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RCMP discuss

dangers of fentanyl

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of morphine but is 100 times stronger. It can be used or the person has low levels to begin with.
found in green tablets, patches, or powder form. People who consume alcohol with the drugs are
The colour of the powder can be white, pink, or also at a high risk of overdosing. A lethal dose is
purple. two milligrams.
Fentanyl is “replacing heroin at the same cost,” An overdose can quickly lead to stopped
said McIntosh. It can be smoked, snorted, and breathing and cardiac arrest. Users can exhibit
injected. People on heroin or fentanyl will appear signs of choking, throwing up, slow or no
the same when high, which presents itself like breathing, poor circulation, and gurgling sounds.
they are nodding off. First aid treatment is to administer
It takes only 250 micrograms of fentanyl to narcan/naloxone to interrupt exposure and
make a person stop breathing. Each tablet provide time for medical intervention. Kits are
contains 1000-2000 micrograms. available in Edson free of charge to high risk
There are various types of of fentanyl. One type users. Contact AHS for locations in Edson.
is methyl fentanyl, which is 400-6000 times If exposed, eyes must be flushed for 15 minutes
stronger than morphine. Another type is and skin must be washed. Contaminated clothing
carfentanyl, which is 10,000 times stronger. must be removed. If inhaled, remove yourself
RCMP focussed discussions on those working from the area and go to a well ventilated area. If
in hotels, bars, or public service industries whose ingested, poison control must be contacted.
circumstances may put them at risk of contact Death can occur over 1-3 hours and the onset of
with illicit drugs. the effects are rapid.
Fentanyl is extremely toxic and the RCMP “This is something we're going to try and get
recommend that any people having to clean ahead of. The more information we can get out
fentanyl must wear a respirator mask, long into the community, the more we can prevent
sleeves, and gloves. A mixture of 50% alcohol deaths,” said Mcphail.
and water is recommended to clean the surface of Those suffering from a drug addiction can call
any drug spill. Soap and water can then be used the Alberta Health Services Addiction and
to wash off the alcohol. Mental Health line at 1-866-332-2322, Edson
The number of fatalities has increased from 34 Addiction Services at 780-723-8232 or can call Corporal Brad McIntosh from the RCMP K
in 2012 to 193 in 2016 in Alberta. Resulting the Edson Healthcare Centre at (780) 723-3331. Division presents an information session, on
overdoses are largely due to 'hot spots', which are “If people are addicted to opioids, it is best to November 14, to the Edson and area public
overly concentrated parts in the drug. have medical assistance to prevent dope sickness about the dangers of the Edson
Another reason for overdoses is because users or withdrawal,” said Mcfadzem. Legion photo Mikaela Kuefler
tolerance levels have decreased since they last

Theft and Traffic Sid's Safety

Collisions top & Janitor al

list of RCMP calls 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8

November 7 to the13th saw 86 Health Act 4, Traffic Complaints 4, Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
calls for service by the local RCMP False/ Abandoned 911 call3, Email:
detachment. Mischief or Damage 3, Municipal
Topping the list of calls was 10 Bylaws 3, Animal Calls 2, Cause
Theft Complaints and 10 Traffic Disturbance 2, Child Welfare 2,
Collisions. Family Orders and Agreements 2, Breathing Air Equipment
Other calls included Suspicious Fraud 2, Harassment/Criminal
Persons or Vehicles 9, Assistance Harassment 2, Lost/Found Property
Calls 7, Fail to comply w/conditions 2, Sudden Death 2, along with Sales, Service & Rentals
6, Alarms/False Alarms 5, Mental various other requests for service.





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