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Dad-urday fun at Riderz

Sarah McDonald FCSS ParentLink Coordinator and Dana Tattersoll Family Centre Programmer (middle) were on hand out at Riderz on
November 18 as Dad-urday was hosted there this month. photo Deanna Mitchener

by Deanna Mitchener This past Dad-urday was extra special as dads "I think it was a great idea and great for the
got to enjoy taking the youngsters on a tour of the community for dads and kids to come out and do
FCSS Parent Link Centre held their monthly facility out at Riderz and enjoy a barbeque of hot something together in our community," said
Dad-urday out at Riderz on November 18. dogs and chili, and they even got to test drive some Ogden. "After lunch anyone wanting to try out a
Dad-urday is all about the male family-figures of the latest models. demo can take out a side-by-side or ATV and go for
getting out and bonding with the kids doing some Tracey Bussey owner operator with Riderz, said, a little spin. We have a small course roped off out
fun activities together (without the moms). "The idea actually came from one of our back and they can go out."
Dads, grandpas, uncles, or big brothers bring the mechanics, Stephen Ogden. He participates with "We hope all the dads and kids have a lot of fun
little ones out allowing moms a few hours to Dad-urday and thought it would be a great idea to out here today," Tracey added.
themselves. hold one out here.”
Gingerbread houses and fun at free Christmas event

by Dawn Olsvik to be a part of the Christmas journey of so many
community members. It was great to see so many
People of all ages gathered for some fun people laughing and having fun in this space we
Christmas festivities on November 19 at the offered. Children, parents, grandparents, as well
Edson United Church. as other community support groups came
The church supplied free gingerbread houses together to enjoy this event.”
to anyone who wanted to come and join in the The United Church hopes this will become an
fun. This event was open to the public at no annual event.
charge and was very well attended by all ages.
Over 65 candy covered masterpieces were sent Jasmine Hemsley was making a gingerbread
home with the happy, smiling participants, young house with her mom and sisters at the Edson
and old. United Church's free Christmas festivities
Reverend Kimberly Roy said, “We are blessed held Nov. 19. photo Dawn Olsvik

TOWN OF EDSON Town of Edson

Office Hours
Public Information & Notices 2017 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday



An Area Structure Plan for a portion of 63rd Street between 8th
and 11th Avenues was recently adopted. Through the
administration of this Area Structure Plan, the developer intends
to layout the lot and road locations, as well as address plans for
drainage and utility services. No rezoning is required. The areas
consisting of Single Family Residential (R-1C in green ) and Multi
Family Residential (R-2 shown below in red) are already zoned for
this purpose, with the exception of the area highlighted in yellow.

Proposed Bylaw No. 2207 proposes to close a
portion of road way to accommodate adoption of the Area
Structure Plan. The portion of roadway to be closed is outlined in
dark blue.

DEADLINE FOR FEEDBACK —Any time before or during the Public
Hearing on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7:30 P.M. These bylaws
can be viewed in their entirety on our website or
at the Civic Centre. If you have any questions, contact:

Ann Dechambeau, CLGM
Director of Planning
Edson Civic Centre
P.O. Box 6300, 605 50th Street
Edson, AB T7E 1T7
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