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HIV and addiction awareness presentation

By Deanna Mitchener HIV has to come into experiment, excitement,
contact with CD4+ cells, masking an emotional
Coordinator for HIV which are the immune pain, mental health
West Yellowhead, Karly cells that HIV infects. issues, physical pain, or
S a v o y h e l d a HIV can get into the f a m i l y a n d p e e r
presentation in Edson on blood through breaks in i n v o l v e m e n t . T h e
November 13 about HIV the skin or by passing reasons people continue
and addictions. "AIDs through a mucous drugs are addiction,
Awareness Week is membrane. Mucous p l e a s u r e , c o p i n g
kicking off on December membranes are tissues mechanisms, escape,
1st with World AIDS that line the surfaces of and adaptation to
Day.” body cavities, such as the lifestyle realities. The
"Every three hours a nostrils, mouth, vagina, challenges to quitting
person is infected with urethra, and rectum. drugs are peer pressure,
H I V i n C a n a d a . M o s t c o m m o n l y lack of support, crisis,
R e s i l i e n c y a n d transmitted through sex, determinants of health,
vulnerability can affect a injection drugs use or past survival skills for
p e r s o n b e c o m i n g u s i n g i m p r o p e r l y coping, fear of success,
infected with HIV,” said sterilized syringes, and fear of withdrawal,
Savoy. m o t h e r t o c h i l d loneliness, lack of
"Lower levels of (ie:through breast knowledge of resources
e d u c a t i o n , feeding)," said Savoy. or available resources,
homelessness, poverty, HIV is not transmitted too much pressure, or it
mental illness, and through air, everyday becomes an addiction,"
discrimination increase social contact, shaking said Savoy.
vulnerability to HIV h a n d s , h u g g i n g , "Today medications
transmissions. HIV swimming, toilet seats, can help a person
impacts a person's using water fountains, infected with HIV live a
physical and emotional food, or mosquitos or much healthier and
well being and makes other insect or animal longer life, if they
their health-needs more bites. continue taking the
complex," said Savoy. "Reasons people start prescriptions," said Karly Savoy from HIV West Yellowhead held a HIV and addictions
"The transmission of using drugs are to Savoy. presentation November 13. Photo: Deanna Mitchener

Explorations in early learning at Mackay Hall

by Deanna Mitchener about the mess. It was a "The best part of this
great opportunity to just job is we get to go to
November 16, the spend quality time these places and meet
MacKay Hall was the together and have some so many people along
place to be, for some laughs and connect. the way. We are always
great adventures and Johnson said, "We meeting fun people and
play with kids. left home on September having a lot of fun
C o m m u n i t y 4th and have been all together," said Jeff.
Coalition 'building over the place. Last "We have two kids of
strong communities weekend we were in our own and one
one child at a time' Ontario, before that we grandchild so it is
hosted Explorations were in Sidney, Nova always fun being
early Learning, a Scotia, Florida, Kansas around kids and trying
Family Fun Event, with City and Michigan.” out new things. A job
Jeff Johnson. "I think of my first where you get to be
T h e h a l l w a s volunteer presentation around kids and have
transformed into an back in 2000. I did a fun has got to be one of
enormous indoor play couple more and from the most rewarding
area for kids. Children there was asked what I jobs," said Jeff.
were kept busy trying would charge to be a The event was held
all the new gadgets, keynote speaker. I was from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m.
discovering play in a in shock because I at the MacKay hall,
whole new way. didn't think you could after kids were playing
P a r e n t s w e r e get paid to do this. Now and discovering new
encouraged to take part we have just grown, we ideas and ways to play
and play with the kids. just booked into along with the parents.
Best part, parents didn't Australia and New Later supper enjoyed
have to try and plan the Zealand for three weeks by all.
Jeff Johnson and Carol Ederharter at Mackay Hall Nov. 16 exploring early activities, or worry of doing events."
learning. Photo: Deanna Mitchener


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