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Two young volunteers making a difference

Community church congregation members, asking if they would with the Edson Cycling Association.
be interested in purchasing their home grown
Brielle is actively involved with her church
produce - with all proceeds going directly to the
community at the Alliance Church. She volunteers
in Action Yellowhead Emergency Shelter. with both the Nursery and the Junior Church
Their community responded with excitement and
by Isabella Sellar Voll generosity - often paying much more than what the Programs, helping to care for the smaller children.
With compassion, hard work and determination,
girls were requesting for their vegetables. these girls have used their spare time over the
by Isabella Sellar Voll Volunteering is nothing new to the girls. In summer to dedicate themselves to helping others -
addition to her work with the Edson and Area with no thought to how their efforts would benefit
Throughout history it is inevitable that one Housing Plus initiative, Bree is active in her church them personally. Their work has paid off. So far the
generation expressing concern about the next. youth group at the Edson United Church, which girls have raised over $330 through the sale of their
Complaints can be heard about a general lack of recently sewed blankets to provide for those in need. vegetables alone.
work ethic or widespread indifference of the next She also volunteered with the Edson Eats program, If you know an active volunteer in the community
generation. formerly run out of the Edson United Church - and would like to see them in the spotlight, please
Two young Edson girls, however, have shown that preparing and serving a free community meal once a contact the Anchor at (780) 723-5787 to submit their
these concerns can definitively be dismissed. month. Recently, she has given her time to help with name and contact information.
Brielle Unger and Bree Kwantes are grade 4 building mountain biking trails in the Wilmore Park
students in the French Immersion program at Ecole
Westhaven School. They both enjoy school and are
heavily involved in their church, and active in the
broader community. This summer, however, the two
of them took on a new project, and worked together
for the benefit of others in their community who
currently find themselves in need.
The project began with Kwantes' idea - to plant,
grow, and harvest vegetables from her own garden in
order to sell, with proceeds going to the Yellowhead
Emergency Shelter. She shared the idea with Unger
and asked if she wanted to help. Unger eagerly
Kwantes, became aware of the need through her
volunteer work as the youth representative for the
Edson and Area Housing Plus initiative - an
organization committed to addressing the issue of
homelessness in Edson. In this capacity, she does
presentations at local schools about the issue of
homelessness on a local level.
“People needed help” they said simply, in
explanation of why they decided to undertake the
project. Thus, they decided to respond. Each of the
girls planted a section of their own in their family's
garden, and tended to the gardens throughout the
summer. “I had to weed three big rows!” beamed
Soon the girls were harvesting their produce and Bree Kwantes and Brielle Unger undertook to plant, tend and harvest vegetables this summer to sell in
approaching family, friends and their respective the community with proceeds going to charity. photo Isabella Sellar Voll


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