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More seniors finding need for Edson Food Bank

by Deanna Mitchener

The Edson Food Bank and their volunteers are
continued from front
very grateful to all the support from the community.
continued from front Fred Kuzmic, the president, says, "It's beginning
to be Christmas and we are getting all kinds of stuff
continued from front in. Our shelves are slowly starting to get full again
with the companies donating quite a bit. Not only
groceries but donations of dollars so we can go out
and purchase items that are needed each week."
"I decided to buy extra for the holidays this year
and giving those in need a few extra things. We do
give out meat such as hamburger but have decided
to buy hams as well to give out for Christmas this
year," said Fred.
Misadventures been blessed with a couple more, so we are grateful
"We were in need of more volunteers and we have
to them too. We are always busy every Tuesday
morning and our monthly evening opening has Edson Food Bank volunteers Dawn Graham (3 years volunteering), Dale Bullock (1.5 years) Rachel
become very busy as well," said Kuzmic. "With so Phillips (first day), Erica Snook-Pennings (2 years), Jan Karasek (first day), Fred Kuzmic President (4
many people in need, not everyone can make it in years), and Gary Kearse Vice President (3 years) on November 21. They were kept busy as usual on
for the mornings. We have tried to accommodate in Tuesday mornings. photo Deanna Mitchener
an emergency situation as well if a family is in need.
Each Tuesday we get between 40 and 50 clients EDSON DRY CLEANERS
accessing the Food Bank and between 12-15 who
come through the doors on the night we are open 780-723-7503
"Last year we fed 7,000 people including adults 108 50 Street
and children. Right now my heart is hurting as we
have so many seniors that need to come in. They
*Entrance Mat Rentals
don't want to come in and ask for help —they are *Entrance Mat Rentals
proud people. I tell them we are not here to judge we
* F/R and Reg. Coverall
are here to give out food, if we have it to give," said * F/R and Reg. Coverall
Fred. "That is the reason we are here." Sales & Drycleaning
Sales & Drycleaning
"I feel so bad for our seniors, it is tough for them.
I think you never know, it may be myself one day
needing a little extra to get by. So thanks to all the
We do alterations
wonderful sponsors and all our volunteers that help We do alterations
with the Food Bank," said Kuzmic. and repairs
and repairs
If you know of someone who is struggling to
make ends meet and could benefit from accessing
the food bank once a month, have them stop by any
Tuesday morning between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. at 780-723-7503
4511 5th Avenue or call 780-723-1350.

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