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Garage destroyed by fire in Edson

Fire trucks impeded by vehicles blocking access to fire

by Adrienne Tait “Our fire trucks had to wait for other vehicles to
Community Edson fire crews responded to a structure fire near get out of the way before we could reach the fire.
This was a high profile fire. It happened pretty
in Action the Edson Legion on Friday, October 23 at much right at 6 p.m. and because it was an old
garage it burnt quickly and people could see smoke
by Isabella Sellar Voll approximately 6 p.m.
According to Edson fire chief Al Schram crews from blocks away,” said Schram.
arrived to find an older garage on fire. The structure Often times with larger or newer structure fires
was completely destroyed by the fire. they burn more slowly and the department is able to
A neighboring garage sustained some damage arrive before the onlookers.
from the fire but Edson crews managed to save the Despite having to manoeuvre through the crowd
structure, “Our guys did a fantastic job of knocking the first truck arrived on scene within four and a
the fire down and saving the garage,” said Chief half minutes and water was being applied within
Schram. Neighbors of the property owner were also eleven minutes of the department receiving the 911
on hand to help as the owner was not home at the call.
time of the fire. Schram said there have been fewer structure fires
While the desire to help protect a neighbor's home within town limits this year and this latest marks the
is admirable the fire department encourages people first since April.
to keep their distance in order to let the fire Although there have not been as many structure
department members work unimpeded. calls the department has been kept busy responding
to collisions and alarms.
Wildwood Happenings

The Pinkest Little Town in the West Meet Ace, one of
our young Barn
submitted by Wildwood Public Library announce that we will be having Deb Foisy from Ace thrives
Deb's Greenhouse & U-Pick Raspberries come in to outdoors, is an
We won! Wildwood won the title of 'The Pinkest host the Adult & Children's Christmas Crafts. The excellent mouser
Little Town in the West!' We received our official Adult Craft is on December 17 starting at 6:30 p.m. and would do best
announcement last week. There may be a small charge, watch for posters as either an
As the winning town, we are entitled to a Free going up in November. The Children's Craft will be outdoor or
Family Concert and two big beautiful highways on December 18 starting at 2:00 p.m. Children's indoor/outdoor cat.
signs for us to keep! Our concert will take place in programs and events are always free! Pre- He is friendly and
April and will be fun and affordable for the whole registration for both events is a must. Registration enjoys people but likes some space at first with
family. We will be holding a Silent Auction and opens on December 1 , 780-325-3882. other animals so he can get used to them. He
supplying beverages, snacks and desserts. The fun Wildwood Library honours Canada's Veterans. We plays very rough so will need a home with no
will start at 7:00 p.m. Watch for details in January. have a large and impressive collection of Books kittens or extremely docile adult cats and one with
Wildwood Chapel will be hosting a marriage pertaining to Remembrance Day, World War I and children that are able to give him space when
course in January and February of 2016. This is II, Canadian Heroes etc. We have books in this needed.
open to anyone who would like to build a stronger, collection for all ages. We also have a number of Ace’s adoption fee is only $50
healthier relationship with their spouse. The movies that illustrate events to remember. We now
Wildwood Library will be hosting a Silent Auction have some out on display, so come on in and have a WATCH FOR OUR FACEBOOK ONLINE AUCTION
from November 23-27 with the proceeds to be used look. This is a great opportunity to share with your NOVEMBER 26-30
towards the marriage course. We already have a children and your grandchildren. Visit
number of great items donated such as some pretty The closed days in December at the Wildwood for more information.
impressive power tools! This is a fun away to get Library are: December 24, 25, 31 & January 1. Sponsored by:
some Christmas shopping in. For more information CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
about the Marriage Course, call Karin at 780-542- (The Wild Pink Yonder Charitable Society Satellite TV sales, installs, service
4717. challenged every town along The Pink Trail to raise John’s cell 780-723-0147
The Wildwood Library always tries to help more money (per capita) for breast cancer research Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
surrounding organizations. This year we are again than the others. They also challenge each town to
collecting food items for the W.E.E. Food Bank. We see which one can be (literally) the pinkest when
will be decorating our Christmas tree with donated they ride into town.)
winter accessories to be given to Yellowhead
Central Santa's Anonymous, and don't worry if you TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE RAIN
don't have accessories to donate because we will be Are your kids
Sandals & Beaches
selling them! The library is also a Drop Spot for Sandals & Beaches afraid of getting
Santa's Anonymous 'Toys & Food' items.
Caribbean Night in Edson
This year the Wildwood Library is pleased to Caribbean Night in Edson wet in the rain?
Do they hate
Thursday, November 5, November 5 having dirt on their
7:00 pm - Doors open at 6:45 pm hands? Have they
7:00 pm - Doors open at 6:45 pm
Nova Inn Edson ever made a mud
Nova Inn Edson
STUDIO TOUR Come and learn how Sandals & Beaches Resorts offer more quality pie? Perhaps your
Come and learn how Sandals & Beaches Resorts offer more quality
inclusions than any another Resort Chain in the world with stunning
inclusions than any another Resort Chain in the world with stunning
Show and Sale including scuba diving, complimentary golf and multitude of gourmet child needs to be shown how to play in the rain,
beachfront locations, luxury accommodations, unrivaled watersports
beachfront locations, luxury accommodations, unrivaled watersports
next time it's raining take them out and have
including scuba diving, complimentary golf and multitude of gourmet
dining experiences at 18 different properties throughout the
dining experiences at 18 different properties throughout the
LOTS OF NEW STOCK Caribbean including Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada, some fun. They can dance in the rain, explore
Caribbean including Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada,
puddles, go on a worm hunt, bring out some
St. Lucia and Turks & Caicos.
St. Lucia and Turks & Caicos.
Handmade Glass Items Tanya Idzan, Sandals & Beaches buckets or disposable containers and let them
collect water then if digging is allowed let them
November 7 & December 5 Luxury Included Vacations Rep make you a mud pie. Start teaching them about
will be making presentations.
10 am - 5:00 pm the weather by playing in it and maybe even
watching the weather station together.
DIRECTIONS: Recognition from Early Childhood Matters
North on Hwy 748 approx 15 kms goes out to the Community Gardens, all the
left at Twp Rd 545 First drive on left volunteers that helped to make a dream come
780-723-5734 to life. As well thanks to the Edson Recycle
Society for helping to get it all started. Visit our facebook page at Early Childhood
Julie VanEmber Beach Bum Travel and Matters or send us a email to
Rhonda Robinson
No children please. 780-725-3880 or to
Live torch, Hot kiln, Sharp glass share your thoughts and suggest a place that
deserves some recognition and why.
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