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Fun for Kids Pine Grove students

dance their way

to health with Zumba

by Deanna Mitchener
photo Deanna Mitchener
Volunteering her time, Michelle Mole taught
three Zumba classes to different groups of students Michelle Mole teaching Zumba to Pine Grove students during their Health Day on November 22.
during Pine Grove Middle School's Health Day on
November 22. and teach Zumba. I am very passionate about good get moving," said Michelle. "We do a lot of
Although the Zumba was for Pine Grove health and staying active so this is a great repetitive movements so it's really something
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS students, Michelle hosted her classes over at opportunity to get students active and moving." anyone can do."
Parkland Composite High School in their
"After having kids I wanted to have something to
Zumba is based on dance but not a dance where
CLUB NEWS gymnasium. you have to get all the moves perfect. "We really focus on for myself. I really wanted to learn how to
Michelle teaches Zumba classes on a regular
try to promote that. We want people to come and live healthier and be active. It was a way of
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada basis for The Town of Edson two mornings a week. not stress about the moves. Just come listen to the promoting it for my family by leading a life style to
A GOOD PLACE TO BE "I volunteered my time last year as well to come in awesome music with a great crowd where we just be mirrored by my kids," said Michelle.
Variety of activities at

Pine Grove's Health Day

by Mikaela Kuefler

Pine Grove Middle School ran a Health Day so that kids could learn
about improving health and wellness on November 22.
Students attended programs so that they could learn about various health
topics from professionals working within the community. Students
attended one program in each topic in small groups, throughout the day.
Some of the program's involved physical training, such as Zumba,
interval training, and HITT training. Other programs involved nutrition,
mental health, and blood borne infections.
Students from Parkland Composite High School also assisted with the
World Café as part of their flex day project.
All students from Pine Grove participated in the World Café presentation
to discuss various health topics and how these topics relate to the school.
During the presentation, students worked in groups to come up with ideas
on how the school community can improve health and wellness.
Photo Mikaela Kuefler Included in the health day was also a free lunch for students, staff and
presenters. Lunch consisted of soup and salad, provided by the PGMS
Students from Pine Grove Middle School learn a dance from Lisa Parent Council. Lunch was also made by Leah Holt and Corey Reynold's
723-7240 Rowand as part of their health day on November 22. math class as part of their flex day project.

Proud Sponsor of the A lesson in good deeds as Pine Grove collects for Operation Christmas Child

Edson Boys & Girls Club by Jocelyn Pettitt bringing people up. This was a
perfect opportunity for the girls to
experience the reward of giving
This week is National Collection
ANCHOR Grove Middle School is participating this experience, Hailey Guiltner, a
When asked what they learned from
(Samaritan's Purse) and École Pine
The eekly Week for Operation Christmas Child back,” said Ms. Servold.
student in this option, said, “To be
once again.
Ms. Erica Servold and her Girls
5040 3rd Avenue 780-723-5787 Empowered Option students have nice and caring to other children
around the world.” Collecting shoe
taken on the good deed collection for boxes is an ongoing tradition at Pine
our school. Her students looked after Grove and this year the school
the distribution and collection of the collected 70 boxes all together.
shoe boxes to each classroom and Principal Mr. James Randall, added,
spoke about the importance of the “This project is an example to our
project to their fellow peers. “I students and the community how
thought it was a good project for my École Pine Grove Middle School is Pine Grove teacher Ms. Erica Servold and her Girls Empowered
girls to take on as the focus of the incorporating global perspectives into Option students were collecting Operation Christmas Child shoe
option is about empowerment and our educational program.” boxes for the school.


Emily Rauch is 10 years old, she is in grade five at Vanier Brodie Schutz is 10 years old, he is in grade five at Vanier
Community Catholic School. Emily says "math is my favorite Community Catholic School. I like math class because I like
subject in school, not sure why other than there's just working with numbers and enjoy the challenge to do better in
something about it that I love. I would like to be a doctor when it all the time. My favorite color is orange and favorite food is
I grow up. I enjoy bracelet looming, crafts and hanging out steak. I enjoy playing sports like soccer, basketball and floor
with family and friends. My favorite food is any kind of meat, I hockey along with other sports. I have a brother who is 14
have one older brother and he is very annoying." and a sister who is 12 years old.”

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