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Remembrance Day Parade visits Parkland Lodge

by Deanna Mitchener

Edson's Remembrance Day Parade made its
way up to see the seniors at Parkland Lodge,
over to the old hospital after the service was
over at the Royal Canadian Legion on
November 11.
Seniors were waiting patiently to see and
hear, and be a part of the Remembrance Day
Eleanor Dunford, a resident at Parkland
Lodge, said, "It is so great they remember to
come and see us here at the lodge. Many of us
can no longer attend the service at the Legion,
so when they show up here, it is a privilege that
allows us to celebrate and take time to
June Mitchell, also a resident at the Lodge,
said, "It means a whole lot, thank you to Edson's Remembrance Day Service continued up at Parkland Lodge at the old hospital so
seniors could be included in the service. photo Deanna Mitchener
Snow removal within the Town of Edson

submitted Town of Edson 3178 to find out where your vehicle has been moved map can be found at
to. Why do the areas that require snow hauling
As the snow falls in Edson, it's a good time for a Icy streets are another concern in the winter take longer than other areas of Town?
little snow removal refresher. months. During regular business hours the town Certain areas of Town require snow to be hauled
The cost of snow removal varies greatly depending crews monitor the streets for sanding. After hours off rather than just plowed to the side of the road.
on the amount of snow we get in a given year, and the town has personnel that take calls and can send Those areas include the hospital, Downtown,
how many times snow is physically removed from crews out if necessary. The main arteries and Westhaven, Tiffin, Westgrove and some parts of
certain areas. In 2016, approximately $166,000 was intersections are sanded first, then into residential Hillendale. All of these areas need to be prioritised
spent on snow removal. So far in 2017 about areas. separately and may take a bit longer to get done
$241,000 has been spent. For this season, the Town While the town maintains the streets and some based on equipment and contractor availability.
of Edson has about eight staff members dedicated to sidewalks, it's important for residents and businesses Why was my vehicle plowed in?
snow removal at any given time and eight pieces of to keep the sidewalks in front of their buildings Residents are asked to park off-street after a
equipment. The equipment includes two graders, clear. Bylaw No. 1796 states that all snow and/or snowfall to allow for proper snow removal. If a
tandem trucks, blowers and a loader. ice must be removed from sidewalks within 48 vehicle is left on the street when it is being plowed
Generally, snow removal kicks in when hours of the time it was formed and deposited. It is the operator has no choice but to plow around it.
accumulation is greater than five centimetres. The also unlawful to deposit snow on the road. Please be Operators do slow down when possible to reduce the
residential streets are cleaned after the high priority a good neighbour and keep your sidewalks clear. amount of snow built up around the parked vehicle,
areas are completed (priority maps available on Snow Removal FAQs but they must continue clearing the streets to get If there is another snowfall How do you determine the plowing priorities? them opened up as quickly as possible.
before the residential streets are complete, the snow The priorities have been set based on emergency When do you sand roads?
removal crew will return to the high priority areas vehicle access, bussing routes, downtown parking, During regular business hours Town crews
before continuing with residential streets. and residential access. 49th Street and 6th Avenue monitor the streets for sanding. After hours we have
Edson residents are asked to watch for snow are always done first to open up the Town to personnel that take calls and can send out crews if
removal signs in their neighbourhood. Once the emergency vehicles. Once priority routes are cleared necessary. Main arteries and intersections are done
signs are in place, all vehicles need to be removed main residential streets are opened up to allow at first and then crews move to residential streets. A
from the street or risk getting towed. If your vehicle least one main plowed road in each area before sand/salt mixture is used to help remove the ice and
has been towed please contact Bylaw at 780-723- clearing out the side streets. The priority list and add traction.

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