110
things we've figured out Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
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