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Barrel racer Taylor Manning third in Canada!

by Miranda L'Hirondelle and in the evening she placed
eleventh with a time of 19.940. The
Edson's Taylor Manning at 13 last day of the rodeo she placed
years old competed in ladies barrel third with a time of 14.634 this put
racing during the CFR at her in third place in Canada for
Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton ladies barrel racing.
on November 8-12. Her total prize amount was
Taylor competed with her quarter $27,880 and she also received a belt
horse 'Matlock' which her mother buckle and a necklace for her
bought when he was five years winnings. Taylor said she is going
to use the prize money to buy a new
old; he is now nine and was colt that her and her mother will
given to Taylor last year. train together.
Taylor was the third youngest She is qualified for the Calgary
contestant for the CFR at the age of Stampede for next year but due to
13. “I am really excited and her age she is not allowed to
thankful for my sponsors and compete. “She can check off
family,” said Taylor Manning. qualifying for it, just might not be
On the first day of the rodeo she able to go which is fine, she
got a time of 20.109 which put her understands,” said Taylor's mother
in eleventh place in ladies barrel Shelly Manning.
racing. The second day she received She will be coming back
tenth place with a time of 19.882, next year for the CFR and when
she then redeemed herself on the asked how she will prepare for it
third day and got first place with a Manning said, "I will just ride
time of 14.432.
November 11 for the matinee she lots and work hard at it and Taylor Manning accepting her fourth go round buckle for the CFR at
placed first with a time of 14.643 hopefully get there again." Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton. submitted

Wildwood's Dawson Hay wins championship buckle at CFR

by Miranda L'Hirondelle win the novice saddle bronc event.
His hard work and determination brought
19 year old Wildwood local Dawson Hay him to accomplishing his goal and he came
was competing in the CFR at Northlands out winning first.
Coliseum in Edmonton on November 8 to Along with his prize money he received a
11th. Canadian championship buckle and a
He made it to the CFR last year but he championship saddle. “It's really exciting to
trained hard and made it his goal this year to go on through and get good luck all year and
good luck at the finals as well,” said Dawson.
Town donates old finals for saddle bronc, since he graduated
His next goal is to compete in the National
1984 fire engine from novice.
He is already practicing by competing in
rodeos throughout the winter and moving on
to bigger rodeos in U.S.A.
I'm get on as many broncs this winter as I
can and try to keep in the best shape I
possibly can,” said Hay.
19 year old Wildwood local Dawson Hay.


$1375/month. Sign a 1 year lease
$1375/month. Sign a 1 year lease
and get for $1275/month
and get for $1275/month

This wonderful home
wants to welcome you.

You will appreciate the
The Edson Fire Department's old 1984 engine is open concept, three
being reunited with its 1983 counterpart. bedrooms and two full
Last week, The Town of Edson Fire
Department donated unit 606, a 1984 Superior bathrooms. The master
Pumper Unit, to Parkland College. Previously, bedroom can be your
EFD donated their 1983 engine to the same
school for use in fire and mechanical training. special retreat.
Following a fleet review, it was determined the
old engine was no longer required by the Town.
In 2016 EFD brought in a new 3000gal Tender Don’t hesitate.
Unit, which is also a certified pumping Let’s make Creekside
Parkland College was excited to receive the your new home.
truck and will maintain Edson decaling to ensure
the support is recognized for years to come.
Call Lexie at 780-723-3110all Lexie at 780-723-3110
submitted Town of Edson C
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