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Grade 9 Highest Honours: Ethan Heise,
Ryan Huxter, with principal Mrs. Carra
Aschenmeier. Submitted photo


AN ARTICLE Parkland Composite High School’s

submitted annual awards ceremony
Parkland's annual Highest Academic Academic Medal for the
awards ceremony allows Honors were awarded to t o p a c a d e m i c
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS students, family, and grade 9's Ethan Heise achievement in grade 12.
and Ryan Huxter, grade
teachers to honor the
Our students work very
numerous academic
10 Riley Astle, grade 11
h a r d t o a c h i e v e
CLUB NEWS achievements of our Kirsten Kyllo. We also academic success.
recognized the top three
students from the
Parkland Composite
previous school year. grade 12 students who High School is very
We were able to honor achieved highest honors, proud to honor and
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada 84 students with top- and they are: in third reward their hard work
DID YOU KNOW?: subject certificates, 115 place Janae Swider, with the help from Edson
The Mentoring Program is for youth ages 13-16 who would like to students with top-honor second place Ryan b u s i n e s s e s w i t h
be carefully matched with a mentor who is 18 years or older. They roll, and 58 former grade Halterman, and first scholarships for post-
participate in one-on-one activities in the community which can 12 students with credit place to Tristan Ringland secondary education
include meeting at the Club, Talisman Place, the Library, etc. It is a c o m p l e t i o n who also received the –congratulations!
one year commitment which is based on friendship, trust, support scholarships. Governor General's
and fun! Mentors and mentees meet a minimum of once a month
and up to once a week, whichever works for their schedules. The Grade 10 Highest Honours: Riley Astle with assistant Principal Ms. Erin
Mentoring Coordinator facilitates the relationship by remaining in Pine Grove School update:
contact with the Mentor, Mentee and their family and providing Murphy. Submitted photo
initial training and ongoing support for everyone involved. Results from Pine Grove
Applications can be picked up at the Club. For more information you
can call 780-723-7240, email or attend the
Mentoring Program Event at the Boys and Girls Club of Edson & student voting
District on November 7th 2015.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and like the Club's Facebook Following Monday's Federal Election results, Ecole Pine Grove Middle
page: Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District! School released their student vote results. They were as follows: Jim Eglinski
- Conservative 163 votes, Ryan Maghun- Liberal 48 votes, Ken Kuzminski –
OUR WEBSITE: NDP 28 votes, Sandra Wolf Lange – Green Party 26 votes, Cory Lystang –
Libertarian 19 votes.
KINDERCLUB: For 4.5-5 year olds What does KinderClub do? Well In recognition of Citizenship Week (Oct 12-18), students have been
they have gone swimming, bowling, gymnastics, tour of the encouraged to increase volunteerism within the school.
museum, story time, crafts, baking & much more. There is still spots Ms. Koma's class picked up garbage in the school yard last Friday
available. Kinderclub operates on non-kindergarten days. It is afternoon and within the Library, students have been filling out applications
affordable, only $25 per day for the program. to be part of a 'Student Crew' that will be responsible for assisting with the
upcoming Book Fair and the School Library. Positions within the crew range
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Friday nights from merchandising specialist, photojournalist, customer support to team
from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year olds lead.
that want to be part of the Club's programming one night a week. The Students have had to seek teacher references and will undergo an interview
program will offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to get process. “It is a very good way to prepare the youth for the real world job
together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, market and to enhance their resumes with volunteer experience and
floor hockey and of course food. leadership skills. In return, I will be able to provide a reference for these
Grade 12 Highest Honours: Stan Murray with Coal Valley Resources Tristan students when they begin their job search in the near future.”
THANK YOU: Ringland and assistant Principal Ms. Erin Murphy. Submitted photo
RBC: After-School Project Grant

A good place to be KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

723-7240 Pandora Taylor is a quiet three year old who Lilyanna Kennedy is a charming three year old turned three in August. She has just started whose birthday falls on Christmas Day. Lilyanna
likes going to playschool, she is attending the
attending Kounty Kids Playschool at the
Marlboro Community Hall. For Halloween Kounty Kids Playschool in Marlboro. Lilyanna said,
Proud Sponsor of the Pandora was Elsa from the movie Frozen. “I like playing with the kids kitchen at playschool. I
Pandora would like to be a princess when she
pretend I’m cooking a Christmas meal, soup, lunch.
Edson Boys & Girls Club grows up, she has one older brother and two when I grow up I want to be 12”. Her favorite colors
dogs named Trooper and Matty.
are pink and blue, and her favorite food is macaroni
and cheese. She has five brothers and she gets
along with them all.

Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by: Contributions to
“Kids Make A Difference” focusing on youth in our
Sand & Gravel Sales/Hauling community are welcome. Send picture accompanied by

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