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$8 million grant for water We specialize in protecting and maintaining RENEW YOUR RIDE! EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY
treatment in town, county Town considers refreshing logo the appearance of your vehicles Are you mature, responsible and reliable? Do you enjoy a challenge and

Over the past few mediums, and a bit different design ideas. shades of the original NEW VEHICLE? NEW PAINT? We can make your Vehicle take pride in your work? Are you comfortable using power tools and
vehicle hoists?
years the Town of more modern. Another Edson themes.
E d s o n h a s b e e n goal is to unify their Option 1: Stop paint chips with Xpel Films If this sounds like you then please contact us!
working on a potential current logos and is the redesigned logo Option 2: Computer Generated Kits LOOK LIKE NEW!
branding refresh to themes used by the which keeps the same is the Centennial logo Shinetech is seeking an individual who can excel at power polishing, rust
update and renew their Town into one main basic theme with the which is currently to ensure an exact fit. 00 protection application and vehicle detailing. Training provided.
current logo. brand that can be being used with the Est. Power Polishing from $399
The idea is to make the recognizable as Edson. trees, river and hills, but 1911 removed. This HAVE YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED TODAY!
with a bit more modern
l o g o m o r e They are currently f e e l , m o r e c l e a r logo was adopted for Apply in person (bring resume) or email your resume to
recognizable, usable s e e k i n g p u b l i c
continued from front a c r o s s n u m e r o u s feedback on two lettering, and bringing t h e C e n t e n n i a l Option 1 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
it back to the blue celebrations and has 780-723-5353 780-723-5353 780-723-5353
been utilized by the Like us on
Public transit topic at town council town in various forms Like us on Like us on
since then.
continued from front A survey has been We specialize in protecting and maintaining We specialize in protecting and maintaining
continued from front 3:15 p.m. Monday said the Hinton handi- of town rather than in a added to the town’s the appearance of your vehicles the appearance of your vehicles
website, Facebook and
through Friday with b u s s e r v i c e h a s central location.
continued from front extra runs for special experienced great B o t h M a y o r Twitter pages and any * Shine Tech Shine Paint Protection
events. success. Duncan said P a s y c h n y a n d feedback received will * Sprayless scratch repair from $49.00 KROWN Winter Roads KROWN RUST
continued from front Arsenault said they even the name of the councillor Boyce told b e b r o u g h t i n t o * Xpel Rockguard RUST & LUBRICATION
approached the ESTS s e r v i c e w a s the presenters that the c o n s i d e r a t i o n a s * Detailing packages - priced from $79.00 PROTECTION Salt, Rocks, debris DETAILS
Revenue Sharing 'cheque in the mail' board but were given to empowering. ESTS was a non-profit Council decides which Option 2
No changes to the funding formula, dates, or assessment base continued from front understand there was Council members society run with a way to proceed. AND MORE! Protect your paint
no inclination to noted that the hours of volunteer board and the We specialize in protecting and maintaining with Xpel Films PREMIUM
expand the service. service were quite town supports the STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH PRODUCTS
With the ESTS's similar between Edson group with an operating the appearance of your vehicles STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH XPEL FILMS XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS
continued from front second bus purchase and Hinton with the grant and whenever
the Brain Care Centre major difference being possible. Shine Tech When you bring in your vehicle for a Krown application, 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
now at
now at
Shine Tech
had hoped there would the Sunday morning Mayor Pasychny said our annually trained technicians treat your vehicle with 780-723-5353 780-723-5353 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
be increased service but service provided in it sounded like the issue our industry leading solvent free, petroleum based, self- 780-723-5353
the second bus is to be Hinton. may be solved by healing rust inhibitor and lubricant. Developed for Like us on Visit us on
used as a spare should it Arsenault said, “We something as simple as harsh climates and heavy wear and tear, the Krown Visit us on
be required and not on a have had the service for dispatching.
regular basis. more than 20 years. C o u n c i l l o r product provides exceptional protection and lubrication We specialize in protecting and maintaining
Arsenault questioned The service has stayed Wilksinson said, “It is on vehicles, machinery, electrical connections, and
why the town of Edson the same but the very different between metal parts. the appearance of your vehicles
does not provide public population has grown.” public transportation
transportation like the The presenters believe and mobility service. 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson HAIL DAMAGE
nearby communities of demand for the service I've heard from seniors 780-723-5353
Hinton and Whitecourt. will increase with the who are very pleased ON YOUR VEHICLE?
M a y o r G r e g new hospital being with the service.” Visit us on
Pasychny said that located on the east side We Can Help!
p u b l i c t r a n s i t
r e q u i r e m e n t s i n Call or stop in today to start the process
Whitecourt and Hinton REMEMBRANCE DAY for having your ride repaired.
are different to those in
E d s o n a s t h e EDITION
topography of those 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
Honors our War Veterans
communities can make Honors our War Veterans 780-723-5353
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR access a challenge. in Pictures Visit us on
in Pictures
“Comparing Edson to
Custom T-Shirts! A d i D n yone Say... Whitecourt and Hinton I Issue Date: November 9ssue Date: November 9
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer it is very different when We specialize in protecting and maintaining
discounts available Ad copy deadline: November 2d copy deadline: November 2 We specialize in protecting and maintaining
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? you're talking about The Anchor is publishing the Pictorial the appearance of your vehicles the appearance of your vehicles
public transit. Mobility
Bring your pictures & Ideas! is a different story. If Remembrance Day edition Nov. 10, 2014 to honor More than a premium Wiper Blade!
No additional cost we can improve service our War Veterans. * Shinetech Clear FX *NEW KROWN RUST AutoTex Pink
BORN f o r p e o p l e w i t h The Anchor will feature pictures of our War Veterans * Scratch Repair - From $49.00 & LUBRICATION Change your blades ... change a life!
mobility challenges I
GOLF am very supportive,” and profile information as well as stories about war * Detailing Packages - Priced from $79.00 V VEHICLEEHICLE Help support Canadian Breast Cancer
experiences as related by veterans.
* XPEL Stoneguard Films
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE said Mayor Pasychny. If you have a picture of a War Veteran you want to PROTECTIONROTECTION PREMIUM Research
Geke Duncan, a include in this issue, please give the Anchor a call * Krown Products PRODUCTS
G a r d eners representative from the at (780) 723-5787. Or if you know of a living War STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH Priced from $11.99
CEREAL MS Society based in Veteran we can interview for his/her story, XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS
Hinton, also presented
please give us a call.
KILLER! at the meeting and
related a story from one If you would like to place 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
Spread the Best Dirt of her clients as well as 780-723-5353
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 an ad to show your 780-723-5353
concerns that have been support for the Vets in
ESCAPED b r o u g h t t o h e r this special Like us on Visit us on
MOM attention. One concern Remembrance Issue, call
raised by her clients Sue at 780-723-5787.
was the advanced
notice required to
schedule the service The W eekly
and reports that it can ANCHOR
be hard to reach the
drivers. Covering Edson and the Yellowhead County
Ph: (780) 723-5787
Duncan brought Ph: (780) 723-5787
information regarding
Fax: (780) 723-5725
Hinton's “Freedom Fax: (780) 723-5725
Express” service and
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